I may have gone too far in people playground

Call Me Kevin

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    People Playground gave me too much freedom and it was a bad idea
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    1. SpammingDiaster

      automated blood bank kevin: stonks, invest, mone

    2. SpammingDiaster

      some sequals are better than the original

    3. Jack V

      Tip: if you hold the gun with your mouse, then press/hold f, the gun will fire.

    4. D_boi

      5:30 pretty sure I had that nightmare once

    5. Minecraft Sandblock

      0:35 Only a select few will get this if I say this... “Uzumaki”

    6. Robobugg

      Kevin this isn’t how the blood collector works

    7. DomExists

      KEVIN NO

    8. Martha Pollitt

      U need to have a bloode line and put it on it

    9. Icy Fly

      hahahaha Jeff is stupid

    10. James Matthews Stream Archive

      When the gore scares Kevin... *You know it's time to end the video*

    11. Lemon Man

      11:21 is that the ae86??

    12. Lukebelike

      5:36 it’s like a atomic bomb

    13. Luna Lovegood

      Crab meat and Goyle

    14. Abusive Husband


    15. Aloxolite


    16. no name

      Where is more kevin Where

    17. Special Kyle -w-

      3:04 "ohh they massacred my boi" he says after throwing several syringes at him

    18. Kamari Cartwright

      Use a wire to transport blood

    19. Sakkra101

      5:37 If R2-D2 didn't shut down the Trash Compactor in time.

    20. X-Ray722

      The first vid I took a drink of water and it was so hard not to spit and this vid the water went up my nose

    21. This Is Mark

      2:35 or 6:09 IS THAT AN AE86 FROM INITIAL D !?

    22. GamerAlepriyeet

      You noob stop ok noob īrētā

    23. username here

      ive been wondering. why did he change brandon's name to crabmeat? i dont see anything wrong with it and no one in the comments seem to have the same questions as me

      1. username here

        @Jeff Gardy ur mom

      2. Jeff Gardy

        Shut up

    24. Janice ODonnell


    25. MrScrungly


    26. Endergamer

      If you play this again hold f to activate the machine guns

    27. EPICHUMAN31 !

      The bus driver wanted to kill the little ones so much, that she crashed the bus to try and get rid of them.

    28. V0IDWALK3R 1563

      "Haha nice park joke man! What do you mean you weren't joking..? ..."

    29. liker 3000

      Rip kevo watermark.

    30. I am a Survivor... I think

      10:35 Sounds like a normal bus driver to me

    31. Unlivable Castle

      i feel like jeff and crabmeat were together and kevin just killed jeff. crabmeat will get revenge

    32. lettucesQUAD

      When you form an emotional connection with Crabmeat, but then have to instantly be exposed to him being murdered multiple times as Kevin tries to collect blood.

    33. Quillan Gibson

      Press f on weapons to shot

    34. 김지호

      O H N O E S

    35. Pietro Maia: Reborn

      "How do i fill the container?" Naru's got your back. 1. Set container mode to "Pull". 2. The blood wire is located hovering your mouse at the basic wire. 3. Connect the blood wire to the human!

    36. Faiz Khan

      12:00 wow the new WandaVision looks great

    37. An Innocent Soul

      Some tips: You can press f while you mouse hovers over something to activate it The darker coloured cable is the best, trust me While holding something you can use a and d to rotate them

    38. KilZial

      Kevin : *Struggling to understand how the game works.* Me : *Deep anger because he won't search up the controls for the game.* Also me : *Internally screaming while also watching him manually activating guns and contraptions instead of pressing F.* also this is a joke. also kevin read the fricking instructions. >:(

    39. Oskar lie

      if u hold it and press F it a gun or any other firearm fires.

    40. Oskar lie

      the fact that this game has lore is incredible

    41. HCMSurvivorJake

      Dad: kicks son Me: literally throws up from laughter

    42. Outcast Nextdoor

      11:57 ah I see this takes place in the us

    43. Adam Angelicchio

      “ *-I didn’t actually mean to detonate it, I was just going to violently swing it.-* “ call me Kevin, 2020.

    44. Eatinggamer 39

      0:40 keith haring be like

    45. AriettaTheWild17

      It’s weird how I’ve watched movies like Hellraiser when I was way way too young to actually be allowed to, but this I somehow find disturbing. Oh yeah I was just fascinated by Hellraiser since I didn’t get the story, was probably not even the first one but I just found it randomly when I was twelve, gimme a break okay? I don’t remember everything perfectly. Just that I found a lot of random old horror movies that I was obsessed with for a while there around twelve-ish? The only one I’ve managed to name as an adult from seeing pictures is Hellraiser because Pinhead was easy to recognise. There was this one where they were inside a cube trying to get out but almost every room had some sort of a trap that more or less brutally killed them as well, and that’s why reality tv ended up being so boring to me, not thrilling enough. Since it’s also fake with bad actors despite being called reality tv 🤔 I genuinely felt uneasy during points in this video though so my normal “it’s just fake” for some reason didn’t keep me safe this time. Usually I can handle fake violence and goriness pretty well, but not really real. It just makes me feel so bad that those things have happened and are still in a lot of cases still happening to people. The curse of the documentaries with actual footage, brr... I mean if you knew how it goes down when they make cocoa then chocolate might come with a guilty conscious. Obviously they try to deny and minimise the problem but at the same time... I know that foreign workers HERE, where it’s supposed to be safe (I’ve always known it’s not, there are unpleasant things happening when people aren’t looking), can get really mistreated so that something like that would be going on in poorer countries is obvious. Since people do look away and try to minimise, unless it affects them personally or by close proximity. I mean this pedophile network they uncovered seemed to mainly operate very close to where the man that abused me did, and in very similar circles. He’s dead but still, I know that the others have memories of meeting some of his friends so it makes you wonder. Was that how he got away with it for so long? Apart from that I do remember not wanting to tell anyone for some reason I don’t really understand. Therapy might help with that but it’s one of those things that since there’s a lack of therapists they prefer to just drug you senseless and pretend that these things don’t happen in nice middle class households with lovely gardens and barbecues.

    46. jepa the gamer

      You can move items using a and d

    47. Nathan Fabre

      When you holding something hit a or d and it will lock

    48. Green Gaming

      if you need to shoot a gun you can hold it and press F which activates it

    49. Bob Tillyman.

      Boomer Kevin.

    50. InsideAlive

      Interesting so it’s interactive buddy 2021 edition.

    51. ALAN Kadiri

      Make tank?

    52. Baa Billy

      Watching people get mutilated is satisfying

    53. kirbyfan1023

      9:11 my school plays basically

    54. ScrubMyFweed

      "Hey Earl" "Hey Crabmeat"

    55. c J

      Imagine you go to give blood and they lead you into a room with a bucket in the floor and walls lined with industrial pistons.

    56. E is POG

      “It’s mashing them up but in a PowerPoint presentation😭”-Kevin 2020

    57. Gene Optimus

      Gray vs Kevin!

    58. Random Rhombeses

      Heyyyy stepbrow

    59. María Hrönn Kristjánsdóttir

      sed mods kevin plz

    60. Stefan Kundakovic

      3:37 BONK

    61. Monky Dance

      Rotate things with A and D and activate things with F

    62. Jordan Bened Drummer

      When you ARE the chaos mode

    63. Shaggy_rogers _the_man

      I haven’t fully watching but imma say if. Pressing f in guns shoots them. Pressing the arrow keys when holding anything will lock it so that you can move it up and down without it spinning around. To get blood in the machine you go the the wire and select the blood tube

      1. Shaggy_rogers _the_man

        Oh and pressing f on anything that can be activated activates them not just guns

    64. xxxmcree mainxxx


    65. Carl the electrician

      "you could probably smother the fire with a bus" -kevin 2020

    66. avrage gamer

      press F to activate things

    67. Hyper Ninja

      iiiiiimmmmmmm......dead of laughing

    68. ThirdWorld Gamer

      I am new here but this guy sounds a lot like The Spiffing Britt

    69. uh

      this is the last video with the 'kevo' sign. RIP you will be missed

    70. Lucas Cyr

      5:00 - Really Kevin, The Last Of Us 2 spoilers. I expected better of you.

    71. BallonEEE

      Hey kevin, if u select something like a gun or a piston, you dont actually need to press the activate button on the menu, u just have to press F on the thing ur trying to activate.

    72. Sane DerpyGoat

      Yo do another video with the active humans mod it'll be funny when you aim a gun at him as he falls into fire

    73. spider

      Made me laugh so hard I tapped on another video

    74. Funtom_76

      How is Kevin both a homicidal maniac and is horrified by his own destruction?

    75. Thelethalx

      Surprisingly filling the small map with people doesn't crash it but trying to make a people blender does

    76. Reuben Rose

      11:55 america

    77. Ethan Judd

      You can press f to activate and a and d to turn it while its in your hand

    78. Peepachu

      Here are some tips Kevin, While holding something you can press, A & D to rotate what your holding, F Activates whatever you hover your mouse over, And also there are mods in the Workshop

      1. Peepachu

        AND S makes it so you can see the health of humans/androids also Z deletes previously placed thingie

      2. Peepachu

        Also, Spacebar pauses time And G activates slow-motion

    79. Braeden Stewart

      one of those cars was tofu delivery vehicle

    80. Ben Driscoll

      "You are the best blood guy we have so you are being promoted to the head of blood." Kevin clearly has a way with words

    81. I don't boogie to these deals

      1. You can press F instead of clicking activate 2. To use blood container you need to connect human by "blood wire" that will show up next to normal wire when you hover over it.

    82. Queen Tina

      Mince Meat

    83. NateDGreat

      press f to activate stuff better

    84. Big man

      Kevin you can activate weapons and pistons and other stuff by pressing F on them and with G it slows down time

    85. Grugg

      5:40 full volume

    86. Soviet Duck

      Kevin just looks so innocent when torturing people

    87. Yakko Warner

      12:02 what I always wish.

    88. Very nice cashews


    89. Liam Plays It

      Kevin: *makes a boat out of humans* The scientists conduction the test: we got the wrong candidate

    90. Quinn Pia

      Hold a gun and press f

    91. Orion Charwood

      5:40 that's the sound of thousands of bones being crushed into smithereens

    92. HHHDUDE lalalala

      Haha noob

    93. Caden Proudfoot

      Put extra blood in someone else

    94. Tobias Hand


    95. Naseem Hoosen

      you need to connect the blood wire to the container kevin then set to pull untill full then set to idle

    96. CJ Martin

      This is painful to watch this guy have no idea what he’s doing

    97. mr puppy super pro hacker god noob

      Kevin you need to stick a wire in the jef and the container

    98. Miss.Understood

      The 1st Dislike was Jeff because his name is Jeff

    99. maxime obesum

      5:29 the new 100 gecs song sounds amazing

    100. Chad Russom

      O my god ur such a noob