The Sims 4 Paranormal pack was a bad idea

Call Me Kevin

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    Sims 4 Paranormal Stuff was a bad idea, all the people I killed can now come back to get me
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    1. Helen Henry

      Wonder where the Sims woulda been if it were urp taking center stage instead of jim

    2. Helen Henry

      Does anybody remember urp, 105 episodes nd kevin dont use him anymore...jims the star now

    3. Morgue Original Music

      Way too many ads

    4. aminated

      Why were you Fred and not Shaggy? I'm disappointed

    5. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    6. ITS YA BOI

      Awe Jeb😭I found him and my game and married him because his bag was adorable. Seeing his ghost is sad lol

    7. PKMN Trainer Devention

      Wouldn't Jim have a strong connection to ghosts because he WAS a ghost for a while?

    8. Hey Kaye

      Fred says FECK

    9. SaTuRoChAn

      Kevin his video titel, "it was a bad idea" means for us watching yay gonna be fun :D

    10. Alexis

      I want to see more of course❤️

    11. Yudha Dwi Prabowo

      You need to add Emily from onlyabidoang, she will be the perfect girl for Jim Pickens

    12. DarkStare TDM

      Oh jim ♡ hahah

    13. Mail Man

      i hope you enjoyed your mail

    14. champion3433


    15. Sabastian Quintana-Ritter

      0:04 :it’s even worse that there’s snow

    16. Blane W.

      try puching a pregnant person's guts.

    17. Jacob Hanshew

      5:40 great angle there Kev

    18. Stephanie Thompson

      Yes of course more.

    19. Constance Strawn


    20. Karasene 13

      I wish Kevin would get back into the Sims as much as he used to. Now it's GTA. I'm sure he gets tired of Sims since he's been playing for years. I like the other stuff too, and I know it's not a 1 specific game channel. But why Sims so rarely?

    21. Abnormal Experience

      WOO HOO PICKENS OUR LORD RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    22. alex Barbosa

      I've only seen the intro so far, but I'm leaving a like just for that.

    23. Modern Zombie

      Bonezone for turg turg.

    24. Dodo1169

      13:20 #ghastlypickuplines

    25. Garrett Green

      I miss Mole.

    26. ShadoeLandman

      More, please

    27. LouiePlays

      jim scared well that must be a fake

    28. LouiePlays


    29. LouiePlays

      0:00 0:01 0:02 0:03 0:04 0:05

    30. Sepia Smith

      "here's one I made earlier!" (places down a bunch of urns) classic Kevin. I mean Jim. obviously.. JDHDGS LMFAO Turg just immediately begins a romance with the animated skeleton I miss Jim's marriage with the knockoff grim reaper

    31. Clayton Barton

      Can we please get more Fallout 76 with Jim Pickens, the live chat in f76 and gta is great content

    32. Debra Ingram

      My 2 year old nephew heard the scooby doo theme song played from my phone and started to sing it in broken baby English

    33. momo

      kevin has a very unique sense of humor that genuinely makes me laugh, and its unlike any other youtuber's ive come across so far. it's so refreshing. :')

    34. phamser1

      Almost missed this since it wasn't in you Jim Pickens playlist. 😅 always need watch play differnt players to enjoy the game again. :)

    35. -Gemberkoekje-

      More sims!!!

    36. Jay Stewart

      I am a ghost. #freespirit

    37. Marieke Nicolaij

      Please make Bonehilda in Tomidachi (or how do you spell it) I miss you playing that game so much

    38. KilljoyAlienGirl483

      This episode was great! I was laughing all the time, I wonder if Kevin will take the paranormal stuff into the gated community

    39. Danielle

      Was that angry ghost’s name supposed to read “Feel excited”? 🤔

    40. GAnime88

      I wonder if it were possible to summon the ghost of URP and the santas.

    41. Just Jojo

      Please play more sims for the love of all of us. We’re begging you

    42. 573ant

      i just watch all the sims videos in the past 3-4 days and i feel i should turn my self in

    43. DuvDea Castelen

      Somehow Kevin is a sims IRflowr now

    44. Ronald McDonald


    45. Jeffrey Ewald

      I have a idea for a video jim pickens joins the ira

    46. Jordan Lock

      Bring back Grim

    47. Jeenie

      I love Kevin's editing style. It makes the video more chaotic and funny.

    48. Aime Mangone

      Idk if I can listen to Kevin’s videos while I work anymore. When writing a document for the office instead on Tuesday and Thursday I wrote Tuesday and TURGsday. Didn’t realize until I submitted it. Thursday at the office will never be the same.

    49. Cloudie Lucy

      shes got her mind on the fish again doesnt she

    50. Brooke Briggs


    51. Roxy Alberto

      I still prefer Default and Turg together than Bonehilda 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. Teemu Huuskonen

      I'm wondering if Turg is going to bone Hilda...

    53. Courtney Jayne

      Lmaoooo Johnny Depp as one of the villains bye😂😭

    54. DiscordiasReturn

      the Sims 1 was a timeless masterpiece, but during this quarantine i have this insane urge to play sims castaway on ps2 again but i cant find it in the attic. Maybe i need to become a medium and summon it. Btw does anyone remember urbz or was it just a fever dream?

    55. demetrius casper

      I like the reference to until dawn "or resorted to cannibalism"

    56. Jeppe Aarskov

      i wonder what happened with the whole gated community thing

    57. WereWolf 39

      What about making an animal shelter to sell everyone really weird animals or an orphanage to spread awful kids to the whole wide world

    58. Juan cruz Periolo

      What happened to the "Kevo" in the thumbnail

    59. M G

      ah yes the gated community kevin spent hours building live on twitch and then never used. good times.

    60. Lucy H. G.

      Jim gives me Rick Sanchez vibes

    61. January Frano

      Also Kevin love you need to have the lot be a haunted house or you wont get the ghosts.

    62. January Frano

      YOU DOWNLOADED TAZ'S HOUSE!!! She is a streamer

    63. Pathicore

      the hitman video with the start of this one XD

    64. Marah Tarawneh

      What an interesting turg of events

    65. Monsieur Bacteria

      Jim is back

    66. Karrtar-KRAFT

      Tunnel snakes rule!

    67. Carnivorous Turtle

      Anyone know what the cheat is to spawn Guidry? He isn't coming on his own and I still have a haunted house, a medium 5 level and nothing

    68. Nightwalker L

      I really really need a way to get this world file to explore with my own sims somehow so I can stumble upon all the weird shit in it like the cursed mountain peak toilet and its guards 😂

    69. Riley AtLee

      Keep up the good content

    70. Sid Hackney

      "I think I'm bothering the dead..."

    71. DataX 76


    72. Tiffany Huddleston

      you just have to join the paranormal branch of the freelancer career but you have to get the license through the rewards store first.

    73. Heather Richmond-Holder

      I don’t ever NOT want more Sims 4 and Jim. Kevin please.

    74. Jonny Boy

      I never knew that a "oooaaahhh" sound would make me happy

    75. AshleyAdam16

      Yayy you are a Courage The Cowardly Dog fan

    76. Three Arm Sally

      Ngl when Jim went to get the mail, I was half expecting to hear the Nikki from Appnana email.

    77. AshleyAdam16

      Scooby Dooby Doo😂

    78. TikiMillie

      I dont think theres any other sim as iconic as Jim Pickens at this point Maybe Bella Goth but thats about it

    79. VITTXRIO

      Jim's Gated Community A fancy way to say Gulag

    80. dogTHE BOSSDOG

      The only pack specifically made for OUR DEAR LEADER Jim pickens

    81. Fenelle Edwards

      More pleassseee

    82. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 10 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    83. Devilproking

      Man i missed the sims 4 content

    84. TheWestcoastDAVEY

      So much more for the love of god

    85. Guff Gaming

      Jim Pickens brought back his childhood freind aka bonehilda

    86. Debz Baumaus


    87. Anonymous Unicorns

      Do you have a mod that allows your sims to ask each other on dates autonomously? If so, please tell me what mod! I tried slice of life and it didnt work

    88. edrew 99

      I’d ship Turg and Bonehilda

    89. Mish


    90. Emmi

      More sims please!! Maybe another episode of sims 3 or the Urbz?

    91. Amy Sanders

      I saw Lil Simsie do the Ghost Hunter career, it's in the freelance career section, but I think you need max (level 5) seance skill

    92. Charlene Lewis

      Can’t tell you how happy I was to see this video. Jim Pickens got me through lockdown the first time. Thanks Kevin.

    93. Pink Panzerfaust

      "I can't fit a double bed anywhere, but I could buy a dumpster." - A thought that crossed my mind more than once. :D

    94. Ashes B

      *Show me your treasures, potato!* Just when you thought he couldn't get any more Irish.

    95. Melody Reaper Rose

      5:59 Trust no one, not even yourself

    96. adropintheocean

      did turg get plastic surgery?

    97. FilthTribeFTP

      Tear tray? I just thought Turg was crying out pancake mix.

    98. 666PinkDeath666


    99. six likesgore

      poor jeb - at least jim probably gave him a sense of relief from his shameful family actions lmao

    100. xlSw1ftBlad3lx

      By bad Kevin means good