I went back in time to ruin evolution

Call Me Kevin

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    I went back in time to ruin evolution. I wonder what could have been...
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    1. An Empty Sky

      I'm not sure if I am ready for the Bone Age, Kevin.

    2. Michael newin

      The silly belt neurobiologically beam because protest serologically last without a inexpensive budget. sophisticated, crowded estimate

    3. Isaiah Larez

      Guy:I could really use some soup Kevin:off with his head

    4. Konniptionz


    5. D B

      You didn't ruined it you made it better. Human made itself worse.

    6. Bazziness

      I want 2nd part of this game 🌚🌚

    7. Ibrahim Özgür Sucu

      Kevin, you should link to the games site in your description

    8. Maga Land Bros

      the kid he banished came back and he never new

    9. Braiden da_braids_67

      if ive learned anything from this year you should be banished LMFAO

    10. Sam Screwed



      More pls

    12. Svante Rundblad

      0:12 monke mode activated

    13. Lucas Ferreira

      Now I know where the people from Banished come from.

    14. King Plut0

      dqawg play afgain

    15. SoshiPlayZ

      I am trying to buy soup in the cloth store kevin! Imaagine kevin playing 1 hour.

    16. Sir Steven Harvey III

      Reject evolution, Return to monke

    17. SLEWY

      It’s a really chill game after the first hour of stress trying to figure it out recommend it 100% and thanks Kevin for introducing it to me.

    18. AGENT 47

      Please play more of this game

    19. CaptainMustard

      He's literally the cannibals in the forest no kids and only parents and he skull poles

    20. kaizawa mufuyu

      Noo not the dog!!! Well is what happened if Kevin rules the land

    21. T Bone

      Just got this game...

    22. Company loves misery

      "You furry monster!" "I'm not furry, it's all this fat. It makes me look... poofy."

    23. Max Covfefe

      This is exactly how it felt to live in the USA during 2020. I'm having some ptsd flashbacks.

    24. Bronson Carder

      I guess I'm just gonna start giving these thumbs down and not watching. I hate to, cause I love your content, but... Seriously man? I watched this on your other channel. The whole thing. And now you're releasing the highlight reel on your main channel. I mean, you have to realize you're doing this backwards right? I would probably think of it as a cool bonus, if you released the full footage on your other channel a day or two *after* the main channel video. Just kinda seems like you're giving the advantage to your second channel, which... Makes it your main channel, really. lol

    25. cheesey boy

      I love to kill stuff in games

    26. This is My dog Hailey

      15:25 is the funniest part

    27. [ HENROS ]

      “Do you not want to die?!😡😤”-Kevin 2021

    28. Lunnyx Xunna

      "I would like to speak to your leader what is his name?" "Kevin" "Ah yes okay, where is kevin?" The entire tribe responds in unison "hey there, friend, hows it going?"

      1. Alexander Dick

        Hmmmm, hivemind Kevin... a great idea for a new nation in Stellaris! Guess its main tenets.

    29. VITTXRIO

      "Oh oh oh some sort of migration in our culture that is frowned upon." Lmao

    30. Jackson Chen

      5:43 Kevin: "where's this loyalty in my tribe??" Me at the screen: "apes together strong"

    31. Robert Silvers

      The Twilight of Man.

    32. Emma

      "They grow up so fast... Actually, they don't grow up at all" - Call Me Kevin, 2021 Edit: Bore Ragnarok is now Bone Ragnarok.

    33. ankit takle

      7:04 I have started capitalism (Soviet anthem in background).

    34. Nobelium

      Kevin: I started capitalism *plays a very well known communist anthem *

    35. TEAM_ RIBS

      Kevin - I started capitalism Me - pull out my shotgun

    36. Daniel Gaut

      Monke together stronk

    37. SnowyWarrior

      They need a village chief option in Dawn of Man then we could have Jim Picken's ancestor

    38. Aphroditesravens watches

      Hey Kevin, i think you will really enjoy black and white 2 it's like this but you build an empire, you play as a god and get alittle pet to help you rule, you can be a good or bad god and battle other empires. It's an old pc game, very fun. Love your videos I watch every one.

    39. Green Cat


    40. Jamming Cammel

      what game is this

    41. Artykibbles 2190

      I got this after this video and it is fun especially when you wipe out a civilization in spring.

    42. Kristen K.

      What’s the name of this game

    43. Seven Ellen

      If Kevin doomed humanity, he would save the rest of the world.

    44. Michael Webeck

      Star wars

    45. orakekileer

      I’m a happy he realized he called a big ass rhino a boar

    46. TheLunaticIsHere

      the fact that he thinks a woolly rhino is a boar is just hilarious

    47. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 7 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    48. Aaron Ribeiro


    49. too early, man

      god dang it, kevin

    50. Kbro Epic

      Kevin: I have started capitalism Also Kevin: plays soviet anthem

    51. BeauJet

      Disappointed, I wanted a huge bearded Kevin; The world is displeased.

    52. Turboturk

      "I FOUND THE LAST MAMMOTH! AND ITS CHILDREN!" Kevin, that's not how it works.

    53. Tim Woods

      That thumbnail

    54. Exotic Opinions

      Talks about capitalism shows communist flag and plays anthem

    55. mbeuguel


    56. Billy Feral

      Thats pretty much how seattle is

    57. HATECELL

      When you kill many mammoth to make cloak, but then funny corner man give cloak away for animal sticks. Confused unga bunga

    58. Elana Carmine

      Kevins people: killed a dog IRflow: plays humane society ad immediately

    59. Nicholas labonte

      interaction always on call me kevin

    60. Perrenial Millennial

      You are now leaving the Bone Zone.

    61. Drifter Carbon

      It was exciting when Kevin entered the Bone Zone.

    62. Jdnskskmd Ockkdskkckc

      I watch your videos to combat being forced to attend church and that should be taken as a complement.

    63. Yenky

      Kevin you might want to know that you can click on the knowledge tab and there actually is a tech tree xD You had like 40 knowledge at the end which is enough to research a few of the good starting techs

    64. Benis

      new carson just dropped

    65. Ice L

      As someone who goes the Seattle USA several times a year. I approve the the name

    66. qwaL 11

      2:28 Kevin kinds of sounds like jacksepticeye

    67. Avian A.

      Ooga booga button 0:11

    68. Kevin Tenuta

      you should play ANCESTORS: HUMANKIND ODYSSEY it looks miles better than this

    69. Gtfocuzidfc

      Kevin: "Where did it all go wrong?" Also Kevin: "OOGA BOOGA NO CLOTHES BONE TRIBE"

    70. Olivia Bodily

      As an anthropology student, Kevin kinda had the right idea. He had a pretty successful hunter-gatherer society but the game just doesn’t allow a group to move to a different spot once they’ve strained the resources in the area like hunter-gatherer’s do.

    71. Gojirasans 228

      You kinda ruined it already when you were born I'm kidding Kevin you're an amazing addition to the gene pool we're happy to have you

    72. Fatimah Ibrahim

      Loving kevin doing the confused unga bungas 😂

    73. CaptainSnuggles

      I've been playing the shit out of this game, reminds me of a slightly less brutal version of banished

    74. Quantum Mickey

      Alternate title: Trogor And The Lads Go Boning

    75. Jam Monaghan

      I could tell this was a cult when Kevin built a skull totem in the first 1 minute of the video Blood for the blood god 😈😈😵😲

    76. Hannah

      Maybe Kevin is the missing link???

    77. Topaz Swift

      If you press the circle you can unlock eras and ages 😊

    78. Topaz Swift

      Press the sircle button 😀

    79. Topaz Swift


    80. Heather _

      R.I.P Dog

    81. Mythos

      Ah yes, the USSR's greatest achievement, capitalism

    82. Mythos

      Ah yes, the USSR's greatest achievement, capitalism

    83. Dampfwalze

      That sink can come back with a warrant

    84. Master YODA

      A beard really suits you)

    85. Sonny O'Cad

      Man, I wish I had brain fans.

      1. Jam Monaghan

        Me too lmao

    86. Caleb White

      Wooly rhino: Exists Kevin: bOaR

      1. Jam Monaghan

        "Let's kill it to stop boar ragnarok from ever happening" lmao

    87. Senefer

      Kevin: Let's kill the boar. Me: That is a Rhinoceros... Kevin: Hakuna Matata Me: It's a Rhino!!!

    88. Alex Ace

      Age of Empires meets Spore? Terrible.

    89. I AM LUIS X

      In the thumbnail he kinda looks like Huey from The Boys.

    90. Nice Booty YT

      i like this game :)

    91. Yoshibro26


    92. Johan Faas

      And thats how cannibalism was born fokes

      1. Jam Monaghan

        I'm not sure if that's even an option in the game... If it is then that could have saved his tribe lmao

    93. Lawd Shadow

      Frankly it pisses me off that you didn’t make and boar Ragnarok jokes

    94. Willyumv3

      One of the funniest ones to date

    95. albert96

      7:04 something tells me you don't know what capitalim is, but i can't point my finger at it...

    96. Kackpuh

      His food looks like GME-stock.

    97. SecondHandWolf Gaming

      Why does the child look like a toddler on the sims 4 lol

    98. Fresh-ic

      0:51 Me looking in the mirror every morning

    99. VanJiolet

      The rise and fall of kevin civilization

    100. Nero Claudius

      Someone take a screenshot of every popup in this video and mail it to Kevin i would do it myself but uhh... Wait whats that thing behind you?