I made myself in the sims and became horribly cursed

Call Me Kevin

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    I made myself in the sims and he became horribly cursed. I don't know whether to blame the player or the game, perhaps both.
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    1. jonggi siagian

      Starting a job for two months made me realize how realistic the Sims was, when my sim had a job and I would just sit there idle :') and only have few hours of real 'playtime'.

    2. The Disco Timelord

      Part 2 please?🥺

    3. Atari5732

      The flamingos in the yard reminds of that time in Austin, TX when a guy sued his neighbor to try and get him to remove one flamingo in his front yard. He lost and the guy ended up putting up 50 flamingos in his front yard for years to come. Feckin' Legend.

    4. Beardology


    5. B. Athena

      This is the most interesting sims playthrough yet.

    6. Holls

      didnt get by car

    7. Liam Beamer

      The (relatively) unforgiving difficulty of this game makes Kevin's usual Sims shenanigans a spiral of genuine disaster like none of the others do

    8. David

      23:39 I can't believe this lmao

    9. David

      11:37 doesn't this guy look EXACTLY like that Super Seducer guy?? I can totally see a crazy option for doing that lmao

    10. Claire Linet Evans

      Yknow, I imagine that Kevin’s brain in real life is like mine in the sense he’s constantly thinking like he does in video games. I play a good amount of GTA and my brain is just wired to rob trucks. I don’t do it, but it’s alway my first thought. So I expect Kevin to have a person just do one little thing wrong and his brain just goes “kill them, just kill them. No explanation, just do it” and then he’s like “no Kevin. Bad Kevin.” 😂

    11. Emil Ratinen

      Didn't get by car

    12. Misshowzat

      I was trying to figure out why he was so bad at this game but then realised he had it in fast forward. No wonder he got so little done.

    13. Influencerzwerg

      I didn't know that getting hit by a car makes such a difference in the way people live their lifes

    14. iam harriet

      It must be really annoying to have someone just come into your house and throw your freshly cooked meal in the bin. Really horrible. You'd never do that to anyone would you Kevin?

    15. Claire Elfish

      god i forgot how cursed the old sims are

    16. Beareboy

      how does he play this on modern hardware, I can't get it to run on windows 10 at all

    17. Lead

      yorlug at minoinum gUH


      I'm actually impressed he managed to mess things up so extraordinarily well

    19. sweetleaf


    20. Louise van der Sluis

      Guys help me out, I really wanna watch the vid but the creepy ass music when people die, get robbed or their house gets burned gave me chilhood trauma. Are those in this vid?

    21. Sarah M

      Omg this video brought back so many memories, Sims 1 was so hard!!! Loved this video lmao.

    22. Andres Bravo

      Kevin, you are getting the cursed one! it became the legend...

    23. Derp Fox

      That maid definitely is the MVP

    24. Derp Fox

      12:40 "Blue good" Famous last word

    25. Elise van Malsen

      I was like hey this seems familiar, but then I realised I watched the stream xD

    26. AmbblyPuff

      Welp, Kevin has started exotic dancing to pay his bills, we've truly failed him. I hope all you monster's are finally happy.

    27. Melania Lea


    28. Pip Chillin


    29. Regan Brannigan


    30. pdake1

      This is the best recreation of the cask of amontillado I've ever seen

    31. Samara Morgan

      This game is incredibly hard. As a kid I always used cheats because of that.

    32. Moon

      Me to uni: "My happiness you're drinking it!" Uni: "I would like money please"

    33. Alex Blaha

      The secret to sims 1 is to just make gnomes and not have a job

    34. Gia Drama

      I just always enjoy the sims 1 vids... it’s what introduced me the callmekevin in the first place.☺️

    35. That One Lady

      I was hit by several cars as a kid.

    36. That One Lady


    37. Sarah Ng


    38. U・ᴥ・U

      Sims 1 but Kevin gets bullied by chat for 24 minutes and 30 seconds straight

    39. Din Djarum

      If you ever find yourself trapped in a room with someone who can only be described as your doppelganger... Only the bad guy leaves. This is the real world. They don't exist to be your best friend or make your life better. Be the bad guy. Be the one who gets to leave. Don't hesitate, you have only one chance.

    40. phoenix_b_ artistically

      This whole video is just Kevin Sim slowly unraveling more, and more, in a downward doom spiral. Because he wasn't hit by a car.

    41. Markxxx

      You should do the Sims 1, 72 hour challenge. You make a Sim then you have 72 Sim hours to fall in love, get married and have a child.

    42. P A.H.

      Look up what pink flamingos in relation to swingers.

    43. DingDongBells

      4:25 As an employee at a certain warehouse, I can tell you that is UNDOUBTEDLY how my rides to work begin

    44. TimberJackEB

      "It's not that kind of party". He says, with the performance cage in plain view.

    45. Puppy Guard

      I died laughing. Unlike the people in the pool.

    46. Luna Madz

      Proud to be a regular Kevin 💚

    47. Memoria

      god i watched this life and forgot it was based off of kevin smh

    48. jigging jacy

      You inspired me to quit my job and join the circus. I’m now a bear who jumps through hoops💛✨🍯

    49. AwfulMusik

      The sims 1 with all of it's expansions is the best sims game ever.

    50. DiamondAppendix

      Why use many word when small word fo same That's basically what Vinny said in his Chrono Trigger stream

    51. Maxwell Mackie


    52. Pagan Plays

      Did i not see ring kevin? wink wink

    53. FleegleThe Beagle

      You look awesome actually

    54. London the cat

      we live in the good universe where Kevin got nerf'd by that car. 😂😂😂

    55. Leah Heartcheck

      My potions!

    56. KatieMin

      all fun and good, but i focussed mostly on that tiny black cat jumping all over the screen, thats the main character in my book

    57. Izzy Wood

      If there is one message to take away from this video, it's that we should all get by car, otherwise we'll go into the drug bussiness

    58. Mariana Ramos

      "I made myself in the sims" IMMEDIATELY KILLS TWO PEOPLE Just regular Kevin, nothing to see here

    59. Jessica Mead

      Gunther ate Kevin’s anti depressants

    60. Vlad

      11:40 Hey look it's footage from Super Seducer 4

    61. en

      I like how you get a promotion at work, and can immediately expand your pool one tile. I wish real life was like this.

    62. Elli_Loves Music

      Brains are incredible caz I didn't notice the missing "hit" 'til they pointed it out

    63. Geut Galai

      "Shake that money maker"? "Throwing away fresh food"? I am having some serious flashbacks...

    64. DrAce

      That was hilarious! Please do more Sims 1 Kevin!! 😂

    65. HeartMemory93

      12:05 I think we need a Bohemian Rhapsody cover.

    66. Mr_Quality97

      Please go back to making real content rather than editing together Twitch highlights. If I wanted to watch the streams, I would.

    67. Tauriel_brisingr

      You may have had a shit life but boy did you have your fair share of flamingos 😂

    68. tirsden

      Today is definitely a day to just go to sleep and forget. In other news, the only version of Sims 1 I played was for the original XBox, and it looks like that version wasn't quite as dumbed-down as Sims 2 and 3 (compared to the PC equivalents).

    69. philiphied

      You have tiny hands. Lol

    70. Fransuski.

      How did you acquire a working copy of the sims collection?

    71. Seiferboy Gaming

      I miss this game! I didn't get to play it enough when I had a computer that actually could play it because my brothers hogged the pc. 😔

    72. バナナ


    73. Liam Hill

      Yo do you actually use a cane? I do too g ahaha 23 y/o

    74. Datboi421 *

      Pools closed

    75. Charlie 4130

      The idea that if Kevin had made it home after Batman V Superman, he would've immediately began cooking meth and killing his neighbours makes me thankful for the timeline we're in. And also makes me scared of whatever Batman V Superman did to Kevin.

    76. Victoria

      Woooow OG Sims! I haven’t seen these in decades

    77. lidlllTTTTT

      Please make this a series

    78. バナナ

      My most vivid memory of playing the sims 1 is children in the dance cages at a party in this bizarre medieval castle

    79. Marta Bartoszewska

      Day 659 of asking Kevin to play God of War 2005

    80. Gabriel Piñeiro García

      Damn Kevins Life would have been so different if he hadnt been hit by a car

    81. Jojogrrness

      An "okay" day for Kevin : Many deaths ✓ Multiple fires ✓ Losing your job ✓ Nobody likes you despite trying ✓ Sounds about right... 👀

    82. Claire M

      These stupid Sims 1 videos are my absolute favorite Kevin videos 💖💀

    83. Nynke Krans

      I have missed Sims music

    84. Katya Sokol

      Oh, thank Kevin get by car in this real🙂

    85. kevin shirley

      "Pizza and screaming"... Thats actually a real thing for people trying to lose weight but love pizza more.

    86. kade

      didnt get by car

    87. lucette5

      “Why use many word when small word do same?” Me to the professor when I get assigned a 10-page paper

    88. Bamaguy_ 56

      I need to see Kevin sing “There once was a ship.”

    89. Meghan Luther

      Kevin looks like a click bait youtuber with the thumbnail

      1. Meghan Luther

        A red arrow make it look clickbait

    90. Skeletty1710

      So, the pool was a death trap all along...

    91. PhatPotato

      I told him drink the potion ‘cause it’s good for’im, and when he drink the potion he got good form

    92. PhatPotato

      I told him drink the potion ‘cause it’s good for’im, and when he drink the potion he got good form

    93. You hate it when I speak the truth

      Kevin: I’ll try remaking my life Also Kevin: you see I would have gone into drugs, stripping, and murder if that car didn’t hit me....

    94. 90's Nerd

      things may have escalated quickly but at least nothing was accelerating quickly (haha get it because the car go when the accelerator is pressed haha get it? do you get it? because he wasn’t hit by a car haha)

    95. Cinnamon Roll

      Kevins sim going crazy after they wouldnt watch his dancing is too fiting considering his past in the sims

    96. Ignacio Vela

      Kevin: "Don't wash your hands!" Kevin 0.5 seconds later: "Shake hands"

    97. Heather _

      Sims 1 was a treasure

    98. Yusef Sharaf

      Didn't get by car

    99. ShadoeLandman

      Gunther was my favorite.

    100. Faceless Ai

      Why you dressing like chuckie tho?