I tried answering 911 calls and did a horrible job

Call Me Kevin

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    I tried to take 911 calls and did a horrible job. Horsey go brrrrrrrrr!
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    1. Tragic Comedian

      Oh man, that ending was fantastic! Like, not for the people who were harmed or died, but lovely editing!

    2. Lucas

      would love to see more of this game sometime soon

    3. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    4. Jake Ellwood

      Can we get more of this game?

    5. Akuello The Judge Of Gods

      The utter stupidity of course the crossbow killer was a girl litterally crossbow you morons have probably all watched game of thrones and I haven't and I still know 99% of crossbow users are women like have you ever seen lived or breathed like ever it's litterally everywhere

    6. SaTuRoChAn

      haha yay another one of this game XD I don't know how you can make it funny watching you play a game like that, but you do xDD your jokes are just too funny XD

    7. jamiedoesthings

      God this is like taking a glimpse into Satan's office

    8. pumpkin cake

      7:27 ignore me I'm just making a timestamp for myself

    9. Noah Worden

      Why not try to play the game seriously?

      1. Daisy Jefferson

        Hes call me Kevin thats how he plays games

    10. thegamingdragon

      twentyonepilots shirt good lad

    11. CJ

      Kevin: *overwhelmed by how fast everything is going* Also Kevin: *has the game on max speed*

    12. Ravenclaw From Space

      Fun fact "the crossbow killer" actually exists

    13. Karasene 13

      I USED TO want to do this for a living. But since I can't have this much fun in real life I changed my mind! LoL 😆 PS: You're supposed to PEE on stingray bites! -for real! Have those horsies do it! 🐎💦

    14. Svinja

      Girl: “I think I’m being stalked..” Kevin: WATER CANNON TIME

    15. TheePurpleToaster

      "Hello? What's your emergency?" "We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty."

    16. l m


    17. I Need Sleep

      I love the Twenty Øne Piløts shirt! I have the same one :)

    18. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 14 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    19. lil Big PP

      Fun fact Kevin ringo is the only drummer in the Beatles so yes he is the best drummer in the beatles

    20. fanboy editor

      Caller: “You’re responsible for his death! “ Kevin: “Do have any idea how little that narrows things down?”

    21. Breann Hill

      I’m loving this cross bow killer story line

    22. kayden breast

      please tell me someone else hears nagito as the one dude who was gonna commit 😭 like the voice is too similar

    23. Mackenzie views

      Is the version of 911 operator it looks kind of like it but better graphic

    24. Totally Nothatguy

      "Yay! I got a horse and a bicycle!" Who promotes this dude

    25. Jersey Man

      If you want the crossbow killer to be taken out just send them to do martial arts

    26. Calistus Jay

      That suicide call kinda hit deep. It was way too real. The euphoric episode, high from too many pills, just wanting someone to talk to. This game had no right to make me emotional T_T

    27. Pigeon

      Kevin singing rage against the machine made my day

    28. Game Feel

      Play breath edge

    29. Culuf

      $106.13 with 15% off? This game and any DLCs it has are worth $5 at best.

    30. DACE 84


    31. Turbo Gamer

      Please make more of these

    32. James Rivera

      Which voice actors did they hire? Seriously, they have the same energy level as customer support.

    33. ZechsMerquise73

      "look at thiiiis, there's so much to digest and I'm just here with my horsies" me in college snubbing my homework to play my little pony adventures

    34. Elladen436

      Game: gives serious situations for Kevin to help with Kevin: HORSEY

    35. Mr. Sparrow

      Kevin's a sub, I bet.

      1. The Republic Of Ireland

        The hell

    36. Jersey Man

      "He's......She's......The crossbow killer is a woman." Dun dun dun

    37. The Passenger

      I saw the thumbnail and panicked for half a second before I realized it was obviously a video game

    38. Jovis

      Why did you put 911 in the title and not 112? Is most of your audience American? I feel betrayed

    39. Gilles Deplancke

      You should play this more

    40. Thomas Midtvedt


    41. Caleb Zilla Kong

      His shirt is amazing

    42. ThatYoungWoman 91

      "I'm being followed" * gets destroyed by watercannon *

    43. Marcus Di Salvatore

      10:27 was that a Paul McCartney impression? Hahaha

    44. Sum._m3r

      twenty one pilots shirt :D

    45. SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy

      i know its just a game but fuck this triggers me so much i have had to deal with shitty emergency responders before when calling about emergencies so....

    46. Sepia Smith

      the first video was unbelievably iconic but this is great too 14:30 LMAOOOO perfect for Kevin's channel

    47. Oh Really

      *PANICS* "This is way too fast I'm so overwhelmed" - Literally plays the game on triple speed the whole time lmao

    48. Darius Darius

      "I fell out of tree and I can't stand up" Kevin: *just walk it off*

    49. kang jinha x go siwon

      7:40 is that Nagito Komaeda

    50. ETphonehome

      Bruh your wenis is so much more stretchier than mine 👀

    51. parker kelly

      why the fuck is kevin's elbow skin so damn stretchy

    52. Bunny

      I love how into this game Kevin is!! I'd love to see him solve the serial killing.

    53. Jec

      Kevin: *accurately reads the situation, realising that this lady was talking in code* Also Kevin: "wrong number sry bye"

    54. Jec

      "I'm gonna add a dog because doggies like water" omg my heart Kevin

    55. Janey Foster

      I couldn't stop laughing

    56. Janey Foster

      I couldn't stop laughing

    57. milkyeon

      Caller: Hello, how are you? I'm under the water. Please help me. Here too much raining dUuUuUu~ Kevin: That sounds like a YOU problem, Sir. Enjoy your last moments under the water! **ends call** Also Kevin: Ah! I'm such a great 911 operator!

    58. NoContextMemes

      8:03 Killing in the name of by Rage agenst the machine. Wow one of my favorites too

    59. Lilli Fostär

      I think I have a new favorite series on the channel?? :DDD

    60. Bailey Evans

      You should do more of these... this is hilarious 😆

    61. Ethan Berg

      Man that martial arts instructor is more irresponsible than Kevin! That's an accomplishment!

    62. GroGames8300

      nice 112 is our emergency number!

    63. 在梦里见过你

      i love these so much omg

    64. skate easy

      Kevin are you okay? You got some loose ass wenis skin.

    65. Grace

      I like your shirt kevin

    66. José Duarte

      The suicide guy is the serial killer

    67. Brian Powell

      This makes me feel uncomfortable.

    68. BronzeJourney

      2:27 people who talk about Cyberpunk being ''bad'' after reading one biased article or watching one biased video about it, without even playing it themselves.

    69. Lumorniel Sycamore

      Please do one with only hories and bicycle units!

    70. SomeGuy

      Man on phone: I was hurt. By you. Kevin: Do you have any idea how little that narrows it down?

    71. myri

      As someone who’s studying to be a dispatcher, i can confirm that kevin is using the right techniques.

    72. Out Of Context

      6:42 Kevin why is your weenis so stretchy?

    73. Daisy Perry

      Ok but is the Crossbow Killer a reference to Huntress from Birds of Prey??????

    74. siemoe

      The crossed killer

    75. Mari Goins

      i like how he sorta attempts to save the suicidal person each video but then tries to kill off everyone else

    76. JORH3Y

      i wish it would say what region he is in because i live in London and it would be cool lol.

    77. Accelerator

      Kevin I have to say, your accents you make are so hilarious I actually hope you can do more of them. The Western accent on the horse, and the accent regarding the dog 'Ringo' is just extremely well made!

    78. xBlueWolf


    79. 1234Daan4321

      If you have no fire trucks available, you can send the police water canon to a burning building

    80. LJ Phoenix

      That ending had me almost dying of laughter, spectacular job with it Kevin and editor/s 🤣😂


      I have that same shirt lol

    82. Dmitriy

      At this rate Kevin will never catch Heisenberg.

    83. Neceros

      This is why I hate these games. Macro is way better than micro.

    84. ivinae

      If horses protect citizens, then Kevin's Skyrim must be the safest place to live XD

    85. Lowlife 13

      This is great

    86. Lucas

      i love watching kevin fuck around in games like this

    87. Elithec00lguy

      more more more or I’ll call the police

    88. Edgy

      RIP for KEVO

    89. Andrew Weber

      Jesus mate 😆 😆 😆

    90. DirtyGrandKid

      Hey Kev, I have that same TwentyOnePilots shirt. I guess that makes us twins.

    91. Jayden Humphrey

      Kevin touching his wenis made me uncomfortable

    92. Beelzemo Babbity

      Kevin’s absolute comedy aside.. this game is pretty in depth. There’s voice acting for all of the options, even the screams you hear when they die!

    93. Joey gnugenstifflen

      Uh the crossbow karen. That's the name you were lookin for

    94. regionalatemily

      the twenty one pilots shirt really spoke to my inner middle schooler emo

    95. Zsolt Gergő Dobay

      Caller: My Girfriend needs help.. We had a fight. Kevin: Did you win?

    96. e

      what happened to kevo?

    97. Willaby Zarkute

      Grand Theft SMARTPHONE

    98. Nathan Marcho

      This is some of your best work, Kevin. This whole video had me in stitches.

    99. ElectronicStar24

      "There's a baby in a card." Kevin: "How fast is it driving?" That one really got me xDD

    100. Faith A

      kevin saying "horsie" like a seven year old just makes my day