Bitlife but I'm a filthy capitalist

Call Me Kevin

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    Bitlife has a new citizen, MONOPOLY MAN!
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    1. cmm3699

      Monopoly: Phase 1) buy property Phase 2) rent out property to other players Phase 3) profit Kevin: Phase 1) buy property Phase 2) ? Phase 3) go paddle boarding and canoeing

    2. Tom Woods

      ”this is the thing u need.” " ** ”Am I right?” *"**1:25**"* 垃圾。 -Lord

    3. soviet bomber

      You should bei communest now

    4. Danny divito

      Step-sister quality time. Nice one man.

    5. Michael Flatt

      I just invested all my cash into a boat. Goodbye depression!

    6. Russell Henry

      Bruh give a gift 2 yor supervisors.

    7. xXx

      I love and understand your video

    8. under taker

      **Mr man**

    9. dash1141


    10. David Edwards

      Protip when you buy houses. Renovate them then after a year sell them for mad profit.

    11. s28ero

      New Orleans: “Am I a joke to you?”

    12. Abdul Raheem

      I think Kevin has Capitalism and Socialist communism mixed up . Socialism takes more money from the people while capitalism takes 40% .

      1. Xx_Isabel_The_Wolf_xX

        Umm no

    13. Yazzerz on 60FPSXBOX

      3:59 it’s actually an office reference smh🤦‍♂️

    14. Anna Furmaniak

      My current life is very popular in the workplace, and he’s married. He also is The Godfather of a child who’s parents were on death row. The best part is the fact that I cheated on my wife, and she didn’t find out yet.

    15. Austin Beattie

      I am the ultimate bitlife capitalist. I found the holy grail in my attic and sold it on ebay for three billion dollars. That actually happened.

    16. Lennon O'Leary

      You never give me your money like if u now what I'm saying

    17. Spencer Davis

      1:15 he sounds like daithi

    18. Callum Martin

      Kevin being a good person that's the best joke I've heard all day

    19. Cold

      “Im depressed and ugly” yup thats the average life of a capitalist

    20. Reflexlwd

      Fun fact; there's loads of guys who are called; de man or man here in the Netherlands.

    21. Autumn H

      Kevin!! Let me save you on the “reading books” part! 😂 You can keep clicking on the option for a book (to refresh) and use the drop-down arrow for more options; I choose books that are for kids like Cat in the Hat, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Stellanuna, etc. and it will give you the same amount of smarts and joy as the long books!!! If you don’t see this I hope it’ll help some stranger that plays 😂 Loved your vids for years!! 😆

    22. IodUwUboI

      Paddle boat breaks: Kevin: Why? ):

      1. IodUwUboI

        Moments after I made this comment I saw the part where paddle boat died. R.I.P paddle boat

    23. AniGa

      Average young adult on the internet, working an office job, owning a smartphone, car and gaming console: "I'm not a capitalist!"

    24. Stefan Savić

      Subscribe to denis.unsubscribe from flamingo

    25. Nick

      Great job 47

    26. DarkVariable

      A bitlife ad on a bitlife vid. The circle is now complete

    27. Evan Campillo

      do bitlife but i always pick the first option

    28. Zooming Scorpion

      The dark blue costs 350

    29. Rbxgamert_YT

      Wanna buy a box of thin mints : sure I’ll take two boxes : how bout two million: no one million :ok : wait what your good ._. XD 6:20

    30. Inter_Stellar _Lily

      Poor Kevin having to read a 488 page book.

    31. Morgue Original Music

      Too many ads too many ads too many ads too many ads too many ads too many ads

    32. TheCelestialKat

      The way Kevin says Lingerie gives me life.

    33. Makayla Bolognone


    34. TetrisTech

      I like how Kevin didn’t even notice the vending machine thing was an office reference

    35. Johnny Joestar

      12:51 your probably getting offered to voice in a hentai or something

    36. Whytry

      I was drinking water when you said "Fucking turg turg" and i spat water everywhere.. it was funny as fuck

    37. GamingWalrus

      I like how the rumour was that he was homeless

    38. cool sonicsoul

      6:19 *wanna buy a box of thin mints*

    39. The Dark Dweller

      Kevin I dare you to read the dictionary in BitLife

    40. The Rainman

      LMAO I was dying at 11:30 😂😂😂

    41. The Republic Of Ireland

      This and the STD video are the funniest videos on his channel I swear to God

    42. ꧁P1NK DR1NK꧂

      3:48 wth is that name tho

    43. KGB

      Kevin I just got rid of your FBI agent and now I’m in charge but I think I might have to get rid off you for showing signs of anti Marxism

    44. No Lie

      (I fell into a burning ring of fire)

    45. Art blender

      ....Kevin don't you have an auto clicker?

    46. Geraldinho

      How much did you get sued for that 5 seconds of you never give me your money?

    47. Spider Aba

      Okay, but, like, imagine having a butt so great you can successfully argue that it's worth $50,000.

    48. Sthdakotan disappointment

      So, the "Mr Man" thing is funny, but near my house there's a culver's and the owner of it is named (Get ready for this) "Guy Mann"

      1. stfu

        @Simran Makandar no he probably changed his name

      2. Simran Makandar

        Parents saw a chance and took it 😂

    49. Fiery_Penguin

      Press F to Pay Respects (Salutes) goodbye my dear friend my first investment my friend may you RIP (Amazing Grace) (Sniffles) goodbye PaddleBoat

    50. Martin Calvo

      Turg comeback?

    51. Asher but not gaming

      Sir what is your name:mr man

    52. Keeley Beer

      It's funny because I have a teacher at school called Mr. Man

    53. mousie mika

      The vending machine prank is referencing The Office

    54. CrispyMan Studios

      Fact: in Ms. Monopoly in, the monopoly man is know as rich uncle Pennybags

    55. gina w

      when one of my friend’s last name is actually man 😳

    56. Kasper

      6:15 i told you seven years ago😂

    57. desmond the elder

      At 6:34 it says the hitman is desmond miles it reminds me of assassin's creed

    58. Range

      New Boss: Kevin: Look how cool he is! New Boss: Shut Up! Kevin: Ill kill you next! i died there ;DDD

    59. Just a girl simpin

      Kevin every time his parents die: MoNeY

    60. Justin

      2:27 I think they need to fix the sue system a bit. 🤣

    61. AwfulMusik

      Can't tell if he pronounced lingerie that way intentionally or not.

    62. SareBear

      Kevin and I are the same age, and he is also simultaneously a child and an old man.

    63. Naomi Garrett

      I wish you had already done videos on gtaV because he could have called his serial killer griefer jesus.

    64. Mars Knight

      Kevin, you're doing amazing


      This reminds me of a time I played this game once my wife died I lost my depression and anxiety

    66. Tom Green

      comrade kevin

    67. Isaac Mounce

      Kevin: *sneezes* Christian Bale: I WANT ON THE FUCKING SET, YOU PRICK!

    68. Stout Platypus

      Kevin thank you for existing

    69. Pedro Donoso

      Rip paddle boat

    70. Michael Piper

      What do you expect for a 130 pound paddle boat

    71. Green Cat

      I figured out why the song Joseph Seed sings in far cry 5 sounded insanely familiar at 7:53

    72. Ayden Keefer

      Employer- "Which cookies do you like the best?" Kevin- " I CAN"T CHOOSE ONE! I GOTTA BUY THEM ALL!"

    73. Gallian

      6:36, I mean Desmond is related to Assassins.

    74. John Torri

      Money don't make you happy... but a paddle boat does 😉

    75. Xbox One account

      I don’t get how anyone can hate this man he’s so warm hearted

    76. Shiloh Lily

      I had a teacher in primary school called Mrs Mann. My mind was blown when my mom told me that because she's married, it's likely that her husband's name is Mr Mann. I've never forgotten about this.

    77. Erkin Erdoğan

      that ace attorney touch is goddamn good hahahaha

    78. Regan H

      Kevin is so underrated. Like, there are people who aren’t even as good as him, and they still get more subscribers. Take Infinite Lists for an example.

    79. Am I Human

      Kevboi ya look like sk8er boi in da fumnail gud 1

    80. Albert Marian Daniel

      when he killed his boss the hitman's name was Desmond Miles. I mean, i guess it does work.

    81. Nooby

      Be in a mafia gang

    82. Smurf

      6:35 that's from assassins creed

    83. That guy does Everything

      things i learned 1.paddle boat makes you happy 2.monopoly man has a net worth of 69 mil 3. you become more healthy the better your nails are

    84. Ellie Sarraf

      One day we will get a Bitlife life without Kevin murdering someone xD

    85. Shelby :D

      Gonna buy a paddleboat ig

    86. Andrew Snyder

      Dude went fishing and completely cured his depression

    87. Jetfox967

      Rip Paddle boat, gone but not forgotten

    88. Jin Giog

      Who is the book I was just getting all the clicker on the game it wouldn't be fun but I mean why the hell would I care

    89. Kelroy Lovel

      Looks like your boss was Fired 😎😎😎

    90. erina

      im sorry, how did you just pronounce lingerie?

    91. MJOLNIR Soul

      Kevin acting like "Mann" is not a totally normal last name

    92. Rickinator Extra

      3:43 ph intro plays

    93. Lars de Ruijter

      Happy new year!

    94. Phantomartist !!!

      I once played BitLife as a member of the military, I saw a man being assaulted in the street so I helped him, I got the shit beat out of me, got put in jail, got fired, tried to sue the assaulter and lost, and basically got my life ruined. So that’s pretty cool.

    95. Jordan Mann

      My name is mr.Mann

    96. Daniel McGee


    97. Eigwak

      The Hitmans name (6:34) was Desmond Miles, thats clever

      1. Eigwak

        Then Agent 47 at 15:12

    98. Just Some Dude

      10:45 Just Bookmarking something

    99. Loading Mikke

      One of my characters tried to become a social media celeb on bitlife. He became a celebrity when he was 71..

    100. no thats wrong

      13:01 why is the supervisor named gaylord