I upset all of the mutants in The Forest

Call Me Kevin

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    The Forest, day 3 and I've already got a bad reputation with the locals...a new record!
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    1. Felix

      Kevin please do more

    2. AWESOMEDEV 77

      This video made me laugh so much. Keep up the good work Kevin!

    3. ITS YA BOI

      There is a map in one of the caves but its blank and it fills in once you have it and move around. When I start a game I always let the cannibals knock me after getting a base set up so they take me to the cave with the map and I get it and the compass really early on.

    4. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    5. Zoe May

      Play more Kevin.

    6. Gorgeous Undead

      irflow.info/work/raM6EZ3B0iGri5-atyJ7FQ This guy has good The Forest content too. Kev is best tho

    7. Fire Rabbit

      As someone who is playing through this solo (with no knowledge), I would love to see Kevin's full playthrough. I'm still amazed he hasn't been burning the bodies, to get bones to make bone armour. I also look forward to when he realises he can wear "mutant" armour.. By the way, Cult(munnity) you're all Brilliant.

    8. SaTuRoChAn

      yay another forest video XDD that you can just go into the caves is so amazing XD I think they are so scary XD and you can see so little in them xDD

    9. Jacko Bazza

      Yeah play more

    10. Rogue Security

      1:52 when kevin eats wet food

    11. Isaiah Stovall

      who would win, a bloodthirsty tooth-taking man, or an army of cannibals? So far, Kevin is winning, but I feel like they are only getting warmed up.

    12. The Dukk of Lukk

      "First I need a rebreather in order to get the chainsaw" Well... he is new to the game.

    13. Noah Wattel

      You didn't loot that last cave they put you in.

    14. Noah Wattel

      burn their bodies to get *bones* and make *bone arnor*

    15. Noah Wattel

      I'm pretty sure you can block

    16. Riccardo Facchin

      I like the fact that he kept the lighter on for the whole time, even when he was out in the wood ahahah

      1. Doug Carruthers

        That's a totally Kevin thing to do

    17. NightmaresReach117

      I like how 0:09 implies Kevin watches Meatcanyon and thats both terrifying and fitting.

    18. Big Sissy

      It physically pains me to see you play with the lighter on IN THE DAYLIGHT. Save it for the flame thrower :(

    19. SalusFuturistics

      Kevin hits two Birds with one Accident

    20. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 16 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    21. Stephen Brown

      Feedback: Cave man make baby go boom boom me like Thank you

    22. Doug Carruthers

      14:20 😂

    23. Doug Carruthers

      12:56 Yes yes, But the key question is which one is the biggest Idiot.

    24. Cryptic Demon

      More of the forest please😂

    25. Benjamin Wolff

      Kev you can change the colour variations in the settings and it'll be brighter

    26. SHSL Bot

      The cannibals: We’ve trapped a person on the island! Kevin: These cannibals are trapped on an island with me!

    27. Lelebees

      Kevin is just casually carrying a few skulls in his inventory

    28. Aspen Calloway

      More Forest please :)

    29. Elladen436

      Please finish thisssssss

    30. The Roach Reaper

      Im surprised kevin didnt immediately think to make a flamethrower with the lighter and hairspray

    31. The Odd one


    32. MoistGoat

      I wanna see Kevin playing Valheim lol

    33. Common Vilage dunce

      “baby go boom boom” -Kevin O’Reilly 2021 “Those are the youngest npc’s Ive thrown dynamite at” -Also Kevin O’Reilly 2021 Edit: within 10 seconds of eachother

    34. Caleb Hehl

      0:09 meatcrayon

    35. Zeusz32

      Fun fact Kevin, you have a map! :D

    36. Baron of Black

      can’t wait for him to find out what you can use the hair spray for....

    37. Cobrah Queen


    38. pedro Porto

      more pls

    39. LeaveEye

      This video and editing is someone with ADHDs wet dream

    40. Lou Boetsch

      My Brother loves this game!

    41. Big Chungo

      Wait til kevin finds out you can eat the cannibals

    42. Gijs

      Okay so i got this dutch ad about a guy who explains daytrading on the stock market or something. And he literally began with: 'hello , my name is Kevin'. How original of you, dutch Kevin

    43. WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays

      Keven at Planned Parenthood: *BABY GO BOOM-BOOM!*

    44. GeneralReinHein

      kevin you need armour. when you kill the people, throw their bodies on a fire. each burnt body drops 6 bones. craft 6 bones and 3 cloth for one bone armour. you can also collect creepy armour from the scary mutant cannibals, just skin em and equip the amrour in your invo. yw

    45. Jeppe Pedersen

      You can chop the canibals head and arm legs off and eat them or use them to make a friend or you can burn the bodys and use the bones

    46. WarriorDan- Game Reviews and Let's Plays

      Kevin: "Down down down, but my depression rises higher". *Everyone felt that*

    47. Benjamin Ali-Watkins

      What happened to his son?

    48. Filming_Potatoes

      Please do more

    49. Alex Allen

      Burn the cannibals bodies and equip the bones for armour!!

    50. Nico Gravedigger

      This is the best game ever! #nosleepuntilSonsoftheForest

    51. bat john


    52. Galgamos

      Okay, okay, I will give you your feet back. Go ahead, take em. I didn't need em for my totem anyway. Silliness aside: I really like it when you play this.

    53. Radical Boof

      Lmao there is a map

    54. Ashy Vlogs

      Holding right click blocks damage, and with the modern axe you take pretty much no damage

    55. aasdw fdert

      You can burn their bodies to get bones for bone armour!

    56. N4 marcos

      I’m about to leave to Bootcamp here in 1 week and I’d like to say thank you Kevin for making my weeks off before worth while. I enjoy your content and I show all my friends your videos. You are my favorite IRflowr hands down. I can’t wait to watch your videos when I get back in June!

    57. Adrian Kasparek

      Oh no, meatcanyon is everywhere

    58. Szay

      pls do more

    59. Shlim lop

      I would love to see you stream this w friends!

    60. Floor Poop

      The reason why I clicked on the video is because I thought this was W2S

    61. Jacob

      Make a prison or concentration camp for cannibals

    62. Reddead47

      Rip the Kevo sign

    63. Kylee Stanton

      Will Kevin ever find Timmy? Tune in next week to find out.

    64. One Brat And Her Cat

      @1:29 "I'm so brad at everything"

    65. codlings99

      Penguin plushie

    66. Saint Lucifer SSG

      Goblin find me

    67. Beau david


    68. Mr derpo

      "Baby goes boom boom" call me kevin - 2021

    69. uPlum 1


    70. Kidz R Us


    71. Madeline Fox

      2:02 OOF

    72. Ruud Schoenmakers

      I like how that BIC lighter kept burning for the entire episode

    73. Gabs Speeds

      The katana is faster

    74. Ciara Foxx

      That mushroom you ate was Fly Amanita. It's funny because it has psychotropic properties that have been known to cause hallucinations and after you ate it the tree branches bugged out like a mushroom trip.

    75. Ezekial

      "You don't get a map in this game." ......uh, about that Kevin, you were literally in the cave at the end where they give you both a map and a compass.

    76. Blondie life

      Kevin's penguin is so cute 😥❤

    77. Human Person

      This game is HATEFUL, Kevin has really alienated me by playing this game, me and my fellow cannibals don't live in caves and don't attack people, well except the ones we eat and keep in our caves.

    78. Roman Fuchs

      The Pictures where there is a X on it means theres a gun part hidden in the ground there. You use dynamite do blow it up and get the gunpart.

    79. Melissa Kluey

      You're doing great. Love watching your adventures in The Forest, Kevin. Some ideas... use the hairspray and lighter to burn a pile of dead dudes to get their bones, then you can use their bones and some cloth to make yourself some armour. Plus you can throw that lizard skin on yourself for a little armour too. Have fun!

    80. Cross Kerr

      A full let's play would be grand.

    81. Sir Turtle The Great

      Of course Kevin watches MeatCanyon

    82. Bryce Maier

      It’s not a great map but you do have one

    83. JustRadu

      Burn the bodies for bones, use the bones for armor

    84. Scarlett Loves Rats

      I love the penguin in the background

    85. alex johnson

      5:17 reminds me so much of the film The Decent

    86. ghost.eee

      Fire is your friend Kev!!! You can make fire arrows, and you can also set your axe on fire by combining it with cloth and using your lighter on it :)) The mutants will be in too much pain to attack you and you can start swinging or run away. Love this series!! Keep it up!

    87. Qwirky Conqueror

      This is one of my favorite games. :)

    88. tinyyboxxmann 763

      Everytime he confronts the cannibals and doesnt block with his axe i die slowly inside every time

    89. Zeke_A_Deke

      Kevin you should burn the dead to get bones!! You can wear the BONES.

    90. Nicholas labonte

      This is a goid seris

    91. TheBlueMoose

      U deserve infinite clout, Kevin. Good work

    92. mitesh kumaresan

      Lmao love the Clouds reference 😂

    93. DatWeirdZombie

      So Kevin quick tip while playing the forest. Considering ur near it, if u walk up the and look to the right u will c a pond. If u make a spear (2 sticks), u can fish n u will have infinite supply of food b water Edit: walk up the mountain n turn right to b specific

    94. Wertigo Wicked

      Why don't you eat the cannibals?

    95. Captain She

      Love this game

    96. MigacMagic667

      YOU'RE NOT ESCAPING ME! GIVE ME YOUR TEETH! - Call Me Kevin - 2021

    97. MigacMagic667

      4:24 What you can't come in here? IDIOTS Cannibals: *go in there*

    98. Bigbrain Moment

      Kevin we want to see more please kevin man

    99. Bigbrain Moment

      Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LMAO-Kevin 2021

    100. Asutorowarudo

      Kevin: has sword Also Kevin:use axe and struggling