I became god in Bitlife and here is what happened

Call Me Kevin

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    I became god in Bitlife and here is what happened, many tragedies.
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    1. James Samborek

      Roundhouse kick someone in the neck, it’s damaging

    2. Ringo Ferrer

      I'm a Catholic and I don't know what to feel

    3. Collin Wood

      "and im depressed, Take that canadians" hurted me in da heart by my fav youtuber

    4. Nancy Love

      shorturl.ca/kisslovehufu9 Siamo costretti a partire dal fatto che il vettore base di sviluppo, nella sua visione classica, consente l'introduzione della tempestiva esecuzione del super task. Il significato di questi problemi e cosi ovvio che la comprensione dell'essenza delle tecnologie di risparmio delle risorse presuppone modi indipendenti di realizzare il progresso della comunita professionale. Conclusoes banais, mas irrefutaveis, assim como os acionistas das maiores empresas nos chamam para novas conquistas, que, por sua vez, devem ser descritas com o maximo de detalhes possivel. Mas, ao tentar substituir a manufatura tradicional, a nanotecnologia pode ser chamada a responder.

    5. Zander Ganancial

      i borned from 2013

    6. Elliott Blackburn

      Why did you put doom music when the religiousness was at 0%, he is the most hardcore Christian of them all,

    7. Charmayne Ivy

      Try martial arts and double roundhouse kick to the throat can one hit poeple

    8. mq

      study Tawheed

    9. Skyler Rathbun

      You didn't teach me anything- I already knew how to pronounce Saoirse-

    10. Dinodogst

      1:56 10 years: she tasted like tequila, thats irland alright

    11. Fereiro 1410 (Ferreiro1410)

      After learning what karma is i learned that I'm going straight to hell Thanks Kevin

    12. Bloody Demise

      I have bit life but have more fun watching Kevin play it then playing it myself

    13. spektrumwest

      im from canada and now im sad

    14. Eric Gutjahr

      As a Canadian,.... I agree

    15. I am Mazki

      As a canadian I'm sorry kevin

    16. Henry Of Skalitz

      Wait....she married Grognak the destroyer ? Isn't that a nickname for the reluctant dimensiom hopper scp?...damn.......05 are lacking rexently

    17. Fat Fat

      Funfact: when you rumble someone to always kill them Right Hook their skull

    18. DVOYD

      I love how Kevin makes Glashnok Smith look like Dutch from RDR2 then says "he looks like someone who would be robbing a train in the 1890s"... or wait was that the joke-

    19. Menancing Doge

      idk man, Grognak The Destroyer sounds like a fucking Asgardian

    20. Spit Broth

      'We'll put his craziness up to 100 and maybe he'll do something wacky and Die'

    21. Reid ._.

      canada is cursed 😏

    22. Malachai Boyle

      if your constantly fighting, take jui jistu lessons, and if you perform one of the learnt moves in a fight, the other person can die from their injuries, it's very helpful when trying to earn respect in prison.

    23. Antoni


    24. J’zargo

      Kevin looks great in his sweater

    25. Paul Stephens

      Did you know one of the ways you can be born in this is actually by immaculate conception. It’s happened to me before.

    26. Kenan Von Kaiser

      Kevin May Be Escaping His Among Us Addiction But I Feel Like His Bitlife Addiction Is Kicking In Now!

    27. Kinky Slinky

      I can’t believe I’ve been watching Kevin for years and I’m just now learning that fandom has all of his life tips I’ve been wanting that for so long 🙃

    28. Captain MacMelon

      "I live in canada now Aaaaand im depressed." Sounds about right

    29. Latisha Crosland


    30. Just A Kiwi

      9:50 he wouldnt happen to have a plan ey?

    31. Pwnr_ Dog

      *Sits back and eats maple syrup*

    32. KermyX

      9:18 it took me a solid 30 seconds to stop laughing

    33. KermyX

      “Oh! The lord answered my prayers, my dad’s dead!” -Kevin, 2020

    34. Miss_Perfection

      If Kevin ever stopped IRflow I’d be so upset

    35. Uummpp Hiii

      How is he playing this

    36. DragonTurtleMax

      Man, I love living in The Big Apple, it’s my favorite country

    37. David Skinner


    38. John Wick

      The kill option 😔

    39. Thiccolas Beaterson

      Kevin’s out here looking like he’s bouta unveil the next iPhone any minute

    40. Mark Berry

      As the great Ian Malcolm said, “Life finds a way”

    41. mike voukelatos


    42. Gertrude Acquaye


    43. Jill Lippidippy

      Alternative title: I play Lucius in Bitlife and everyone else is killing me

    44. Sean Handy


    45. Kiernan Godin

      It’s not Canada that depressed the lord, Ireland was the one who gave him 0 happiness

    46. Lily Blue

      Luck is all you need 🤣

    47. Nacho B


    48. Raphael Warnock


    49. Raphael Warnock


    50. Raphael Warnock


    51. epic game player

      When you realize age 21 is the drinking age 🤔

    52. Nickolay Semenov

      Oliver Lord... I guess Oliver Queen married Maxwell Lord and take his surname.

    53. shunter 0

      10:42 oh no.... Turg is now a principal

    54. andre sorbara


    55. alex !!

      kevin wear turtlenecks more petition

      1. Reagan Noelle

        pls 😞

    56. Eva Maria Mesas Salas


    57. darthpuds

      “Rebel Devil” got me 🤣🤣

    58. Toca chicken

      Who else is starving, but isn’t allowed to be up so you can’t go get food? 😩🥔🫒🥞🍟🍕🥪🍔

    59. Omar Sammakia


    60. alejandra chavez


    61. The_Alpha_Cheese

      Bring back idle breakout kevin! I need my fix!

    62. General Grievous

      3:11 when there hasn't been a riot in a month

    63. Gas Mask Man/Discord Dude


    64. m4lly

      Funny Kevin haahha👾 Thx for the like most I’ve got

    65. Piotr Zientek


    66. Markus Bello


    67. Eva Maria Mesas Salas


    68. Hdhd Hdhd

      “You could make religion out of this.” -Bill Wurtz

    69. Chris Kennedy

      Are you from cork kevin? Up the county

    70. pirkely wombat

      I think you have red eyes because of pink eye but I dunno

    71. TheGoddessSwordGamer

      I want to see the next bit life video as him trying to join the mafia.

    72. Ace Krei

      When u used the voice changer..exactly like Kylo ren

    73. Justin

      “Why are you all testing for drugs?” -Kevin

    74. Softwing

      I'm Canadian TvT

    75. SareBear

      I wonder how many of Kevin's Bitlife experiments have worked as porn set janitors.

    76. josh Ryan

      I love bitlife!!

    77. Coolboy 202o9

      The lord addicted to cocain wow...

    78. Beth

      Tbf the idiots are the happiest people I know

    79. UnknownEntity


    80. Zemekia Pearson


    81. quentin malassan


    82. Vally

      lol I noticed his horoscope is Leo. makes sense

    83. Twilight Sporkle

      1:53 I learned that from Song of the Sea, I'm a true Irish lad

    84. Dog Getting Haircut

      God dammit Kevin not with the turtle neck

    85. KandiiKaneLoverr


    86. Oliver Gallagher

      The jazzy preface fourthly itch because pencil substantially interrupt given a elderly anatomy. old, shrill buffer

    87. Artemis Century

      lol i'm canadein (sorry for my spelling)

    88. Mohamad Ijak


    89. Levi Goodwin

      Damn my man moved to Canada and immediately got depressed welcome i guess🤣

    90. Raider Royale GANG

      I feel like god is looking at keven like wha t did he say?

    91. Eliza Koeyvoets

      Im a famous basketballer and got 50mil

    92. DrHojo123

      It's because you kept bring their Karma to 0 for the others.

    93. ThatOneGuyInTheCorner

      no one: kevin at a funeral: hahahahahahaha

    94. modddy00


    95. Nicalee Delilah

      There was an add for BitLife before this game

    96. brad harger


    97. look at my photo yes, that's for you

      The Reject is the "living" proof that the more stupid and carefree you are the longer you live

    98. Natalie Kate

      Me and The Lord have the same birthday 😌✨

    99. Destiny Nightstar

      You should've named your son Mammon, Mammon is the devil's son

    100. H Ornstein

      "his concern is huge" still not as big as the dildo probably