Putting me in charge of a Prison was a horrible idea

Call Me Kevin

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    Putting me in charge of a Prison was a horrible idea, like most things
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    1. SherbetNags

      My sides hurt from laughing at this video. Thank you, Kevin.

    2. Louis Wendlander

      This game with its sounds are like a fever dream..

    3. Gretchen W.

      Where's Pt 2?!

    4. Snarky Rascal

      Take a shot everytime he says "Feckin'"

    5. Kylieloc

      where do you get that game

      1. ne mo

        google says its not released yet Oo

    6. Zeeko Zappo


    7. Miles Thompson


    8. Andy B

      The gang is called The Bears because it's full of very hairy men, of course!!

    9. Sample Text

      So uhhh....anyone gonna talk about 0:23?

    10. Thousand Cuts

      2:36 DIABLE JAMBE

    11. Rebecca B

      This is the funniest video I’ve seen in so long 😂😂😂

    12. Walter Gaming

      Nice video RT

    13. Poodle Spit

      Daddy kevin is taking you as his prisoner ;)))))

    14. R V

      I am also a Scorpio/Hufflepuff

    15. Tim H.

      the graphics look like in the "This is how mafia works" ads

    16. Teetha Paw

      they should have a different version in the game where you can play as a prisoner

    17. Some Guy

      That oof at the beginning has me questioning several things about me

    18. Katt's Studio

      dog simeelatre

    19. Mike Hunt

      I genuinely felt bad for the dude Kevin was tasering 😂 You never disappoint

    20. ChillCannon Games

      This reminds me of my experience in colombia prison.


      He need to play this again😂👌

    22. Jason Knight

      Deaf prison simulator.

    23. Big Bomb

      8:43 😵🤣😵🤣😵🤣🤣

    24. Deer Killer

      I couldnt imagine you on meth. Your already all over the fucking place. Maybe it would have to opposite effect😂

    25. Kaila Catania

      You are so funny

    26. kyle pritchett

      see if there is a yeet sim

    27. Juul Hermsen

      i wanna read The Boy With The Unicorn Tattoo...

    28. Lucas Cyr

      I nearly choked on my soup when I heard the "DLC Oof" sound at 0:20 - ish

    29. blumac81

      can always count on good ol' Kevin for a gaming video laced with excessive zooming in and self-deprecation lmao

    30. Sherry Clark

      There should be an island for all the people who say risotto like you do.

    31. Titan Killer

      I got it : a simulator squared

    32. Azazel the Fallen Angel

      9:12 Jesus Christ, pingu has been doing rough these days

    33. konnor philpotts

      I cried with laughter lmao . Brilliant video

    34. Duncan Cannon

      Kevin was that a clip of beyblade

    35. Skull

      pretty sure anyone who hates "callmekevin" 6:18 except me. so..yea i wonder if prison with full of inmates go one with weird noises

    36. Nathan Graham

      you forgot jim pikens

    37. ಠ_ಠ

      Petition for Kevin’s new permanent intro to be 0:52

    38. Mr bald Revell

      Imagine how weird it would be to voice act in this

    39. Xander


    40. Sam Witherington

      "I want to make you my prisoner"- Call me Kevin 2020

    41. Ghost Rider Boss


    42. Tom Boy

      Hey Kevin, try play KSP or rocket simulator.

    43. peashooter gaming


    44. I'm 9


    45. F4tal SitDown

      "his fecking screaming at me like pengu or some shit"

    46. zi'Krona br

      6:23 as he said that I was yawning with both my arms stretched up, coincidence? I beg to differ.

    47. Nick Z

      It's as if Michael from Dunder Mifflin was a prison guard. LMAO

    48. Nick Z

      'That would get my old Catholic heart racing...." LMAO in pieces

    49. • Pidgeymon •

      I have the feeling that Kevin saying "I'll take you as my prisoner" in one of those "_______ out of context" videos and there are people who have never seen him before that video and are now genuinely worried

    50. Corey Benton

      You made jerryrigseverything and he's fucking ripped

    51. Jimmy Pop

      Does anyone see how badly this could go, with some trolls uploading videos.. Ohh, the PC police would be in a frenzy.

    52. Manuel Camelo

      Beware of the.. soap..

    53. Billy H

      Honestly any of Kevin’s subscribers should be here 😅😅🤣🤣🤣

    54. Caleb Poulter

      @3:58 me to my gay friend

    55. GamerDrive

      More of this please you beautiful psychopath.

    56. No One's Innocent

      *gets sprayed by extinguisher* "Mmmmm...... You're making my ass itchy..." 😘

    57. No One's Innocent

      This game looks AWESOME!! I can finally live out all my power & control fantasies 😄👌

    58. No One's Innocent

      Simulator Simulator?? Woah! That's meta..

    59. Mystical Monkey

      Simulator simulator is matrix the game

    60. Ethan Dunn

      Get jake and logon paul to come here

    61. Wyatt Meisner

      Spending my New Years watching this

    62. Zachary Daniel Uy

      I wonder why someone so nice would be a prisoner Looks at other videos No wonder

    63. ZhCur


    64. Joe Mcdonald

      this was hilarious please do another. “I’m not afraid of you Ivan beat you up” had me dead 😂

    65. Holls

      That Oof is the best one yet

    66. TrashBoat

      This is One Who Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest in a nutshell...

    67. Cameron The Maneron

      PLEASE PLAY HARD TIME. i don’t know if it’s on pc but dude it’s the weirdest shit. it’s by mdickie.

      1. Vysnavi Vijayakulasingam

        I think he's played it before

    68. Antonia Gutierrez

      I have also had a rough here and your videos help me so much! You are so freaking funny 😆 love your channel

    69. tenny GAA

      The guy in the thumbnail looks like white wally west

    70. Blue

      We should legit just make a AAA torture game with really realistic AI.

    71. Ana-Maria

      A simulator simulator?😂😂😂

    72. boneless books

      Me: “Can we have Stanford Prison Experiment?” Mom: “We have Stanford Prison Experiment at home.” Stanford Prison Experiment at home:

    73. Ed

      Putting me in charge of a Prison was a horrible idea ? MORE LIKE BOR- turg Day 96 Of me watching every single video posted by Call Me Kevin.

    74. Quantum Mickey

      Portland Simulator

    75. Renegade Vile

      Fucking RAW!

    76. Anna Boogman

      So I guess Jim Pickens got away with all those murders

    77. Nevan Howland

      Alternate title: Becoming an American police officer

    78. lynaeefe

      Honestly wouldn't mind having Kevin take me as a prisoner😏

    79. Ruby Rose

      8:36 that prisoner has my grandpas name omg (well, he's just one letter off of our last name but I still thought it was funny) Also, RIP grandpa ♡

      1. Ruby Rose

        @Crypticat oh I agree - wait the actress, right?

    80. Villain Denki

      Make more please this was so funny!

    81. Bianca Dvd

      you should play Hobo Tough Life - basically hobo simulator

    82. Kclar

      No one: Race Car: *Brrrr* 🏎️

    83. cringeitself

      I sometimes use youtube videos as background noise, and I thought this was another episode of the sims, because I forgot the title and intro

    84. Fanster Reads


    85. Billie Jean

      And i love you laugh it's weird but it's funny and it makes me laugh

    86. Billie Jean

      Kevin I don't hate you and your fucking funny

    87. Utopss AKA PJ

      Kevin is a brilliant prison guard 😆🤣

    88. Utopss AKA PJ

      Oof noises only $49.99 WOW that's a good price 😆🤣

    89. Nebulaoblivion

      Jeez Kevin, they're prisoners, not peaceful protestors.

    90. BROCKLY

      LOL... im so fast as a beyblade..! 2:36

    91. joni

      0:57 Character: Harmless Crime: "M U R D E R"

    92. Calla Schiefelbein

      "The Stanford Prison Experiment" Call Me Kevin Addition

    93. Lawrence

      You like simulators, just play Roblox lol. It's literally a conglomerate of Simulators with pay to win mechanics.

    94. Battylil Hen

      The sounds in this game 💀💀

    95. AcriusHunter

      A simulator simulator is basically just assassins creed

    96. Jedi

      I love how you endorse prison in-fighting 😂

    97. FloorFungus420

      r/34 of racecar and Kevin?

    98. GRAY

      I was expecting an add when you said HEY at the beginning I almost cried it scared me so bad

    99. Adolfo Ramirez

      Prisoner gets tasered Kevin is he dead prisoner screaming no he’s fine

    100. Bad Camera quality

      Any game with simulator in the title Kevin: I'm bout to ruin this whole man's carrer