I went back in time to become a terrible Viking

Call Me Kevin

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    I went back in time to become a Viking. Valheim proves that I would have been just fine without the internet. (Type X to doubt)
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    1. AwfulMusik

      Boar Ragnarok?

    2. Tor2ga


    3. Collin Squire

      in my first 12 hours in valheim i only ate raspberries and didnt know you can repair weapons, kevins having a much better start

    4. The Odd one

      More Kevin Viking

    5. SuperFlosi

      Play this more kevin

    6. mrraisintheawsome

      "An EARLY DESCENDANT of Jim Pickens" That's not how ancestry works Kevin

    7. Sarah Duggar

      “I’ve literally brought the boss to my bed.” He rolled a nat 20 in seduction

    8. StannCat

      More more more!

    9. Charlie Lauenborg

      As a Scandinavian, I feel appropriated:((((((((((((((((((

    10. Bavo Kegels

      Pleas make fan art of a kevin+bee

    11. Sigurd Stallari

      I think Kevin needs a T-shirt where it has a bunch of Norse runes that, when translated, just says "Oh silly me".

    12. Gustavo Manzari

      more like... Bore Ragnarök

    13. YAY its Lockie

      I would love more

    14. Softxchange

      Bore Ragnarock

    15. Me Gusta

      Please play more!

    16. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    17. Alex

      Thor Ragnarok? More like Bore Ragnarok

    18. Just Some Guy Without a Mustache

      Yeah please do more

    19. Aiheki


    20. AshesFallDown

      Obsessed with this game! Please do another video.

    21. Апостол Евгений

      im literally SLAV and I want MORE VALHEIM CONTENT!!!! блядь

    22. The bean squad Ring leader

      Pretty nice purgatory. Though a bit lonely, see why he would want to get to Valhalla, lots of other people instead of no one else

    23. Kaiser Ironclad Chad

      you dare mention the dead meme BoreRagnarok?

    24. Peculiar Soviet

      More of this comrade kevin. This make me smile

    25. Michel Pochert

      pls more partss this game is great

    26. Memta

      Yes, I wanna see more Valheim, Kevin

    27. Madtown Animal House

      More a stream would be awesome and chill

    28. Mad Deniels

      why are you calling the tree log a their, it is clearly an it?! you need to cool down a little with the butt clenching when it comes to MiSgEnDeRiNg 💁‍♂️

    29. Vivek Varu

      Pls Play more of this

    30. tyler curry

      I like bestiality.

    31. Soaked Pack

      Kevin more like BORE RAGNAROK

    32. Jon Safi

      10:40 “you can always find flint by the water” yeah cus flint water is deadly michiganders know

    33. Dungeonmaster8

      Bro what the hell why is this whole comment section just quotes wtf.

    34. Gary the Metrosexual Fruitcake

      When kevin opened the chrome tab: "Weird flex but okay"

    35. Meanasou

      his greenscreen fell, im dead

    36. Beeg Yoshi

      Kevin’s got that drip

    37. LiterallyIndigo

      More like Bore Ragnorak am I right?

    38. ester uwu

      as a scandinavian i should be offended but i just cant

    39. Danny Johnson

      Please play more. Wanna see how Kevin progresses haha

    40. Evietta

      Kills boars and deers to near extinction... doesn't build leather armour... defeats boss naked - Kevin is a true gamer xd

    41. joeafacation

      Viking? More like Bore Ragnarok

    42. B. Jaca

      What??? VIKINGS??? More like *BORE RANGARÖK* !!!

    43. Еdgу Яатs

      Vikings ran half of my family out of Europe Europeans ran the other half out if their land Idk what was going on back then

    44. Professionally Retarted

      Can’t sleep? More like *B O R E R A G N A R O K*

    45. Jack Hazardous

      Kevin's viking name is Kevin The Terrible. Not because he's particularly scary, but because he can't do basic things.

    46. Black Dahlia Gaming

      This game is insanely good. Could use some tutorials but it's like rust meets oblivion with the way you level up skills. But definitely needs to explain things like repairing items and how any part of your house that doesn't have a roof that's an actual roof piece will decay. But figuring some stuff out yourself is fun. Especially since it's a survival game. Needs some balancing too maybe, fought the first boss and was waaay over prepared. Already had full leather armor set that I upgraded. Walked into the black forest and got destroyed by a troll it was way harder than the boss fight

    47. tread nokash

      Is this android? I found a valheim on android its a bit different

    48. Jacob Hanshew

      "an early *descendent* of Jim Pickens" Didn't realize Jimmy was *that* old!

    49. steven vassiliou

      Bore ragnarok

    50. KDA Gragas

      5:46 that log just flew away wtf

    51. Blumpet

      "Now if there was a Kevin sized bee, I could take it." Dr Who: *been there, done that*

    52. shaquille o'neal

      kevin is the most wholesome person in the world and the first 15 seconds of this video is enough evidence to prove that

    53. sam177007

      That intro was the greatest thing since sliced bread

    54. Archer 634

      Has anyone done a fanart of Kevin socking a Bambi

    55. Krystal Commons

      Random but that color looks so good on him. It goes with his skin tone really well

    56. inferno_o


    57. Lapis Lazzuli

      "Everybody liked and subscribed to Call me Kevin, and there was peace in our land" XD

    58. Dakota Price

      Yes more please!!!

    59. Shane Grapengeter

      This videos boaring more like snore Ragnarok

    60. bearded guy

      just letting you know I wanna see more

    61. S. G. Weber

      Bore Ragnarok, more like actual Ragnarok this time

    62. Creeper gaming

      bore ragnarok

    63. Henry Nase

      Boars more like boar ragnarok

    64. Uggo

      sleeping well , more like bore ragnorok

    65. Arin Jäger

      an irish boi mocking the vikings? Would be worse if your name was Brian... I don't care either way, I'm slavic (at least partly, anyway)

    66. red saaryn

      Kevin: I literally brought the boss to my bed Me: I SAID SLAY THE BOSS NOT LAY THE BOSS!!!

    67. Kackpuh

      Why do english speaking people so often confuse ancestors and descendants?

    68. Josh Bond

      Good sleep? More like bore ragnarock

    69. Braeden Stewart

      The triforce!

    70. lpsangel3

      I wish Kevin would do a voice-over for everything in my whole life 🤣

    71. Skillz Pro


    72. Oppal

      You should definitely do more!

    73. Gage Fawcett

      Play more of this

    74. Dork Souls 3

      Epilepsy warning at 0:49

    75. Jimmy John’s

      Borerangnorok more like thorangnorok

    76. Angelica Ohlsson

      Would love to see more of this game. It seems very fun and random when Kevin plays it.

    77. AsgardBound

      Hugin and Munin are ravens, not crows. :)

    78. R Watts

      boar ragnarok

    79. Hermazing Bartels

      i hope kevin knows we love everything he creates, but im loving these new intros and thumbnails

    80. TeamJocker

      Play more plz o.o i need more in my life like now

    81. no This is Patrick

      A survival game where you have to kill boars in a Viking setting... more like Bore Ragnarok.

    82. Jake Govson

      Kevin, please make a assasins creed valhalla

    83. Isaac Mounce

      The intro was the most Irish thing I have seen on this channel.

    84. Inkblot_0

      I love the slight Tribe Called Quest reference

    85. Lil’ Foot Lettuce

      When Bore: Ragnarok becomes Boar: Ragnarok 😳

      1. Lil’ Foot Lettuce

        and I just realized, in this case it actually makes sense cuz like Ragnarok and the game is viking themed and stuff.

    86. Killin Smallz

      i just got this game a few days ago. what is life anymore? it's is Valheim.

    87. Josh Fenske

      Valheim? More like Bore Ragnarock!

    88. PairOfPears3


    89. montex

      This game is so feckin good

    90. Patrik Jarlestam

      Hej vänner / Hello friends. I'm the composer for the music for Valheim and I just wanted to say thank you for playing and enjoying the game, the art and the music! I'm a fan of what you do and have been enjoying your content for a good while. Allt väl! / All the best!

      1. lojken10

        Sjukt bra komponerat! Väldigt passande och atmosfäriskt.

      2. Leap of Søren

        Bought the game about a week ago and the music is absolutely fantastic! Amazing job, mate!!

      3. Skillz Pro

        Bra jobbat!

    91. Unrealdude9998

      Valheim? More like Bore Ragnarok

    92. war97

      moar maybe bring friends...... or a guess in your case patsies

    93. Shelby Quinton

      Why are all femboys political extremists? Like every single one of them, it's always either Nazis, or Communists, or some weird jreg ideology. Never a normal one.

    94. Luke Roe

      I don’t often comment but I’d like to see more of this game

    95. Jeff_ Jingles

      moar plz

    96. Lunatic 01

      Kevin. Oh dear Kevin. Ye do not realize the potential of a great Jim Pickens religious comp- i mean peaceful village with your dear followers

    97. Jack Sparrow

      18:55 He's dead Jim...

    98. Aka7

      22:15 "We know each other! He's a friend from work!"

    99. Jacob

      Valheim.. more like bore ragnarok

    100. ValFTW LA

      Didn’t know Ubisoft already made a sequel to assassins creed valhalla