Among Us but I find the weirdest public lobby ever

Call Me Kevin

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    Among Us but I find the weirdest public lobby ever, it might have to do with the fact that I am in it to be fair.
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    1. Stephanie Garcia

      Wait you can still type?

    2. Unknown shadow

      This is quality entertainment I was laughing the whole time glad Kevin is still uploading among us content

    3. Isharkgaming

      Are we not going to talk about 2:55

    4. Shehrlock

      Subscribed because of Among us videos. Stayed because of Among Us videos.

    5. YH Chen

      Who still remembers pepepopo here?

    6. Kbnz 85

      I love these among us videos haha. I hadn't watched kevin for a few months and I come back and see these and now I'm addicted to playing it too hahah

    7. Beanie Guitar Guy

      1:06 I love the little slap he gives because he can’t finish the animation

    8. Avvie Cunnington

      Day 1,000,000 of asking Kevin to play Croc 🐊🤣

    9. Le Monstapig

      I laughed when he edited his own facecam into the security cameras at 0:58 while saying "lazy, lazy" haha made my day

    10. CL0WN

      Airship , the only map where you can actually get lost ...

    11. Elias Khattab

      What is the song in the background at 2:14

    12. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      I love how in the last round, his Among Us character was yellow just like his hoodie is yellow XD he should do a video where he can only be the color(s) that he's wearing, that'd be interesting!

    13. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      Day 4 of asking Kevin to play Firework Mania (a game about explosives :D)

    14. Elfin Dreamer

      Honestly the best lobby ever

    15. Rena Unnie

      LMAO, the self reports part. "I'm laughed" so much too!

    16. Amity music

      I'm bobby

    17. Amity music


    18. Monika

      The unspoken bond that can be formed on among us is incredible

    19. Satan’s Grandchild

      hi bb

    20. Julián Torres

      5:01 Beatles - Do you want to know a secret?

    21. chris b.

      i’m laugh so hard

    22. eemmzz

      Proof there's two Kevins

    23. Nehal

      Laughed so hard

    24. Harriet Parsons

      Can I just say, it's so impressive that you post videos every day and they're actually great content!

    25. Sara Klassen

      I'm laugh so hard.


      Their the 4 best friends that anyone could have!

    27. X x

      Day 1203 of telling Kevin he sounds like RTgame ;v;

      1. Stephanie Garcia

        I can't hear it they both sound different in my opinion I'm probably going to RT to see

    28. lamar

      Hey its that loud irish guy i think his name was jacksepticeye

    29. Em_the_being

      This is not the way. The reference really caught me off guard. Thank you for making me laugh there.

    30. Mark Chimes

      This is why I don't play public lobbies.

    31. Hufflepuff The Magic Dragon

      Always enjoy confusing randoms on among us

    32. Sipu97

      I can't get enough of Kevin's among us videos, I was addicted to them in the autumn like he to the game.

    33. Narwolf

      Anyone else think Pacifist is most definitely a fellow cult member? I’ve just been scanning the comments waiting for them to tell us it was them.

    34. Kaitlyn Burton

      I was 121 views from being 300k

    35. Inzomniac

      Kevin playing Among us gives me so much serotonin 🥺

    36. Q GoroGasai

      "Call me Addicted" XDDDDD

    37. SwedishTalkingWolf

      A friend doesn't stab you in the back, but a TRUE FRIEND doesn't snitch when you do it to someone else.

    38. Portia Greenacre

      did among us get an update?

    39. Frick Frack

      I like how early in the series there would be a few Ace attorney songs here and there and now the background music is just Ace attorney music from different games

    40. Sanfer Noronha

      3:18 Haha hat...

    41. Julia Perkins

      i laughed so hard. i love the among us cult of imposter videos

    42. Natasha Hibbs

      "This is not the way" Mandalorian music plays. Love it

    43. lilian's boxed chocolates

      kevin mogus

    44. Am2

      0:56 very meta I see you...

    45. Jojo jojo

      the weirdest game i ever played is when i killed someone in the new map and someone saw me do it but instead of reporting they just stood right next to the body with me until another player came up saw us and stood with us as well. Now you think someone would report it but no ANOTHER person came, saw, and stood around it with us as well and we stayed like that for a while until someone ran up and reported it. Needless to say the chat was very confused and dieing with laughter.

    46. FKA

      OBJECTION! love the use of phoenix wright music on the voting rounds

    47. Josh Howard

      Pepepoopoo ?

    48. J-Lo Home-Slice

      Your among us addiction, is so fekin love to play with you some time haha!

    49. andika hilman

      Keviiiiiiin, thanks for making my day

    50. T. H.

      MORE AMONG US!!!

    51. Ellie MJ

      Kevin’s cult-forming abilities are becoming..... God-like

    52. dark_neverland

      Is it breaking the lobby or improving the lobby?

    53. Maria Eduarda

      So now Kevin has a squad

    54. Tree Child


    55. HeartySquid

      This reminds me of the time I joined a lobby with a full potato cult going on...who spammed "SHUN" before banning me because ei wasnt a potato

    56. Melted

      Kevin is a national treasure. Don't tell Nic.

    57. Shadow Wolf

      Don’t worry Kevin I would vote for you

    58. iCryWithMyself

      Im so confused to how ppl can type still

    59. Mystery Dragon

      Hey there, Is it possible that we played among us together earlier (i Said I'd meet U in your comments :)) I'm Mystery (purple with Horns and a Suit)

    60. Kreb the OK

      Day 242 of asking Kevin to watch the amazing bulk

    61. Angel Canez

      It's so hard to say anything on among us now

    62. Akira Heller

      Pacifist and Kevin are the true mvps

    63. Mandy

      Pullleeease Kevin play Harry Potter 2 en finish Harry Potter 1 on the pc - these games defined my childhood and you’re missing out ;-) PS I’m gonna stalk you until you’ll do it. You’ll thank me later, trust me!

    64. Sii Bee

      Did Kevin play with "THE CORPSE HUSBAND" in the first 5 min without knowing?

    65. Tailed

      So people going to skip on the part where at 10:19 you just see the person named Wilko (inspired by the shop) say 'Harry Potter's acquired :muscle::rocket::muscle:' That :muscle::rocket::muscle: would turn up as 💪🚀💪 if anyone's curious.

    66. Stereotypical Guy

      I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. This was stellar!

    67. Nebroc Moss

      It would be awesome for all the people he has made friends with to play a game of among us not just people with the name but the actual people

    68. Muttly

      that blurry zoom-in of the baby is kinda creepy😨...

    69. Meggsie

      Ah... friend... Spanish for traitor.

    70. Cathy Swinton

      Like whispers on the breeze, friendships come and go but we treasure them all the same - be it for a life time, or just a game

    71. Icefox425

      This was hilarious! That self report nonsense really ramped it up to a new level

    72. Mackenzie Desire'

      The self report thing at the end made me more confused than I have ever been and honestly I... I think I missed something, I don't know, I'm so lost man.

    73. SourFree- Lemon

      Day 14 of asking where the Kevo logo is

    74. Bunny

      Kevin is so charismatic, he can even make a cult in Among Us.

    75. Dr Dingo

      Plot twist: pacifist is actually past Kevin.

    76. Kaylyn Brescia

      this is like the careers in the Hunger Games lmaoo

    77. TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81

      Relapse has never been so sweet

    78. Cooch 26

      I miss peepee poopoo 🥺👉👈

    79. amelia !

      the feckin dream team

    80. Rory Blessington

      I love how Kevin not only breaks the game by making a new friend but by making a Gang of Four that day secrets about being imp over the chat at meetings. Classic Kevin!

    81. Martyna Czapiewska

      I’m glad Among Us is back 😁

    82. 「Ari」

      Friendan Fraser?

    83. Hannah Rose

      Kevin, please do “Among Us but I only speak Simlish”

    84. MostLikelyDreaming

      this honestly reminds me of one group i found. we all were just having fun and all claimed to be the imposter all the time. anyone who joined was so confused. it was amazing. if someone from that group sees, vibing says hi!

    85. Caitlin McGuire

      "Everybody hold hands while we walk through the dark, wouldn't want to lose anyone"

    86. Gouri Chavan

      Kevin...Please never stop playing Among Us!!! We really love watching these videos ... :)

    87. Harry Pootis

      "day" 26 of saying hi to call me kevin,

    88. Melissa

      The phoenix wright music is giving me life

    89. Duck_yuckington🦆

      “I won, but at what cost?”

    90. Wiley Stewart

      question: If you are seeing this and play among us on steam, do you also have an issue where despite having an account that has access to free chat, can't use free chat.

    91. xIsabellYayx

      Day 12 of asking Kevin to play Friday Night Funkin’.

    92. Andrea V

      Subscribed, I missed your Among Us videos lol

    93. Swanson

      Kevin makes Among Us genuine fun and not competitive 69683747172947389IQ titles.

    94. 420 69


    95. Draconifors

      It's ironic that Corpse and pacifist were (almost) in the same alliance. :D

    96. M4D L4D

      Is the pokerstar code still redeemable?

    97. Noah Leopold

      That Corpse in the lobby is a definite impostor.

    98. Katharina

      The problem isnt that Kevin is addicted to among us its that i am addicted to his among us videos

    99. Maddie Scott

      Kevin your among us addiction is such a good thing😅

    100. Flanetbot 1914

      I gotta say call me Kevin is the new Jacksepticeye