I made the worst stories ever on AI Dungeon

Call Me Kevin

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    I made the worst stories ever on AI Dungeon, I'm sorry to the creators of Stuart Little.
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    1. Too Many Choices

      Do: Laugh at everything he says The AI: You laugh too hard you stop breathing. You wake up subscribed.

    2. Hellborne

      Kevin straight up broke AI designed to break you...

    3. Harvey-Kain

      This is very eerily similar to how my dad initially reacted to AI Dungeon lmfaooo. He ate every enemy he encountered and it got to the point where all the AI said was "Orcs taste like pork."

    4. hehe owl

      Kevin, I'm begging you...MORE!

    5. Tearduxlama5

      “What the hell happened here”

    6. Spirit Warhol


    7. BubblezwithaZ

      So.....is the title "I made the worst stories ever on..." ai dungeon or AL dungeon? xD

    8. soupysketches

      When I used this I got kidnapped by Russian war robots, killed by a Librarian named kinky, and a robot named olivia, woke up in a cave with shrek, ate a sheep that happened to be shreks mortal enemy and is also magic, while shrek told me how he got kidnapped and killed four times, then shrek killed the president and got killed by lethal injection.

    9. Elaqgarah Ulelpon

      A man fell out of the sky and I *kicked him in the jaw* killing him immediately.

    10. Fiskmaster

      24:04 Tarrare, did you eat a fucking baby?

    11. Cameron

      Can we just get videos of Kevin Reading random stories in his "dramatic" voice?? lol This is amazing!

    12. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    13. michael kuster

      I think a better title would be, 'Kevin vs AI: feckery battle'

    14. Ronak Regan

      I don't know if anyone knows who this is, but GoodTimesWithScar's timelapse music is in the background of this video very faintly, at least at 8:10

    15. soupysketches

      I’ve seen this video so many times already it may be my favourite lmao

    16. thais meza

      less than ten minutes and my head already hurts, you'd done it again kevin

    17. Max246764

      How do you play this?

    18. SpydurFang

      I'm pretty sure you've deeply ingrained Stuart Little into the AI, It brought the name out of nowhere when I was going through a dungeon crawl.

    19. Carolin

      The background music is Scar's time lapse music

    20. Mitarth Sgharma

      The only thing i fear is Jim Pickens himself.

    21. Marc Hernández

      I would love to see more AI dungeon, please and thank you.

    22. Blackwolf100 Revolution

      punkman: the punk that ate everything

    23. Vaske 2000

      Why do I hear Scar's time lapse music

    24. Charlie Raven

      Kevin: "i do not like this bionite, i do not like feeling its emotions." Me: lol eat it Kevin: "eat the bionite" Me: oh shit 😂

    25. Knoldpold

      This AI captures the feel of dreaming incredibly well. You're in a situation, something nonsensical happens, you react to it, the setting changes and you forget what previously happened as you react to the new strange situation. You don't even bat an eye, this is normal.

    26. Desi

      I need more of this

    27. Maya Aguilar

      This is basically a dream simulator

    28. UltraBeast 73

      Question for anyone who has played the game, can the A.I. recognize celebrities?


      ... Kevin? Are you into vore? ... Answer me Kevin.

    30. LazyBunnyLyn

      Will someone animate this?

    31. Meetra

      2:55 maple from BOFURI

    32. JulesOnly

      So Stuart Little tastes like Chicken Little?

    33. Rusty Dominico

      Bethesda NPCs in a nutshell

    34. LaserRayzer

      "Wait, it's all Stuart Little?" "Always has been."

    35. Pure Demon

      Best fan fiction ever!

    36. Noneofyour Business

      AI can have fever dreams too.

    37. The Serious Chicken

      This is fucking killing me, why do I always cry from laughter when listening to these?

    38. vladmir putin

      This is exactly how my dreams are.

    39. Stalwart Shinobi

      I have loved this game since watching last vid, you can make your own fanfiction

    40. Elizabeth Warwick

      Dreyfus and Hendrickson If you know what I'm talking about I want to be your friend

    41. Gremán C

      Wow your brother Al got a dungeon

    42. Niklas Neighbor

      you have the SFW thing turned on. make sure to change it from "strict" to "off" if you want the AI to do weird shit.

    43. CL0WN

      Get flashgitz to animate these dayome...

    44. CL0WN


    45. OrnamentalFinch

      Stuart Little

    46. Phoenix

      Please do more AI dungeon!! I love this game, and it's great to see what other people make from the game.

    47. Random Penguins

      His parents working at a chandlery and him turning out to BE the pirate ship is a kinda good joke

    48. Random Penguins

      The AI gets confused if you use 3rd person

    49. RosyKitteh

      Who knew you could get this kind of entertainment from AI Dungeon? I've been using it as a tool for brainstorming by feeding it the paragraphs I have and seeing what it thinks should go next.

    50. Honestly Owain

      Is being killed by his dad in hogwarts. His Dad: What are you doing here? Kevin: I'm looking for food, me hungy.

    51. Timix100

      The music on the backgroung is the same one that grian uses from hermitcraft I wonder what it is

    52. lbg 123

      this is the funniest thing i have watched in so long! please make more

    53. Ol' Dreäddy

      Eat the Jesus.

    54. Will

      I'd watch you play ai dungeon every single day! please give me moar!

    55. XAssassinX . .

      This is no story, This is a vorey! I'll take that oscar now

    56. DuckDragon

      Baddie is wearing a long red sleeved shirt, and black pants. Look at what Kevin is wearing.

    57. hotscottrulz

      Who would’ve guessed that the infamous DJ Kevi is into vore?

    58. rap the wrapper


    59. Carson Lyons

      Please make more of this

    60. Yoyo Pogo

      I'm trying to make a sims 4 dungeon. 1btjBx that is the code. Hopefully I can get the world info coding down and make it more sims 4 like... oh and all hail Pickens. (please don't kill me Pickens.)

    61. Phokingrice

      My friend introduced me to the game last week and now im just addicted to customed story and i cant stop 🤣

    62. SH33P4R3F1UFFYG04T5

      Petition to get these adapted into movies?

    63. ! andy6752 !

      I want to see this animated

    64. Bluejay

      I like the new outro

    65. Anna Miller

      Reminds me of Lewis Carroll's stories

    66. Jinx Bowman

      ...but Kevin is wearing a long red shirt and something around his head that makes his hair stick up. Is the AI saying Kevin is the baddie? 🙃

    67. Zariツ

      He tried to confuse the AI but ended up confusing himself

    68. Joshua Cousineau

      More AI Dungeon, please!

    69. your friendly neighborhood hedgehog

      This is what my dreams are like :)

    70. Christopher Dibbs

      Oh. New outro too... That's gonna take some getting used to...

    71. Smitology

      Wow kevin used Scar's timelapse music

    72. Nic Henry

      How is kevin playing this on PC i thought it was only on Mobile

    73. TrackSuit Slav

      respawn next story

    74. Henry Lechowich

      The video where we discover Kevin is into vore

    75. Cartoon Kelly

      AI Dungeon knows pop culture. You can play Star Trek, Star Wars or other stuff.

    76. Cartoon Kelly

      I think the joke kicked you in the face.

    77. Cartoon Kelly

      Poor Al… I love this stupid shit.

    78. Cartoon Kelly

      I can call you Punkman and Punkman when you can me, call me Al, call me Al

    79. Audrey Stardust

      Stuart Little came back more than purple guy did

    80. James Games

      is it just me or did he say a lot more patrons last video as his last time saying them

    81. nasolem

      21:45 Dad-who-lived

    82. Siggs Yes

      this reminds me of that one time I played that game and it kept bringing back Grug and his werewolf wife that were after Nicholas Cage

    83. Jay Kogler

      can someone animate this thanks

    84. Son Goten

      I think Kevin has a secret obversion with eating Stuart Little.. XD

    85. Noah McClure

      Still not as good as Joel's story of suplex God. *SUPLEX*

    86. Codysir

      Folks, if you're planning on playing AI Dungeon, I highly reccomend you get a subscription of you want to see the game flourish! The Devs have to stream the AI to thousands of users every day, and that is expensive! Even the lowest tier subscription of 4.99 a month would help immensely!

    87. English Ollie

      What is that music playing in the background. I hear it everywhere but I have no idea what it is.

    88. HyouMix !

      Every Ai Dungeon gameplay I've ever played always ended up with "Suddenly...." There is a subreddit about this game that only posts about silly memes and jokes about the AI

    89. Agnus Cavichioli Pereira

      13:10 I FECKING DIED. I laughed so hard every single part of my body spasmed and I almost chocked. Holy shit Kevin.

    90. rosestar1324

      Can I have Kevin read my audiobook

    91. Timothy 1395

      This reads whole thing reads like some terribly written creepy pasta.

    92. Layton Vine

      Punkman has c o n s u m e d the bionite

    93. JhongYT

      Playing AI Dungeon: Other people: "I'm gonna go on an adventure." Kevin: "I'm gonna make a man having a mid-life crisis by eating everything."

    94. The Grey Crusader

      Keep in mind this is all taking place in a cyberpunk world. So they have Hogwarts in a cyberpunk world.

    95. Alexandra Richey

      AI Dusty

    96. hinata167

      "why is there so much eating here!" That moment when you find vore

    97. Stephanie Watkins

      I’ve just seen that Stuart little 3 is available on the ps2 ( *hint hint* )

    98. Stephanie Watkins

      *Why was I cry laughing at this*

    99. ryuzakikun96

      This is kind of the best thing ever

    100. POOTIS Sandvich

      Nobody: punkman: I ate myself into this mess and by God I'll eat my way out of it too.