Fallout but it's destroyed by a randomizer mod

Call Me Kevin

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    Fallout but it's destroyed by a randomizer mod. Turns out, the game was rigged from the start...with mods on my side.
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    1. Ceceilia

      Yes, Kevin. More.

    2. Ser Dingleberry

      3:23 bleached Richard Pryor

    3. DaGateKeeper

      I am saddened by the fact that you have not played newvegas before. But your reactions make up for it.

    4. Britton Rice

      5:58 Mitch Digger went apocalypse style

    5. Bavo Kegels

      the guy at the start somewhat look's like stan lee XD

    6. Rachel L.

      I came back for the mole rat saying hachachacha

    7. Robert Galligan

      Kevin you should definitely look up how to use the chet glitch you can spam and you can get infinite levels and infinite ammo and armor look it up you can use it in your next playthrough

    8. Mr.Adavanis


    9. Adan Maier

      Octopus garden in the back

    10. Christopher Johnson

      Does Kevin not know about VATS

    11. Christopher Johnson

      Discount Freddie Mercury

    12. Malachi P

      What’s his outro song called?

    13. Chainsaw Massacre

      3:45 Hey buddy, I think you've got the wrong door, the leather club's two blocks down

    14. Hunter Fasnacht

      2:32 I guess that’s why they call them BARK SCORPIONS ... I’ll let myself out

    15. user of username

      11:54 deep voice Kevin is great

    16. C Leigh

      10:02 I have a ton of hours in this game and I have never thought to do this. Kevin is a genius.

    17. ZechsMerquise73

      13:58 "When we all go back to work" Americans who had no choice but to turn up at work every day through a global pandemic: :/

    18. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    19. Nick

      Randomize... *everything*

    20. Kire EDC

      I'm currently doing a playthrough with this mod. My starting gun was a friggin debug weapon that one shots everything

    21. Maxx

      Keep going with this series! It’s fun to watch :)

    22. multiple spiders

      random looks like frankenstein’s monster

    23. Maus In Da Haus

      I wish I could wear pajamas while packing car parts for 10 hours

    24. Winter Powers

      love the Mr House appearences, tho

    25. Winter Powers

      anyone else get annoyed by the inconsistencies in New Vegas Kevin let's play?

    26. Drew Severson

      hey kevo the fist of the north rawr is from the dlc lonesome road, kill the deathclaw rawr, take his hand and craft it at a workbench

    27. The Quarry Productions

      I need a whole series of randomised fallout

    28. Dey Dey Grey

      Heh how Mr. House was trying to get in Lucy 38 , and Kevin calling it a awkward moment . Imagine those double doors can't fit that massive computer monitor, so hes left just standing there forever trying to find a way in . Also Mickeys voice sounds like Penny Dumb. ( one of Kevin's clown characters)

    29. YaFaceIsMine

      Thank you Kevin, I enjoyed watching this video more than usual.

    30. A Anglin

      Me on tinder: "I'm just gonna start swiping and if you get in my way it's your own damn fault."

    31. Essence of Extreme Bruh

      I know the mining mole hat is from Fallout 3, but I don't know if it's already in the files of New Vegas or if the mod pulls in some of the wackier Fallout 3 items just for a pinch more chaos.

    32. Lee Latino

      Yet ANOTHER fallout randomizer video.........

    33. Иоссиф

      2:43 was that Lenin??

    34. Andrew Del Carlo

      Do fallout three or four next plz

    35. Noice 26

      Patrolling the mojave almost make you wish for a nuclear winter

    36. Live Fast

      I'd like to see Kevin play Mass Effect even if it's just to make a character. I'd love to see how many people he would kill

    37. Dave Salter

      you started with fist of the north, one of the strongest melee weapons in the fecking game. talk about luck of the irish

    38. Bcav712

      This game has aged like a fine wine

    39. y e e t

      Kevin's character looks like a kinkier, mutant version of Edward scissorhands 😭

    40. sam murphy

      ur character looks like Qxir just sayin 😂

    41. Jim The Gray

      “Oh the game crashed” THANKS TODD 😂

    42. Local Tavern's Lute Player

      Someone going outside with a fishbowl on their head to prevent catching a virus doesn't sound like such a crazy idea these past 2 years

    43. Meowsar


    44. Tavitafish

      I had to actually work for the fist of the north rawr and he got it for free

    45. Eloise Marsh

      I’ve been on a ward for a few days and your videos come under restricted content... I cannot think as to why x

    46. Nigel Adams

      Are you playing fallout New Vegas on a computer with a controller?

    47. Beep Boop

      Almost missed the wonderful steamed hams reference

    48. The Sultan Of Sloppy Seconds

      This is what I thought wild wasteland would be when I first played.

    49. Hunter Thompson

      when todd howard didnt develop fnv

    50. Yeet Smith


    51. Kelly S

      Kevin has an interesting way of playing rpgs

    52. Winzwesen

      Somehow his clips with a randomizer mod don't feel significantly more chaotic than the others

    53. Dark Omen

      The random mod gave you the strongest hand to hand weapon. Fist of rawr. Thats kill all weapon.

    54. Piccolok the Forged

      I guess the guards were all buugy

    55. Henry West

      That Simpsons reference though 4:41

    56. Gus Sutton

      I was half expecting the person who said whippersnapper to start attacking you with a toothbrush

    57. Thankful Diplomat

      pls do more

    58. Andrew

      A can?! Randomizer mod you've done it again.

    59. Marqcus Holdaway

      Hey just to let you know , we would like more.

    60. Wan Paw McGaw

      Kevin: puts Todd Howard’s face up when talking about the developers of the game even though Todd is the game director of Bethesda Game studios and the game was made by Obsidian Entertainment. Josh Sawyer the lead game designer of Obsidian Entertainment the ACTUAL developers of the game NOT Bethesda: am I a joke to you?

    61. Qalpol

      Kevin wears so many skateboarding brands yet never seen him skate

    62. tobias_the_newb

      10 seconds in and we have already met jim pickens.

    63. Max Gwinn


    64. Kennedy Worrix

      I don’t know if you can see how long I’ve followed you but I for some reason listen to you when I get ready for my corporate job for years just to inspire some chaos in my day

    65. Magnus Gjevre

      "If you can't bond over dismembering people. I don't know what you would bond over" -CallMeKevin 2021

    66. Rudifaction

      So IRflow asked how I would rate this Video.. 5 stars, informative and inspirational. Now let's just pray they don't look 😂. Keep up the great work Kevin!

    67. Don Korb

      6:45 "What, you sure it said "Powder Ganger" on the invite? Could've sworn that was an R there..."


      in my opinion, this is the funniest video that Kevin had done

    69. ihatetrolling

      the fist of the north rawr is like, one of the best weapons in the game you can nonchalantly slap deathclaws to death in like 3 or 4 hits

    70. FunkyMonkey Gamers


    71. buttplugs and mastadons 1988

      Let's return to Jim pickens I miss him

    72. 21Sig

      Doesn't matter if it's modded or unmodded, I love seeing Kevin play Fallout. Evil fecker that he is, it's hilarious.

    73. Billy Bennett

      Please make more videos with this mod, this was hilarious

    74. Grace Holbert

      Well, I read Turdy instead of Trudy.

    75. Lando


    76. Casius CBU

      game developer and modders -- randomizer increases longevity of one particular brand/ genre but it should be within user's preference and so category of choosing of what seeds [seeding] ----

    77. s

      14:01 sounded a little... serious for a second there.

    78. Starry Fest

      please beat NV with the randomizer- if you're looking for another shitty mod to play, check out Frontier also random tip: instead of paying 2k caps to the Securitrons, sneak your way into Camp McCarran, disguised as an NCR Trooper (or have good rep with them) and take the monorail. you basically get free access after that

    79. Richard Hardy

      Kevin’s character looks like Old Greg if was white

    80. Draconifors

      Such a cute doggy. :D

    81. Aidan FARNAN

      When the randomizer just decides that you're gonna punch heads off anyways and so gives you the tool to do so as your starting weapon...

    82. Blair Johnson

      Music that begins at 4:07?

    83. The_ gr3asy_squ1b

      Out of everything sitting crashes the game 🤣

    84. Blake Auger

      Meanwhile koifish out here copy and pasting Kevin’s videos 😂😂

    85. Callum Forster

      What fallout is this please?

    86. Deathstranger

      Has he never played new Vegas with the way he is playing 😂

    87. DElimon

      Day 1 of asking Kevin to play Vampire the masquerade: bloodlines

    88. Beef Crevice

      More of this.

    89. Alex

      proper video

    90. Have Faith In Me!

      Did kevin just use controller to k&b?

    91. Lenny Summers

      Doc Mitchell randomly Cosplaying as Mysterio like: hey, i know i just saved your life and all but, *Look how cool i look in my Mysterio Cosplay! rad huh!?*

    92. oStrider

      The best Fallout game. I mean that or else I wouldn't have gotten all the achievements not on just one account but 2 because I ended up changing my XBL account at one point. Love it that much

    93. Dylan Kelley

      Kevin: "randomizer problem..? ITS ONLY A PRAWBLEHM HWHEN AYE STAHP"

    94. Lewis Mclean

      Was this a stream ?

    95. assainofreapers

      id love for kevin to make this a series lmao

    96. WolfClant

      is that van darkhole with a minigun?

    97. The Blank Face Watches

      Kevin, my friend. Take the capo off the guitar otherwise the neck is going to get stressed..

    98. ThatOneGuy

      Massacred a whole town Kevin : "Why are you all angry?"

    99. DI Henderson

      To be fair wearing that fishbowl probably WOULD prevent you from getting the flu

    100. Ellie Best

      Imagine if Kevin’s wasn’t even Kevin It would kind of be iconic