I tried Fortnite in 2021 and this happened

Call Me Kevin

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    I tried Fortnite in 2021 and honestly you won't believe what I managed to do
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    1. Call Me Kevin

      Football Kits are now available in Fortnite! Check them out at www.fortnite.com #ad

      1. Deviin Spencer

        Dark side kevin has gone to boooooooooooo

      2. ShobhitMaste

        hi kecin

      3. Jamie Walsingham

        sending lots of love friend

      4. Gizmo

        Kill me

      5. A F

        @Alglilgiasi exactly and what's wrong he is being sponsored and earning money he just earns a living by playing video games sponsors help him Just let him be

    2. rattwat

      kevin reminds me of the one friend at the party who talks a lot to make you feel more comfortable when you're anxious. best kind of person

    3. Tuxedo Alien

      I love how a lot of fortnite haters either: - played the game like crazy and spent A LOT of money to buy cosmetics - still play the game but try to look cool hating on it to avoid bullying - hate on people who still play it. Like, I hated apex from the start because it is not a good game (imo, dont start going mental!), but you won't see me harrassing apex players. Also, fortnite has downgraded a lot since the early seasons with all the sweats and wtf weapons and shit, but its how you choose to play the game that makes it fun (I just hide in a bush and whatch tryhards sweating their dicks off to get an ez win). If you hate the game or dont play it anyomore, ignore the content and fuck off to whatever games you play. -

    4. Raphael GR Galban

      fortnite is a really bad game minecraft rules

      1. Tuxedo Alien

        See, I prefer the opposite because minecraft gives me headaches everytime I played.

    5. Fenix Wulfheart

      I enjoyed how much you enjoyed Fortnite. I also enjoy playing Fortnite, so I can cringe when you are bad at it and yell at the screen about what to do when Past Kevin messed up. Its a win for me if you play more

    6. Jewls Douge

      Kevin, you may not see my comment but, PLEASE PLAY MORE FORTNITE. You have no idea how perfect this content is. Even if you mute your mic, it is so enjoyable to watch u play this mess of a game lol.

    7. NP_Swiftie

      Ah, I remember when this game was good.

    8. yyu

      old fortnite be like "anyone got a mic?" "i do" "alright everyone land fatal" "bet"

    9. paolo salem

      no lie... I would have to mute u if i got in a game wit u... no one tryna hear ur full game commentary😭🤣 at least mute ur own mic my guy🤦🏽‍♀️

    10. Hans Gruber

      Irish Kevin doesn’t even attempt to get the Celtic too in fortnite I feel betrayed

    11. Dio Brando

      Please never make another fortnite video again it's pure cringe

    12. Niklas Neighbor

      Man, the last time I didn’t cringe watching fortnite was season 5 or something...

    13. Steffen Lühn

      Kevin:Me like football Kevins shirt: worst german football club

    14. Steffen Lühn

      The shot Stopper is the last Club in the german football league

    15. Bohemian GroWve

      Hello friend

    16. Disguised Centennial

      8:43 Lmao I like how Kevin’s voice took on that question-like voice streamers do when they start tryharding 😂 he was really going for that gold

    17. Tomato Sauce

      Don’t want to be mean just gonna put it out there Fortnites kinda dieing

      1. Tuxedo Alien

        Compared to other games, hell nah brother!

    18. Robospy1

      Fortnite is not as bad as people say it is. I get it, it was popular and annoying to people who were bad/tired of the game/not interested, but it's pretty fun. Especially since they added skill based matchmaking.

    19. TheproGOAT

      I love how these kids are congratulating a man in his 20s for getting a kill.

    20. Capt beauner

      Please do more this was funny as shit

    21. Shane Grapengeter

      It’s sad it’s come to this

    22. Al-Qaeda gaming

      kevins just a very young boomer

    23. GamerX568

      Hi friend. Best fortnite video I have ever seen.

    24. greeniegringo LRG

      I love the kid who just giggled the entire time

    25. Antriksh Tewari

      "I always call you friends and you never respond.." I always respond it's you who ignores me!!!

    26. BronzeJourney

      8:50 Honestly, only reason why i dont play fortnite is this kind of particular shits. Normally its waaay better than Pubg in every way possible. But this bullshit makes it unplayable, shame.

    27. David Love

      While I do agree Kevin is an amazing person and very funny, I hate Fortnite and everything about them. I have conflicting feelings.

    28. Ultramemegamer

      if you like fishing so much try real vr fishing on the oculus quest 2 :) id watch the entire video

    29. Grace Holbert

      Judging by the genuine laughter the games you join must be so terrifying and so pure 😆

    30. Grace Holbert

      This is the only gameplay of Fortnite I've ever seen and I'm proud of myself

    31. Megaman

      I play fortnite

      1. Heated Hat

        I'm sorry for your loss

    32. you should've come to shiratorizawa

      11:16 "uOooOoOohH gOn" ⭐👁️👄👁️💧

    33. Sofia Madeleine

      kevin’s my favorite fortnite youtuber

    34. Curious Scout

      Are you Irish if so it’s cool that u have 2.6 mil

    35. Ben Driscoll

      Noone: The show when my parents walk in: I got this juice all over me, I feel better.

    36. Ben Driscoll

      I dont think they liked the open-plan house.

    37. violet w

      Hi Kevin this is me responding

    38. Seductive cat

      games made for killing ppl online and mvp: kevin: its all fun and games guys lets have a banana💖💘💖💗💕💗💗💖💖💗 games where you're supposed to be a good person and do things for the world: kevin: hippity hoppity genocide is now my property

    39. Vjotkr

      Hawkinz sounds like a cool kid

    40. SovietCow

      instantly disliked. I cant believe that you are betraying us that bad.

    41. Jalobster Man

      Omg Kevin i will reinstall just to play one game with you ONE plzzz

    42. B0rGg

      11:25 did they bring back the loved 8 damage?

    43. ZenkoChief

      Litreally gets sponsored by fortnite lmao

    44. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 5 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    45. Niyabella

      Being a American is not realizing football wasn’t American football until the second match.

    46. Bloody Nuggets

      “I was hiding in a children’s bedroom,” Kevin

    47. Eatinggamer 39

      I seriously wanna play that game again, I genuinely really liked it back in the day, it's been like 3 seasons

    48. Maus In Da Haus

      I’m your friend Kevin 😈

    49. Yellow bananago

      I'd love more Fortnite!

    50. Jack Attack

      Camping in the 90s, apples drugs and fishing supplies

    51. Nazael Rahl

      Me: Only thing that would make me try this clusterfuck would be playing as Mandalorian. Kevin: FOOTBALL!

    52. Snowy Ginger Ale

      That's it unsubbed.

    53. Gray Atreides

      If you want to put on a football jersey and go fishing...FORTNITE is the game for you!

    54. Ye Ye

      Theyre trying so hard to revive the hype hahahaha

    55. Luke Mads

      So he wears the football kits, what's this soccer thing he says?

    56. danny duty


    57. Barbra Smith

      I just imagine Kevin going in a bus and shouts “HOW DO YOU THANK THE BUS DRIVER” and people just looking at him like 👁👄👁

    58. WhatTheFridge 1o1

      I ligitmatley can't tell who's a girl and who's a little kid

    59. SuperCoolGamerBoy11

      Kevin is what people were like back in the day like “ 6th that’s not bad! “ where now if we get 2nd my teammates start getting mad and I’m like it’s just a game

    60. Dexplizit Gaming

      You spelt happened wrong in the thumbnail :P

    61. Caleb Caleb

      It’s so adorable how excited Kevin gets when he kills someone

    62. R3fug33

      Fortnite? More like Bore Ragnarok.

    63. Criceto

      Notice how this has significantly less views than most of his other videos

    64. Koert 34

      Day 27 of telling kevin: "entertain ragnarok"

    65. Enzo Capone

      6:56: Kevin, I respond, and I bet everyone else here responds too.

    66. Happy MacTrambolho

      Hi Kevin

    67. mr loco

      How could you

    68. Haven Downey

      Kevin literally went into the "12 y/o gamer" voice. The "okay i hit em" just in that tone...it was hilarious and hope people kniw what im talking about.

    69. CloudyJLS

      “The man’s a architect” 😂😂

    70. Yass_Blox

      5:18 click b

    71. Flopfist

      I dont even play fortnite I just watched because I love kevin

    72. blitz Tv.

      Why would you ever do this

    73. Variable

      among us?

    74. Bluecy

      The logo on the second skin (the blue one) is the logo from Schalke 04, a football team from Gelsenkirchen in Germany. I live there 😁

    75. ForemostCrab7

      Kevin acts like BadPieXx sounds, and we love him for it.

    76. Sunnex

      7:59 Back in my day we actually had to go into our inventory to drop stuff

    77. Sunnex

      Hi Kevin, I’m here, i want to talk to you

    78. Matthias

      Well done Kevin!

    79. Otterpop 852

      “Always call you friends, but you never respond” I felt that in my soul

    80. Ford F-150

      Why does he look so buff

    81. Bunchberry

      The first four minutes was just Kevin babysitting

    82. Rajesh Danesh Mumbai Punjabi

      i would actually love more of this

    83. Justin Ricardo

      No matter how many sponsors they give out they’re game isn’t gonna come back from the dead

    84. James Glavin

      I think Hawkins 89 was hitting on you ngl- she was even laughing at the rare unfunny Kevin joke

    85. jamsterking1

      0:33 Yes I think that is likely damaging your hearing Kevin, I cringe every time you do this, please stop as Tinnitus is currently a permanent condition and has no cure. All the best, please look after your ears.

    86. Ghost The Gamer 27

      Ill teach you how to git better at fort

    87. Dylan French

      I unironically wouldn't mind seeing Kevin play this again.

    88. Ghost The Gamer 27

      I respond and ill friend u on fortnite buddy

    89. Ghost The Gamer 27

      This happend he got demonitized for playing garbage

    90. Kayla Otis

      Kevin is so wholesome congratulating everyone and giving them praise 😂🥺

    91. Alyssa

      I love how kevin says hes not a good gamer anymore and im here like 10 times worse lmfao

    92. Ⱥ

      First fortnite video I watch in a couple of years

    93. Big Uncle fluffy

      I used to like fortnite and haven’t played it in 3 seasons and you literally made me download it and play it

    94. Mike Peskar-Murphy

      So should we tell him that there’s bots?

    95. Zappy 1123

      Kevin: I call you guy's friends but you never respond The comments: :( sadness

    96. HugeEggman

      Einfach Schalke broo haha .....a win with a s04 jersey...unreal 😅😂

    97. Cody Erickson

      Sad 😔

    98. Passive Aggressive

      The guy who interrupted Kevin's fishing must have been like "Why do I hear at Doom's gate" all of a sudden?

    99. Jenny Frazier

      kevin i do respond

    100. ecchymose the backstabbed angel

      When I see Kevin that much happy, it allways make me super happy !