I went too far in the new Prison Architect DLC

Call Me Kevin

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    1. Call Me Kevin

      Prison Architect - Going Green is free to play this weekend on steam, or get Xbox Game Pass for PC and play it there play.prisonarchitect.com/CallMeKevin #ad

      1. EnterTheCatVerse


      2. Totally Not Jackson

        Thanks Kevin for the content, you are the best youtuber I have ever watched

      3. Nick Lopez

        10:50 you are like the sweeney todd of that prison kitchen since you might be taking the reamins from the dead prisoners and serving the dead meat to the live prisoners while in the kitchen

      4. Paul R.

        Please play more

      5. Heather Fennell

        Last one :p

    2. EmeraldPhoenix1221

      11:25 America! Fuck Yeah!

    3. Wet Roomba

      this is just a normal prison in the US

    4. Emma Walls

      I haven't seen anyone talk about this but the fact that he referenced Drake and Josh just makes me unreasonably happy for some reason lol

    5. toh ping Tiang

      Our residents have 100% mortality rate. No need for death sentence.

    6. Breegan1000

      Love your vids Kev, but I got an ad for college before this video; is this a sign?

    7. soybeanmemefish

      Im also a island boi hehe

    8. Hana

      The perfect prison

    9. Friggin Sepone

      Main entrance door locked open the whole time... with Kevin you never know if it's on purpose or if he's just stupid!?

    10. LiHam 500

      I love when you torture people it’s the best

    11. rrnk235

      i like how its a prison building game but he somehow turns it into a tower defense game bc the goal is to stop the escapes with snipers so technically the snipers are towers and the escapes are the thing they shoot uk food for thought lol

    12. Narrow Roots

      Call me kevin i am a professionell feck up

    13. Fork B

      "Free range prison"? Isn't that just what we call life?

    14. Brandon Daily

      So... A regular American prison

    15. Smurpo

      "Free range prison" sounds like a euphemism for American slavery lol.

    16. A Hobbit

      “Everyone hates garden gnomes!” Me, who loves garden gnomes: 🙃

    17. SaTuRoChAn

      haha so funny XD you building your prisons in prison architect always reminds me of simpsons where homer build "la grill" and was like "why doesn't mine look like that" XDD just like why doesn't my prison work Ö_Ö I did like it says it XD

    18. LJDSTRM

      Remember, it’s not about quality. It’s about quantity as my dear old friend Jim Pickens said.

    19. DaJigla

      Dude you need to get a better audio set up

    20. Nazael Rahl

      Kevin: I should do something about people escaping. Me: So will he finally close the main door? Kevin: Snipers.

    21. Kailer

      I got "starve" and "survive" mixed up earlier but they're practically the same thing, right?

    22. Bento

      Praise God

    23. Darth Semen

      Just your average American prison.

    24. Adriaan ter Horst

      I'm not going to lie, I got mildly triggered watching this, this video is cursed

    25. Jonah Phelps

      Hes like jacksepticeye, but stupider

    26. 1234Daan4321

      You should have built a nice graveyard. Our Dear Leader, Jim Pickens, is disappointed in you Kevin.

    27. Loutube

      The kitchen and morgue together makes it look like you're feeding the inmates their dead friends lol

    28. josso1

      ah the hybrid morgue-kitchen, revolutionary

    29. McKenna Revis

      "profit trumps all of them" -American Prison System

    30. itsRiley

      100% best prison 10/Kevin would come back

    31. Connor C

      Hey Kevin I'm a huge fan and I have no idea if you read comments but OCD jokes really minimise what real OCD is and is really damaging to trying to get our condition taken seriously, you're such an oddly positive person so I dunno I just felt like it should be mentioned because I don't feel like it's something that's spoken about enough. You wouldnt say "wow that messes with my schizophrenia" as a joke when you're in a horror game where things vanish. Dunno my point but love ya kev

    32. nathanfish1998

      You shoulda seen my prison. The entire courtyard was a graveyard surrounding a statue of the warden

    33. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 8 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    34. bana nana

      There's nothing more morally degrading than tomatoes

    35. Shut Up

      play more its hillarious

    36. Shlim lop

      it feels good to laugh

    37. Patrick's Music

      Congrats kevin you got me back into this game. Your terrible prison management got me back into the game

    38. Filippo Frassinelli

      Kevin you ruin the strings on guitar if u keep the capo on

    39. Patrick's Music

      Does it bug anybody else when people let their headphone wire cross their bodies.

    40. Deathiax

      The Soviets: "Food poisoning?! I'm not even feeding them!"

    41. Debz Baumaus

      Me, a perfectionist: "Ah, another masochistic session of watching Kevin build sloppily."

    42. Beenie

      11:25 Kevin accidentally summerizes the US Prison system

    43. 2good2be4gotten


    44. Matt Foster

      I just got this game and now I have a ton of information on how not to build my prison lol.

    45. Strawberry Crazycake

      To be honest if Kevin was in charge of making real prisons, I bet the crime rate would be no more 🤣

    46. DindellaTheDefender

      I’m sure Colonel Cornelius Cornwall approves of this farm.

    47. Kenan Von Kaiser

      That Bench Really Made The Whole Room Come Together! Nice Touch!

    48. Mr. Acker

      Goin grink

    49. Joachim Bastin

      We did it boys, crime is no more !

    50. The Gulag Server

      Prison architect but I'm following Stalin teaching

    51. LJ Phoenix

      What is it with both RT and Kevin focusing on nothing apart from profitability and almost nothing else?? Must just be an Irish thing.

    52. Whispering Nugget

      Can anyone buy me the game? I really want it but i dont have any money at the moment and if i would ask my mom she’d get mad at me. I would really appreciate it if someone could buy the game for me. c:

    53. LilBlue Box

      I love that kevin just turned this game into a farming sim with murder

    54. Lauren Theorist

      Does Kevin know that if he gets a lawyer he can make smaller cells? I feel like he would like that information. 😂

    55. Dr N-T

      If you think "corn is funny", your mind will he blown at the game Maize

    56. CookieStyle Guy

      I think American prison systems agree with your “profit first” mentality

    57. Heru Solares

      11:30 US penal system in a nutshell

    58. NaClO

      Prison Architect? more like bore ragnarok

    59. A Me

      Prison architect, Irish style 😂😂😂

    60. oliknow


    61. Absinthe

      this is basically just any US private prison

    62. i hate peas

      good to know im not the only one that finds corn funny

    63. xX ObamaGames Xx

      Local Irishman turns prison into a friendly farming business

    64. Ayesha Bali

      Ok but is this not Chaotic Stardew Valley pls

    65. horse

      kevin: we did it, its a success kevin's prisoners: injured starving unconscious dead

    66. Malcolmproducts

      Idea for a new game for Kevin to Play! The Ratatouille video game (2007). It’s wicked fun and hilarious for content

    67. Sean Duffy

      11:30 is word for word the US prison system

    68. Jake Miller

      this is exactly what all american prisons are like

    69. Samuel Hamilton

      I want an animated series based on this video

    70. Jake Noel

      Kevin ruined the (block of "lawful evil, true neutral, chaotic good, and all the variants, the name escapes me"), because he invented a new form of evil; "wholesome evil", he enjoys sadism simulation and self deprecation yet we all adore him and he's a genuinely nice, Kevin is a sane, kind, sweet, warmhearted and caring person who like Dr. Jekyll is nice, intelligent enough to successfully manage an online business and and could manage or own a store I'm pretty sure he owned a shop before or during the first videos. But Call Me Kevin is IRL Kevin's digital Mr. Hyde, his digital personality is diabolical, Machiavellian, psychopathic, and narcissistic, or at least his characters he plays through often are. The epitome of the dark triad. An absolute dichotomy to IRL Kevin who is compassionate, loyal, and honest. His style of dichotomous comedy, the two opposites switch constantly in every video between CLM and IRLK, he;s aware of the dichotomy, and makes fun of it, giving some meta themes in, his style of comedy is just so fresh, just like the spiffing brits, or lindsaybeige, or manyatruenerd, we are living in a mini IRflow comedy renaissance and Kevin is like it's Da Vinci, I love it.

    71. Isaac Bruner

      Putting 60+ prisoners in a single cell with one toilet and no beds went about as well as one would expect.

    72. Rachel Parent

      ...Kevin what have you done.. I get among us ads on your videos constantly... Are you still addicted?

    73. Dey Dey Grey

      Nice Video as always Kevin .

    74. latherrinsemaim _

      “I think profit trumps all of them” Kevin accurately describing the United States prison system.

    75. Amber Eccles

      day twenty six of commenting until kevin plays "tingles rosy rupeeland" (it's a ds game but i downloaded it on my laptop using emulators)

    76. Doctor Sam

      What is that disgusting thumbnail?

    77. Tarek Said

      11:29 After that, Kevin got 1000 job offers from American private prisons, and his heart shrunk 3 sizes that day.

    78. Lucasim fuck off


    79. Olti Zeqa

      Sims 4 plssss

    80. joshua kregg

      2020 in a nutshell

    81. hamza khan

      News: worst prison ever with 35 deaths per day

    82. Bendy Snowball

      Nobody: Stanley from Cyberpunk 2077: 13:40 *_The body count today is rounding up to a nice and sturdy thirty!_*

    83. Adam Howell

      Prison Architect but Kevin should work in an American Prison

    84. Generic Commenter

      10:18 That was a CORNY joke.

    85. Ryan Smith

      "So much death, so much disease... Look at all this corn!" -Kevin, 2021

    86. Amaury Iglesias

      I truly admire the ability of Kevin to completely destroy his own games. I am totally unable to do that on purpose, I just can't.

    87. Maria Laelyn

      I always knew Kevin was a secret American, profit tops everything

    88. Moritz Becker

      And for everyone who dont want to pay for the dlc, you can take a look at this mod: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1501285297 Its nearly the same, just better in my opinion.

    89. Dan McGuire

      Cool to see a Farming Simulator collab with Prison Architect!

    90. Mine Pocket

      Every prisoner who see's kevin in his office: Ah Shit, here we Go again

    91. treestan99

      just a question but how much money would me or someone would i'd have pay to play with you?

    92. TheZohan

      Yo just saying how is Kevin not pulling like a million views at least every episode

    93. Jeremy J

      thats a thck mouse pad

    94. LaoTzusGymShoes

      Revolving-door slave-camps? If I wanted to watch real life I'd watch real life.

    95. Zach Waddell

      Kevin, I hate soup and I approve.

    96. Hayden Greene

      Keep your camera off you spud

    97. Creating Shane


    98. AM-Ranth

      There is no such thing as too far, merely not far enough.

    99. Undercover Canuck

      How long before Kevin realizes he left the door wide open lol

    100. Khy I.

      aight showing this to peeps being gangsta doing bad sht thinking prison ain't that bad telling them this is how prison is might actually have better effect than counselling lmao