Solving a Murder Mystery in Hitman 3

Call Me Kevin

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    Solving a massive Murder Mystery in Hitman 3. I solved the others, they were me.
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    1. dustyb58

      It would have been funny if Rebecca was in a chat but at 9-54pm she wrote "BRB" and that hurts her alibi

    2. dustyb58

      I wish they would have just had Diana remind you to look for things to take photos of instead of putting them on the map like HERE, THIS, TAKE A PHOTO HERE, IN THIS SPOT OVER HERE!

    3. DOG BOSS


    4. Samper

      8:59 what is that game please tell me please

    5. Special Kyle -w-

      14:13 me when somebody asks me how many babies i've killed

    6. Fister Roboto

      hey man, wow man

    7. IndigoGollum

      Speaking of Clue(do), I have the Doctor Who (a British tv show) version and it really bugs me that the box says Clue.

    8. Herod Evans

      You all make me very happy

    9. Sportnugget

      I'm deeply upset by the existence of "Cluedo"

    10. Athena Caradine

      the ace attorney music i'm crying

    11. Truman Villanueva

      Kevin: "It was daughter. I found key, and poison. And she's a bad person." Literally, every single time Kevin does a bigbrain playing as imposter in Among Us.

    12. ChronoXShadow

      This looks fun! The devs should just make a Sherlock game.

    13. Night Orcid

      0:29 sound of an alarm on Alexa, not of her being alerted he probably knows that, so to those who dont, and are watching the video or looking at the comment section 3 weeks late or later, and happen to see this comment of mine

    14. TheStashBin

      I love your Hitman series! Will you do Chongqing?

    15. Techno Potato

      Kevin not knowing what the ‘I’ in PI stands for, for 19 minutes

    16. Primitive Human

      “I don’t know who could of done it...guess I got to murder them all”

    17. Kaishen Walton

      This was knives out... there was even the baseball outside the window.

    18. Call Me Jim

      Day 5 of asking Kevin to respond to his fans

    19. Yeet Jones

      2:49 wrong flag kev

    20. bronwyn loves pentagon

      the cut to kevin thinking out loud with ace attorney music playing threw me so much

    21. Hail Ussr

      Ooof poor alexa

    22. BronzeJourney

      7:01 Me everytime when i try to play Rainbow 6 Siege. %90 of all my deaths are because i dont know where the stairs are lmao.

    23. Milo peippo

      Kevin is worse than McGuffin

    24. Sam Lenihan

      PI more like BORE RAGNOROK!!!!

    25. Falling Stream

      2:12 Kevin: "not in that way" game subs: "This is what i mean"

    26. Brandon Bergeron

      Hitman with banana 👍 Hitman with any weapons 👎

    27. scenczyk1429

      Whole mission is just knives out isn't it?

    28. Captain Tak

      The one time that Kevin does good in Hitman, and he's fecking offline.

    29. Drunkengaming

      8:17 it's shane mac mahaon!

    30. Colin Jeanneret

      When that Alexa alarm came on I swear I almost screamed

    31. MostLikelyDreaming

      it was really awesome to see you get so into the story! this was a very fun episode!

    32. Ruby Gee

      "The plot is sooo thicc right now, I can almost _hear_ it!"

    33. Étourdie

      5:37 The intro music to Clue is pretty great though

    34. Light mode is Better than dark mode

      Clue is a better name

    35. Tyrant Fame

      This entire mission has the whole Knives Out vibe.

    36. 건담조아

      A murder mystery? I think kevin did it

    37. X marks the spot

      Game:Can YOU solve the murder!? Kevin: Yes but No... probably because I did it.

    38. Ribbon

      Diana: I'd say Madame Carlisle is next in line for a poisoning Kevin: Well then I can just let that happen, right? Me: Well yes, but actually yes

    39. Troy Bateman

      wait. these videos have me all mixed up now. was hitman suppose to be a stealth game?

    40. Cobra

      Ohhh das a baseball!

    41. Lachlan Rodgers

      Kevin”hit man with banana”Quote of the century

    42. Joel Ramirez

      See when you come back from when he killed everyone it all just starts to make sense

    43. The Chazzler

      “It’s ragnarok” Kevin don’t

    44. Flintyblock 4437

      Callmekevin,phssshhhhhhh. More like Bore Ragnorok

    45. That Weird Kid On The Block

      1. Open video 2. Like video 3. Watch video

    46. AJ LOPEX

      when kevin outs in phoenix wright music thats a bop at halfway through the video

    47. Koert 34

      Day 24 of telling kevin: "entertain ragnarok"

    48. Tasso Demo

      Alternate title: “Kevin turns a mission in England into a murder mystery”

    49. Fiachraa -_-


    50. Yeet ed

      2:13 me trying to act straight in front of people I’m not out to yet

    51. Elana Carmine

      great video! I love a good murder mystery, but are we all gonna gloss over Emma knowingly marrying her first cousin

    52. Obito UchihaSwag

      Play game , content good

    53. Chalycees

      the among us deduction skills finally paying off

    54. mostbeautiful sinner

      That was awesome!

    55. doncheeto 27

      Kevin use duck only. just duck. Duck everyone and everything. Duck them.

    56. Hype Gaming TV

      I’m dying to meet you 😂

    57. Boogie Thug Rose

      3:55 it was at this moment me and my fellow American's clicked dislike and left a mean comment

    58. 33-.Dom-33

      More Please

    59. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      This was a fun mission! Usually you're the one causing murders, it was interesting to see you in the other person's shoes lmao

    60. fork

      SPOILER WARNING Was dissapointed he didnt kill the rich lady while she was in her mental breakdown room

    61. NickName

      Mad respect for the Sherlock reference

    62. shelley floryd

      He probably got the most stars on this mission he's ever gotten

    63. The Luinqued

      your microphone got worse man

    64. beesly01

      Excellent use of Ace Attorney music Detective.

    65. lil Big PP

      Kevin’s fish

    66. MegaPhycoKiller

      you can actually convince her that zachary killed himself and she'll off herself due to guilt

    67. Rijul Singla

      and he actually solved3 it !!

    68. pnwsnatchandsnook

      This is the first I've ever heard of cluedo

    69. indyalmighty

      Shouldn't the baseball be a cricket ball?

    70. LoveRemains x

      More Hitman, more BitLife, more GTA Chaos Mod! ❤️

    71. why tho?

      it's really fun to have the same name as a murderer

    72. Jaiden Mathews

      I absolutely loved how serious Kevin was in this! With all the dumb stuff he gets into, I never thought it'd be this entertaining! I think he should do more levels like this..

    73. Bobo Dog

      I made sure the killer didn't escape justice by killing everyone on the map. I am good detective

    74. Jonah Silva

      Hit more men in vr

    75. David

      Kevin made the perfect hollywood movie in one video! LMAO 🤣

    76. WoolenSnail36

      No joke from what I’ve seen from this mission IO could generally make a good murder mystery game if they wanted to

    77. Rvan B

      I had no clue it was called cluedo over there

    78. Igor Mokros

      Narrator: "*A locked-room-mystery*" Me, a Danganronpa fan: Ah shit, here we go again

    79. Matias Fuentes

      Alternative title: A murder mystery but the only mystery is how I keep getting away with these murders.

    80. pandesal mornings

      I never really understood the bore ragnarok bit, i heard it from the guy on comedy bar but never really got it. Apologies to you Kevin and Mr Pickens. I have sinned and will do whatever it takes to atone for them.

    81. Brian Griffin

      6:56 i would like the Mona Lisa version of this painting.

    82. Derpify

      Dead guy Im dying to meet you

    83. Derpify

      "Giggles, Private eye."

    84. Gillon Merritt


    85. Hologramino

      anyone who steals a child's face and wears it as their own should go work for Jim Pickens

    86. Let's Get Tanked

      Just a few months... then we'll all go back to normal.....

    87. Deborah Cabral

      I love watching Kevin playing Hitman! If I were to play it, I would hate it, but with Kevin doing it, It's really great and funny! :)

    88. Davy Jones


    89. Aaron Prabish


    90. AlphabetFace

      yes, more hitting man

    91. Laura Lowe

      When Kevin talked about the magic of Instagram to make the dead body look better, I legit had visions of him putting the puppy face filter over the corpse.

    92. Kevin Vance


    93. MilkmanMcgee

      Man abuse

    94. NetherBoats

      It has been more than 10 minutes on to the video and CallMeKevin has YET to throw either a snowball or a banana to a civilian. I'm beginning to worry that something is wrong.

    95. Jennifer Haggerty

      Definitely want to see more HM3. Thanks for sharing!

    96. aqeel moosa

      hitman 3 and 2 looks like the exact same game

    97. modddy00


    98. Fister Mantastic

      I think it’s funny how most gaming IRflowrs get followers because they’re so good at the games they choose to play. People love watching someone completely pwn on people. But Kevin is a master of none, he is absolutely horrible at every single game he plays. One of the worst I’ve ever seen. Yet we still love him and love to watch him play these games horridly. Lol. Love you Kevin.

    99. Willem I am

      Hitman more like bore ragnarock

    100. Pedro Wilson

      Maybe the guy just wanted to die with his boots on...