GTA V Chaos Mod and Twitch chat destroyed my game

Call Me Kevin

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    GTA V Chaos mod but chat is in control, my game is ruined as well as my mental stability.
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    1. Call Me Kevin

      Get your Dollar Shave Club starter set here! #ad

      1. Ashton Garland


      2. RayneMercer

        Not gonna lie.... the butter doesn't taste that great.

      3. Henry Nase

        It is the american dream

      4. Nick


      5. Grace Holbert

        We do dream of that but there's usually also a bald eagle involved

    2. Clara Howard

      i guarantee dollar shave club regrets sponsoring you

      1. Clara Howard

        @void_of_everything yeah the beard is fresh as fuck but its when he said "other areas" ummm I would regret everything

      2. void_of_everything

        Nah, Kevin has a fresh beard.

    3. Krystal McIntosh

      him showing the products triggered my fight or flight response cuz why tf did his arms look so...snakey?

      1. void_of_everything

        You didn't know? He has a rare condition thats impacted his life majority. Its called snake arms.

    4. Skull

      congrats kevin you stop griefer jesus. you earned a medal for that


      Take a shot every time he says god or Jesus

    6. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    7. StarLuminite

      who else thought The same that i do xD at first when you did you see the thumbnail xD

    8. Night Orcid

      18:20 It isn't what I dream of, personally.

    9. Henry Lechowich

      once the yoga started i lost my fucking mind, also yes, all americans dream of killing bigfoot then escaping in our monster trucks, except mine would be hella gay not american painted

    10. Wackybatman202

      Gta 5 but everytime Kevin says Jesus Extreme Griefer Jesus spawns

    11. Navy the chaos gremlin

      7:19 10:37 can we just acknowledge his sub names?

    12. Daniel Querino

      i cried of laughing

    13. Smudger


    14. fishpop

      Has anyone got the source for that remix at 17:30?

    15. fishpop

      Skip to 1:06 if you have no interest in shaving cream.

    16. Burcu the Badass Dursun

      I got addicted too at this point

    17. JUminator

      Kevin and his ROCKetship

    18. StrekozkaPlays

      We need a "Jesus christ!" counter on the screen

    19. Dabro JD

      I tried to laugh quietly but when the yoga instructor got absolutely fucking decked I couldn't stop

    20. lastname firstname

      12:10 excellent wordplay there

    21. A B

      Kevin hates bridges almost as much as pewdiepie

    22. Dark Blade

      This is THE American dream.

    23. Dr.TableSalt


    24. Giancarlo Perez

      I wish I had a paycheck for every time Kevin says Jesus Christ

    25. Crybaby Panda

      A shot everytime Kevin is confused and exclaims "Jesus Christ!"🥃😂

    26. Echolotic

      @11:23 gonna guess chop doesnt like lester? Lol

    27. Derek Pichette

      6:30 Am i the only one to think that the flying toilet really looks like a crashing tardis

    28. Kat Kick

      As an American, I would love to kill Bigfoot and drive away happily in my freedom monster truck 🚚 🤷‍♀️ Who wouldn't??

    29. Dylan Bundren

      Just so you know, they made a New Vegas randomizer.

    30. soybeanmemefish

      Kevin is too good at ads

    31. Yolo slash key yo

      Thanks you for using my mod :)

      1. Yolo slash key yo

        @StrawberryMT I’m am not Joking actually seriously

      2. StrawberryMT

        Lmao cap

    32. RustyRaincoat

      I think Kevin is a bit of a sadist.

    33. the red bearded fox

      Nice thumbnail lol

    34. The Narrator

      The best song for Kevin would be

    35. Dirk Strider

      you should've made a jesus take the wheel joke

    36. RedMo46

      Micheal in the thumbnail though 😂😂

    37. Travis Elledge

      Fabian: "ohhhh Mikel" *Dies*

    38. Travis Elledge

      Yay, another video where it took him 20 minutes to do something: a speed race

    39. Moai Gaming

      Bouncy dog funeral

    40. s.drxke

      Yup I watched this one live what feels ages ago I said Borris was live on twitch too lmfao

    41. s.drxke

      Oh this is the one I watched live I think lmfao

    42. Jonathan Mikowski

      I once met extreme griefer Jesus in vanilla gta 5. He's a drunk christian hobo named Jessie who looks and acts like jesus and hangs out at the pier.

    43. Nightwalker L

      That first moment in with all the spawned cars 💀

    44. Maggie Coonfare

      Dude this makes me fucking wheeze

    45. LongJon

      I bet you watch darkviperau

    46. OmegaDMM

      Yes that is the American Dream!

    47. Rex The Legend

      6:27 as someone who lives in California, can confirm: that is exactly what an earthquake looks like.

    48. Darius Robertson

      Another Kevin Klassic

    49. Max Caligari

      Looks like Trevors d was out in the thumbnail

    50. Blank 42

      Literally how the Rapture would look at 12:06

    51. Yuna

      "I know it was made by Rockstar North. You've shown me 7 times."

    52. Mr. Blah Blah

      Wasn't just made by Rockstar North, All Rockstar studios worked on it.

    53. TheCryptangel

      I can't believe this thumbnail hasn't been removed rotflmfao !!! How could he have missed THAT?!?! OMG that's so funny!! When you see it hit like on this comment and let me know you got it! I don't care if you give it away or not...I'm just dead with laughter! Have a wonderful day y'all! I needed this laugh!! Bahhahahaaaa!

    54. Eugene Sneaky

      I almost died laughing. Thank you very much, you lifted my spirits like a god.

    55. Xuchilbara

      Between massive rocks randomly hitting people, spinning trucks, "natural disasters", people floating up in the air going to God, and Jesus spawning in to purify the world of sinners, I could swear this is the rapture. Still better than all the Left Behind movies though!

    56. Brendon Fish

      What video was *the bridge*?

    57. Red'Raven

      Every OP anime character at the start of the episode: "I killed Jesus"

    58. You Tuberson

      Nobody gonna talk about Micheal's uhm...wardrobe malfunction in the thumbnail? Ð

    59. PTRT


    60. Jared

      Wow, Kevin will do an ad for dollar shave club but not appnana, this is ridiculous!!!!!!!

    61. GrandmaGotMemes

      kevin:*Joins GTA* npc's:aw shit here we go again

    62. Gears265 2.0 Sream Highlights

      @Call Me Kevin hope you know there a chaos mod update.

    63. laur

      i saw the thumbnail and -- just for a split second-- thought this was charlie the unicorn

    64. Rebecca Alers

      I'm a girl and clearly don't have a beard but damn I wish I had just to buy some razors with that promo code

    65. superastroid13

      Who told him the true American dream

    66. KoscheiTheDeathless

      kevin, your thumbnail for this one looks like Micheal has his wang out. just wanted to let you know.

    67. catgaming66

      #16:37 saddest anime deaths

    68. TheRedPandaCat

      The real American dream is killing Bigfoot and driving away in a patriotic monster truck

    69. Walter

      He’s are looked so long during the sponsorship thing showing the items

    70. Big daddy cheese

      I’m crying

    71. mayo gr8 m8

      Did you get this idea from darkviperau

    72. Grace Holbert

      Even the helicopter was not immune to the call of the Beyblade.

    73. Ω Louys Ω

      Great to think my forehead does not have that problem... Still plenty of other areas yes!

    74. Braidan Doucette

      Hate to tell ya kev, but I think you said post shave Jew in your ad hahaha

    75. Molly

      Slightly NSFW thumbnail lmao

    76. Petty Saltblock

      god, the credits rolling when he got in the car is hilarious because if Michael wasn't in there that'd be EXACTLY how it ends

    77. Penguin wango

      Petition for Kevin to get a gotie

    78. Kappa

      3:20 ”Shoutout to my Patreons”

    79. Papa Ethan

      Is this mod for red dead

    80. Katie Bushong

      Among us?

    81. hyrle

      Forget yoga. Y'all need JESUS! And HE ALONE will lead you to the promised land of dead Bigfoots and MONSTER TRUCKS! 'Murica is an Extreme Griefer Jesus nation!

    82. Light mode is Better than dark mode

      Sadly no Jeluos Jimmy 😢

    83. Nick

      *the addiction grows stronger*

    84. Marek209SK

      So... Kevin had a sponsorship where they gave him a pair of good headphones, but he keeps using these plastic... things. Sadge.

    85. Irondragon97

      I wanna write a fan fic between Jim and kevin

    86. Jamie lee Jenkins

      Where do you get the chaos mod?

    87. Yungin Youth

      I though there wasp in the thumbnail but it was a hand

    88. Paul Eichhammer

      I was apart of the live stream so I knew what was coming early on. When Jesus ups up you pick him

    89. Jæ Iwalk

      PP in thumnail 😳😳

    90. Bad Larry

      What the heck was that 😂

    91. John Hancock

      I like the highlights for when I miss the streams

    92. SimsHutch

      I've already seen this video but every time I see the thumbnail, something about Michael makes me double take 👀

    93. Lynn Wilt

      10:44 truck go wheeeeeee

    94. Amber Eccles

      day twenty nine of commenting until kevin plays "tingles rosy rupeeland" (it's a ds game but i downloaded it on my laptop using emulators)

    95. atom

      Was the tumbnail on purpose 🤣🍆

    96. MariEve

      I'm trying to do art as I watch this but omg can't stop laughing at some points

    97. Antony Holshouser

      This legit made me cry from laughter

    98. Kammy Cakes

      Now we need a video of just Kevin saying Jesus

    99. Mutes

      First I come back to RT calling me a bitch and now to Kevin going "mmmmm" its been a weird few months

    100. kian mcdonald

      i wonder what his next addiction will be