I tried living my real life in Bitlife

Call Me Kevin

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    I tried living my real life in Bitlife, thank god this isn't canon.
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    1. lettucesQUAD

      Am I the only one who notices that Kevin looks like the Irish flag in Bitlife because of his hair...?

    2. TVockstar Is A Nerd

      He does realise that doing BitLife vids in yt will go viral (most of the time)

    3. Mersadees Geigle

      How do you get bit life on pc I have it on my phone but want on my pc?????

    4. AGamingChannel

      Was worried that I was watching a youtuber who didn't like the parts that I liked but now I know that you do, in fact, like the parts that I like.

    5. Skye deku Espejo

      The rest reason you didn't instantly become famous us cause you can't start a cult in bitlife sadly

    6. Robin Hood

      17:26 I was going to say he looks like an older Bijuu Mike but you do you.

    7. Jam3s St3wart

      6:01 says “I am heterosexual” welp there’s half of his fandoms wattpads now immaculate 😢😢😢

    8. sanctificate

      125 year old Elton John following you...

    9. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    10. Alex Kendrick

      R.I.P, maybe to American because of Joe Biden

    11. Cpt Cockblock

      >See Kevin selects Bisexual >See later in game it was changed to Heterosexual Dreams dashed

    12. Kiara Kloss


    13. dragonsblood366

      What's the penguins name???

    14. Gote

      Kevin ripped

    15. Bigger Chungus

      Kevin will like this comment

    16. JAMUSANT

      so his youtube vids start getting more views when he plays COD? This is not callmekevin its clearly zXNoRegretzzXz

    17. soupysketches

      These comments are terrible why are people so obsessed with someones sexuality yall are fucked up. Who cares if he's straight or bi or whatever its literally nobodies business. Stop being so creepy.

    18. Mr. Salmon

      Bitlife: You have died from cocaine overdose

    19. Reagan Noelle

      0:43 that made me laugh more than it should have

    20. Fox Phire

      HE LOST SUBS AFTER THE POLITIC VID NOT GAINED - this bothered me and no one talked ab it cry

    21. Godren Rams head

      0:29 Guess I can legally stea- uh.. change my name to Kevin O’Reilly then

    22. Kinan Leif

      I thought it said "I try living bitlife in real life"

    23. Mathilde Bruhn

      I can't believe all this time, Kevin was just introducing himself like "Call Me, Kevin" and we never knew

    24. It's Personal

      I think this video was a cry for help

    25. Marty Chisnall

      I like how Kevin “try’s to recreate his real life” and ends up in prison for attempted murder.

    26. Honest GAME station

      If I keep doing that I will be deceased lol

    27. ghost Harville

      Anti septic cream is Jackaboy’s weakness

    28. Zay 3113

      Am I the only one who noticed this " The other prisoners told you they want to use your tear as lube "

    29. Eva Hope

      Just found this channel, really confused why people in the comments want you to be hit by a car but I like the video!

      1. justarandomravenclaw

        He was hit by a car in real life

    30. Light Drizzle

      I'm disappointed comment section. How is there not an account called @lucy600 leaving a nasty comment?

    31. Pato

      "Ok I beg her to stay and she stay with me....now break up with her" probably isn´t the first time someone says this, and not the last

    32. A Mystery

      imagine once kevin hit 10 million subs he just deletes his account

    33. Komic Insanity

      I also hate Jodeld Bimep

    34. eryn g

      only in bitlife: you’re depressed and health is at 0%

    35. SpaceMissile


    36. Anthony J. Crowley

      I was playing Solitaire while watching this.

    37. justarandomravenclaw

      3:21 yes, I just created this account for commenting and I'm actually happy lol

    38. HeadshotCraft

      15:13 "Proving Girls can do it too" Laura Hughes

    39. loyvor

      Man you're lucky to be in this real world and not in bitlife world😂😂

    40. Night Orcid

      9:53 IM DYING

    41. Payson Holt

      Kevin: Im going to live my life in Bit life. Me: Okay. Kevin: * Robs multiple houses.* Me: Uhhhhhh... ._.

    42. A Dude

      what is Kevin using to play bitlife on pc?

    43. Starrynights

      If his name starts with an r, drown it

    44. Carson Knight

      MY BIRTHDAY IS JULY 28th !!!!!

    45. Ever TM

      11:56-12:01 The entire world's reaction to covid by the end of the year?

    46. PhoenixSan

      Athleticism? Well, if you call Baby-Kicking a sport then...yeah, Kevin's quite sporty

    47. Shauna Franklin

      Try living your real life in ai dungeons, it's the funnies thing 😭

    48. OilAuditor

      I love stinky_pinky!

    49. linuxducky

      Kevin’s bisexuality confirmed

    50. RosyKitteh

      The anti septic joke was very well done. I'm subscribed

    51. Bee

      He didn't get dropped as an infant in bitlife....

    52. Karl Arthur Prits

      no car?

    53. Molly Hansen

      I’ve gotta tell you life without you has been hard Hard? Has been bad Bad? Has been rough 14:51

    54. George

      You said the politico video was loved you didn't gain 9 subs you lost 9 subs /:

    55. Dreamywriter

      I love if you pause at 21:11, you can see Kevin asked someone who was leaving aggressive comments to meet him in person, they agreed, and Kevin immediately asked them out. And Kevin just sort of glosses over this and continues the video

    56. Ace Ebe

      Legend says one of those two subs is Nikki from Appnana

    57. Alfonso Mural

      Kevin, make a solitaire video

      1. Alfonso Mural


    58. this channel is hyper super ultra alpha omega gay

      Legend has it kevin hearts all comments making jokes about him getting hit by the car

    59. Don't subscribe

      Got a bitlife add before the video started is this sign?

    60. Goat Chexs

      I keep laughing STOP or else I'm gonna shoot cereal out my nostrils!

    61. HAHAharvey

      5:53 “wow people actually loved that” lost 8 subscribers

    62. Fuck Paying

      His character looks like Frank from f Is for family

    63. HagrosProductions

      1:43 Vegans when they eat a Big Mac

    64. sneaky squid

      10101 means  sounds about right

    65. I am a simple sociopath

      Well Kevin is going to kill his ex’s husband

    66. Khary Deandrade

      kevin is dating tanya bregar???

    67. Jurassic ARK

      5:48 - Everyone disliked that -

    68. Khiondre Hernandez

      All I wanna know is what happened to gypsy

    69. Iris Hargrave

      Solitaire video when

    70. Bamaguy 56

      This literally from 1:00 to 12:10 went from CallMeKevin to literally looking like Jacksepticeye. What are the chances he gets the glasses, beard, and hair. 🤔

    71. Hand Drawn Arthur Morgan

      worrying that at the beginning it cut from the attributes when you reached the "sexuality" tab into the game

    72. Pvz Plush

      Please do more bitlife

    73. CoolCookie

      Oh I like the new end screen!!!

    74. Regina Resendiz Vargas

      There is an alternate Kevin that is a president of some country

    75. mr I didn't

      huh why is kevin making videos he is supposed to be a 90 something years old man with a green hair and a tiktok star it is like i am in another universe

    76. Koert 34

      Day 40 of telling: "Entertain ragnarok"

    77. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 18 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    78. Samantha Heimberg

      Kevin. There's a Twilight Challenge in Bitlife now.

    79. Rytron Gaming

      Why am I a bastard kevin

    80. Jeg Anders

      i want to see solitare now

    81. Kevin G

      The antiseptic cream killed me.

    82. Supergirl9909

      solitaire video please

    83. Greasy hobo91

      Kall me cevin

    84. Ok Xack

      • Too political

    85. ramen curl

      Kevin’s last name is gates

    86. Brandon Wharton

      Are we just going to ignore that he said star wars but had the ship from star trek go across the screen? I love him for this.

    87. Not Kyle

      I got a bitlife ad in the middle of this video and I'm mad about it

    88. Trashy Koneko

      Don’t worry Kevin, I’ve never watched Star Wars either-

    89. TGB

      Yes Kevin can u call me?

    90. No Just

      Wait Kevin’s stepsisters name, Laura Hughes, Oh no... She’s proving girls can do it too...

    91. Jasmine Mitsubachi

      i voted for the same person and look where we are now! here! wow.

    92. Dragoneta Slayer

      You should have joined the Irish Mafia

    93. Alex Ross

      My new username through life is Lucy600.

    94. TUXmint

      Wow i can't believe Kevin agrees with all my political views! Love your political commentary, are you demonetised and shadowbanned yet?

    95. Alisa Hight

      No cap, I’d probably tune in for Solitaire XD

    96. grand inquisitor of the church of tea

      the anti sceptic cream made me wheeze

    97. look at my photo yes, that's for you

      "hey stepsis, what are you doing?" 👀

    98. Beast-Mode Breaks

      Lol you lost 8 subs on that political video

    99. Sharie

      Unrelated but that penguin is super cute...

    100. Call Me Jim

      Day 7