Using my -500 IQ on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Call Me Kevin

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    Using my -500 IQ on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, needless to say it was embarrassing
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    1. dalton nunya biz

      It was talifornia

    2. Sam Hughes

      6:32 Oh my god I shouldn't laugh

    3. LazyBunnyLyn its kevin binging time

    4. Rebecca Baughman

      Kevin really did think Pearl Harbor was on the west coast, huh.

    5. Haydin The Cowardly

      I cant believe Kevin forgot about Tipperary

    6. MrWhatdafuBOOM

      4:23 *MEMORIES*

    7. MrWhatdafuBOOM

      0:56 "They can't put Ireland in the UK?" *"nO tHeY cAn'T!"*

    8. Rexmas9000

      I love how Kevin is just able to hide Abel's body from God, like imagine the big balls you have to have to tell fucking God "Am I my brother's keeper?" after murdering the son of a bitch for having dope sacrifices , like you are all powerful and shit but I hid this fucker's body so well.. What a boomer

    9. Asian Child

      Any other Kevin's in Tennessee?

    10. Lethal_Spoon

      What do you mean you never bring up Tennessee?

    11. Legendary Rabbit

      no one: me literally all the time: 3:41

    12. Stephen Sheldrake

      this is hilarious XD

    13. TheDime99

      I have watched Kevin for years now, and of course I love rewatching is walking dead videos but this might be my favorite video of his, the whole Tennessee part and when he really wanted to win and his mini fit. I swear I've watched this video like 20 times already

    14. Annabelle Denton

      I just like the music from Stardew Valley playing over while Kevin has a mental break down :) !!!!!!

    15. Jordan

      Kevin: What is the other T state? Me, an American: Tennessee Kevin: Like, name a county in Ireland that states with T! Me, an American: *County Tyrone* (For context, my ancestors were from Donaghmore, so I am quite aware of County Tyrone existing)

    16. Lucas Valentim

      8:49 Who Wants To Be A Millionaire with your host Chris Hansen

    17. Dustin Malpass

      19:11 I knew that but only from a vague memory

    18. nicole perrone

      manga and harry potter!!! I wanna play

    19. Oscar Hult

      10:36 The stereotype probably comes from the way Shane McGowan's teeth looked like...

    20. Mark Murphy

      Tipperary, Kevin. Tipperary

    21. Bruno Fernandez

      Mistery state

    22. megaman455


    23. Eimhin Lynch

      Can't believe they didn't get Jeremy Clarkson. 0/10

    24. Christine Grassi

      “How do I become a millionaire if I keep getting Sabotaged?” Welcome to the cruel world of capitalism

    25. Concealed Hades

      19:21 cheat

    26. Concealed Hades

      Tennesaw that one coming. Greatest pun eva

    27. Jonah Ray

      As someone who lives in Tennessee, I can personally say that Kevin was correct in saying that there was someone from the "mystery state" screaming at the screen lmao

    28. Marcus Beganovic


    29. Jackson Slifka

      Kevin buddy, buckaroo,sport,sun,youngster where do you think all are serial killers come from? Texas Kevin

    30. Conan Lloyd

      For the County Tyrone

    31. D Ryman

      “Running down the pitch?” Tisk tisk

    32. Elaina Rooney

      why does kevin know more about the us presidents than i do?!?!? i’m from the us??? what is this wizardry???

    33. Fuzzy Face

      VR Enabled is just a default setting in config files for most Unity engine games. :D

    34. Kermit

      5:05 people from Tipperary are screaming rn

    35. Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

      Why do you know so much about Yankee Doodle presidents then?

    36. Chicken in yeezes


    37. d l4Y

      My name is *Mostly Negative* I feel personally attacked.

    38. GeneSeize Seize

      "And her age is the funny number" -CallMeKevin

    39. Vujnovic634

      Why are you Americans getting triggered for? Because an European that doesn't know all the possible states in America? Why would he, or anyone else that doesn't live in America for that matter

    40. Alex Sturrock

      So, according to Google Translate, the Italian crowd said,"Ha happens camminato con zero euro." Interesting.

    41. Jack Henderson

      Why is everyone more bothered he couldn't think of two states beginning with the letter T Than a 9/11 joke that Margret made

    42. Demon Badger

      “My wife?no she’d just get angry at me.”

    43. TTL_ DarkRythm

      I believe Margaret is the leader of Al-Qaeda

    44. Helloguy 75

      It's a shame Pablo got the chair

    45. Gamertames

      County Tyrone, Kevi

    46. Liam Cousins

      Tipperary is a county

    47. Mason No Thumbs

      Kevin you’re the only 10 we see

    48. Schrödinger

      “And boom!” Oh my god, lmfao! Kevin’s reaction too hahah.

    49. Martina Omeara

      Tipperary is in Ireland and I'm afended

    50. 1 2

      kevin... you're not smart are you?..

    51. 1 2

      >10:42 >looks at Kevin's teeth >he doesn't realize the stereotype applies to him. mfw

    52. Rachel Rizzo

      Viva Italia, bravo 👏🏻 lmfao

    53. Jaggle Jiggle

      Love the slight jabs at the UK. I wasn't ready for your British teeth and normal people joke though, Sir Kevin.

    54. FlamingFox

      Kevin looks like he's gonna come to my school and tell me why weed isn't what cool kids do

    55. That Gamer

      I’m mad because I live in Tennessee

    56. Shooawn

      Me when Kevin doesn’t remember that Tennessee exists: *laughs* Also me when he says Tijuana is the capital of Mexico: *angry Mexican noises*


      im italian lmao

    58. Lass Aly

      I love these games where he interacts with random people, they're hilarious! Kevin is like marmite

    59. Zana Colx

      666k views, noice

    60. The Seed of Life

      Torth Carolina 😂😂😂

    61. luke Bailey

      You never got the Harry Potter pack..

    62. luke Bailey

      People just google the answers which is why there is nobody on multiplayer.

    63. Dead Engineer


    64. Stormfox

      "Name an Irish county that starts with T" Tyrone! (no I didn't look that up, I play Europa Universalis IV too often).

    65. Jon-Jon Crawford

      Welcome to the great state of Talifornia!

    66. Palaneet Leivät


    67. Lloyd


    68. Jacob Armstrong

      I live in Utah.. 😂😂😭

    69. C0rRupt3D

      I cannot believe he forgot my home state D:

    70. Zech Bower

      What year where the twin towers attacked Correct Boom Holy shit Margaret i know your old but you have to know not to say boom after a 9/11 question

    71. Shauna Franklin

      Not Kevin forgetting Tipperary and Tyrone

    72. GingerNinja2288

      no irish counties with the letter t

    73. Rex Rules

      kevin: nobody cares about Utah. me: angry skier noises! world war two American soldiers: ANGRY DEATH NOISES. edit: the American soldier part was because Utah was the most deadly beach head on D-day. and the only one Americans attacked.

    74. The Posh Ninja

      Oh god the one frame of the old man from “Up” got me for sure XD 8:20

    75. Chandler Gloyd

      “Tijuana i think” “i just wanna go into the other mode anyways” sure kevin 🍇

    76. Micro_ Doughnut

      Babe Ruth!!

    77. Kali Bee

      Margareth looks like a 80 year old not 69 xD

    78. Dark Blade

      listening to kevin massacre the pronunciation of Gioca really boosted my confidence

    79. Fuck Paying

      I live in Tennessee and after you said Texas my brain went blank and I couldn't think of It either

    80. naughtykid000

      the bad teeth thing is from the tea drinking thing

    81. naughtykid000

      "British people have just as good teeth as normal people" I'm not sure if this is a compliment or an insult

    82. Svinja

      This is heaps better than that fossil monopoly game that used to yell at you and then kick you off if you took too long to start a new game

    83. Robert Wilkinson

      Your from cork I have been there before it's a lovely city

    84. Robert Wilkinson

      I see where the dentist stereotype comes from in my case my teeth a really bad and I live in Northern Ireland

    85. Marcus Danchision

      The wide-eyed surgeon differently analyse because beard originally fasten as a periodic bottle. abrasive, adaptable trumpet

    86. Marcus Danchision

      The cautious cry interstingly tickle because passenger perioperaively mourn next a material uganda. reflective, proud cormorant

    87. Mitrajit Chandra Chandra 80


    88. TNightwing 1202

      Nice stardew music

    89. Coldn00dles

      The Tennesseans and the Utahans: 🥲

    90. Greetings Chaps

      Me screaming Tennessee

    91. red_shamus

      Twest Virginia

    92. Blake Stacy

      As an American: I'm disappointed As a Texan: I am quite proud

    93. donofdeaths

      I've heard of a gray boat but also a gravy train...

    94. Draconian

      Any time a game mixes the UK and Ireland its a general indicator on the quality of the game

    95. Jersey Man

      Margaret: "And boom" 😯

    96. T

      I feel offended living in Tennessee.

    97. Lexie N

      Kevin: "Im trying to think of all the weird ones that never come up" Me, someone born and raised in utah: like utah Kevin: "like utah!"

    98. Piglet 9208

      Its weird on my Ps4 Its actually some what less bad?

    99. Alice Hislop

      People in Tipperary and Tyrone getting triggered

    100. deer mullet123

      The county in Ireland is talifornia