I AM THE NIGHTMARE | Little Nightmares 2

Call Me Kevin

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    Little Nightmares 2 but I am the nightmare. I'm coming for your DREAMS!
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    1. Pillow _ fluff

      more more more more more... please?

    2. Wil Tree

      more more moooore

    3. Mickey412

      "Well, that's everything on my bucket list. See ya!" *uUuUuHhHHhH??*

    4. Stephanie K

      I really like this "long play" style for you, especially for this type of game, reminds me of your Res Evil 7 playthrough. Would love to see more of this game & this format

    5. Stephen Sheldrake

      loved it, my hands are so moist XD, this game is so creepy, more please!

    6. Hermazing Bartels

      i really loved this format, it works super well with this game but i'd love to see more of it just in general, it's a brilliant in-between of the usual videos and the streams. i really hope kevin does some more like this, and carries on the game! it's perfect being 30 mins, like watching an episode of something :)

    7. Sydney Larsen

      A-are we ever gonna see this game again?

    8. indy may

      I really prefer longer videos like this I’d love to watch maybe even longer ones like jack does

    9. Danny Singsandmoshes

      I LOVED this video, Kevin!!! so Suspenseful! And I love the idea of a less edited / more raw video! GREAT job, Dear Leader! :)

    10. Dinodogst

      13:00 im actually glad you clarified that, because man did i not get it. Seriously. how did i not get it?

    11. Dutch Van Der Linde

      Why did Kevin remind me of a mum vs dad mobile game commentary😂😂

    12. Leylk

      kevin please continue this

    13. Nyxira

      Dude, you have the same reaction to scary things that I have: Be scarier than the thing that is scaring you.

    14. Lowri Morris

      format was great but i was screaming at my screen the entire time

    15. Nyron

      where is part 2?

    16. Woah, hello

      this format is nice

    17. Rae Estomata

      I am so in love with this format especially for this game! Thank you, Kev! Hope to see a part 2 sooner or later.

    18. Alexander Novatney

      Just got out of the shower, so I'm decently moist as well

    19. lazy bones

      'something about this game is scary' he says while playing a horror game 😂

    20. DarkStare TDM

      Ily kevin 💓

    21. DarkStare TDM

      Kevin's point of view is interesting and funny yes

    22. Strawberry Crazycake

      Kevin: IT'S GOT A GUN!!! *gets shot* Me: I died laughing, so yes please show me more less edited versions 🤣🖤

    23. Brice Lory

      I really enjoy the longer format!

    24. Fister Roboto

      hey man, wow man

    25. GoChuckUrself

      I really want to see more of this!

    26. WhoKilledMarilynn

      I would fucking LOVE to see you continue playing this!

    27. Malakh

      I really like the longform style of this! It's fun to watch you play through something without cuts etc. If you do any more playthroughs of games with less cuts I will be delighted to watch them. :)

    28. ChrisElsenbroek

      more, absolutely more.

    29. whisper

      I really hope you continue to play this. The different format with less editing works really well for this type of game. This game has a really cool story (cool enough that I've watched nearly ten playthroughs beginning to end of it) so it'd be cool to see what you think of it. Also, the thumbnail for this is amazing! Awesome job! :D

    30. cat in a hat


    31. Pandora

      ok wheres part 2?

      1. • JewelsTheCat •

        He streamed the rest on twitch and uploaded it to his other livestream channel

    32. Megan Kocanda

      Keep it up Kevin, I enjoy the longer videos and I definitely wanna see you play more of this game!!!

    33. Saranya Sarkar

      I missed your dramatic way of putting on your headphones in this video.

    34. Shawn Butler

      M O I S T

    35. E The Skateboard Fighter

      that means your afraid of anything because evreything is biger than you

    36. Douglasa Curry

      Favorite video of yours. Not because of the game (but also yeah) but this format is shoo much more of what I'm looking for from you!

    37. GigglyGays

      They call them children but the kids are so much smaller than the adults more like another species, I don't know if that's done intentionally with the idea that the entire game is actually childrens nightmares...

    38. Joy 98

      Day 5 of asking kevin to play more Not For Broadcast

    39. ellis shaw

      M O I S T

    40. SaveMeMoon

      Loved the longer format, for this kind of game anyhow! It's really refreshing to see someone play this who isn't theorizing and looking for pieces of lore everywhere honestly, even though I love those kinds of LPs too! Please keep playing this Kevin!

    41. SaveMeMoon

      Someone who hasn't played the first game, knows nothing about the game or the lore playing LN2??? PLEASE KEEP PLAYING THIS!!!

    42. Rory Jones

      20:52 those aren’t mannequins,Kevin...

    43. Marcus Daloia

      Honestly the tedium is totally worth seeing the stupidity. I'm fine with this.

    44. Little.Goat

      Where is part 2?

    45. Vysnavi Vijayakulasingam

      Loved this video format Kevin! I honestly think people would enjoy watching you do full game playthroughs unedited. Awesome video as always :)

    46. ChronicFaux

      I like this kind of format- especially for these kind of puzzle-like games.

    47. EROSE

      Please make another part to this! I'd love to see this as a series!

    48. Darksword Reviews

      I am super moist rn

    49. Aretaja

      i loveeee the longer videos. keep making them when you can

    50. bugsoda

      kevin ur brain is so cute and smooth :)))

    51. Seagull Lord

      Please play more of this, I absolutely love the new format too!

    52. pinkpeppers55

      I really liked this type of video! And also you playing the game blind, it gives a really unique perspective!!!

    53. Angel Moore

      you should play little nightmares one and then continue this!

    54. Angel Moore

      pls play more!!

    55. Lucie Smejkalova

      Please you have to play the whole game 💛

    56. Oleander Kazzy

      All hail Lord Baghead!

    57. NC18

      I need more walkthroughs with Kevin 😤

    58. Kaden Bradford

      Your mono

    59. Kaden Bradford

      Your friend is six

    60. Joshua Charette

      I like the previous format a lot; but this one seems to work well for this game as well. I'd be up for seeing more.

    61. MBOTy

      “Fine.. your loss, geology rocks.. you can have a different opinion but you’re wrong”🤣

    62. Acetra Studios

      You should do this more! 🙏✨

    63. david holland

      One of my best friends helped make this game!

      1. david holland

        @Taylor Wisniewski I don't know, do you?

      2. Taylor Wisniewski

        @david holland Do I know you?

      3. david holland

        @Taylor Wisniewski yeah?

      4. Taylor Wisniewski


    64. Savannah R

      Super fun! More please!

    65. Turmoil

      Looks at the title: KEVIN! SPOILER MUCH!?!?!?

    66. Evan Langer

      The kid with the bag head in named mono and the girl with you is named six just so you know

    67. I am Mazki

      About 70%

    68. Ahmad Fauzy Al Ghozali

      Enjoyed it so much!

    69. aang moo

      I am an average amount of moist

    70. Zora Arian

      Yes to long form, less cuts videos for story-driven games like LN2!!! Loving this sooo much because we get the usual brand of the Kevin humour, but at the same time we get to immerse ourselves in the world due to very little game-related cuts! I love the occasional zoom ins, don't overdue it because it'll detract us from your natural humour and especially the atmosphere of the game! Loving this, waiting for you to play the game in full!!!

    71. datcatsavedme

      Kevin looks great in a turtleneck

    72. Pokabrows

      I enjoy this sort of video but then that's part of the reason I watch the twitch archive videos. (watching live on twitch is harder just with work timing and not being able to pause it so I miss bits)

    73. Jackson Chen

      Should do more with other games as well :)

    74. Devin Mckinney

      More pls

    75. Nadiepie

      yes mr.kewwo, sir, pls morew little nightmares 2

    76. EbEn

      i like the style of the video it makes it seem like a live stream

    77. INFIRES MAN!

      I got so frustrated lmao

    78. Phoebe Rose

      I wouldn't mind it cut down a LITTLE, so the whole game is like 2 hours to watch instead of 5? That's what's stopped me from watching other IRflowrs play this.

    79. Len Sheene

      Would love to see you playing it more!!!

    80. Caro S.

      I'm very moist now. My boyfriend should take care of me.

    81. StrekozkaPlays

      this is so scary!! ;__;

    82. Big Lion

      "See, proven my genius in real time" Proceeds to die instantly.

    83. Netriosilver


    84. Becky Becky


    85. kang jinha x go siwon

      Please keep playing this

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    87. Jackson Towans

      You should start doing serious playthroughs of horror games more often! There's something refreshing about watching the man who constantly tortures game characters get scared by them for once lmao

    88. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      Please play the whole game, its got a really awesome story plot plus you get to kill some things and I think you would enjoy it Kevin :)

    89. Marianne Manaois

      Please keep playing this to the end!!✨💕

    90. Sad Juliy

      Kevin is so charming like this))))

    91. Video Factory

      Petition for Kevin to create more gameplay series like content. I really enjoy his commentary. I can't imagine how entertaining a gameplay series of his would be.

    92. Bob The Bone Boy

      Kevo looking fashionable as usual.

    93. Ya Boi

      Gotta love the cheeky simpsons tree house of horror reference at the beginning

    94. Company loves misery

      "That's everything on my bucket list taken care of, see ya!" Oh my god. I laughed throughout this video- Kevin's reactions to creepy games are always priceless- but that was just about the most hilarious thing I've heard all day.

    95. Just A Person

      the friend is called Six, just in case you don't want to name them

    96. Vorpal Vulpes

      it was good! I think this form of video dose in fact fit this type of game.

    97. lol lolol

      Ahh yes I have been waiting for this (edit) fuck IRflow recommended me this after I watched this and I thought there was a part 2 😒

    98. A M

      Please finish the game on this channel!

    99. Andrès Snauwaert

      The highs and lows of watching Kevin in realtime

    100. KRATOS The god of BOI!!

      Is Kevin real?