This Jolene girl is ruining my life

Call Me Kevin

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    This Jolene girl is ruining my life. I couldn't help but talk about it...through song!
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    1. LauDiePie

      How about Aerosmith - Dream on ?

    2. Trond Sjåfjell

      This song reminds me of a movie called Shedevil

    3. Boris Angelov

      This NEEDS to be on Spotify!

    4. parsley


    5. Prophet1335

      We all know what Kevin's gonna do if IRflow flops

    6. Jesssica_J

      This is my new favourite cover of the song! He has such a beautiful voice 🥰😍❤

    7. Queen sandy Brown

      Hey your good Dolly I hear this as a kid my parents like her .keep following your dream your voice I adore KEVIN MY SON WATCHES YOUR GAMEING VIDEOS AND HE SHOW MY THIS WOW

    8. NoodlePan

      The lyrics say they couldn’t love another, but by the description they give of her, it sounds like Jolene is an exception to that sentiment.

    9. DEATHFLAME376


    10. cyanidearsenic

      Kevin should have done the cautionary tale Jolene song instead.

    11. AGamingChannel

      am i the only person who only recognizes this song from Community...

    12. Nerdy Coconut

      Holy shit i never knew he could sing. Beautiful voice. He should sing Pearl Jam’s cover of Last Kiss

    13. Mardeli

      I have had severe insomnia for years (chronic, unfortunately). Tonight I remembered your song and has been making me company and calm during a hard time for the past two hours on loop. Thank you. Otherwise I would be horribly sad and... Well. It's a sad song. But it's beautiful. And it's just... Your voice. Thank you. I needed that tonight. Never stop making this covers if you like them, please. You are very talented and your voice reaches people. If you keep licking it, if you're not bored... You know, if you have time and energy and motivation... Please do it. It's beautiful.

    14. Olivia Russman

      I know this was from a while ago but can I just say I'd love to hear him sing a song by the Lumineers

    15. Jim Bob

      You should sing kinky boots all your covers have such a serious tone(which I love don't take offence)but with this song it's just a fun time and it might be a heard song to learn I know nothing about guitars so idk but don't feel pressured to do it

    16. Jake Parkinson

      i love how he drops the irish accent when he sings, sounds like a manxie with a thicker accent.

    17. Robin Popps

      Kevin I've seen huge improvement in your singing and guitar it's awesome 👍 keep it up and keep enjoying it

    18. BubblezwithaZ

      I can't help to think this is about pepe popo and this Jolene girl stole him away D:

    19. CHUNKY Boi

      The best K-pop singer

    20. Chase Dabu

      once a month pls

    21. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      I have a thing for a guy who can sing well, as I sing too and I love music and ugh Kevin's voice is so damn amazing it's so not fairrrr 😫 I'd love to hear more tho, honestly I'd listen to your music if you made some on Spotify, it's really good 💙💙

    22. Luna and Spirit


    23. z gama

      I'm sure he's alreadly learning a new song but he should do "The devil wears a suit and tie" I think him singing that would sound phenomenal

    24. Savannah Barbour

      holy. shit. i cant function

    25. Maksim Maraš

      Where can i order the album of Kevins music covers?

    26. Irish Walter

      I am still Loveing it

    27. Ann hamm

      This is awesome! You have a fantastic voice.

    28. Yuyun Yuliendanie

      jolene needs to stop cus she will end up on jim’s basement if she keep’s stealing king kev’s man

    29. rex corvus

      i just thought- imagine kevin singing video games by lana del rey i would give my left lung to hear that

    30. Frank Renteria

      I love when Kevin sings🤗🤗

    31. Miss Obama

      The first manual off road vehicle I ever learned to drive was a honda atc, I name all my bikes after something I feel is important, so I named it jolene

    32. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    33. Romanian Dasher

      Put it in H cover?

    34. RaavanVeda

      i think "he" means CDD

    35. Matthew Plancon

      I want to express just how good Kevin is at this but I’m scared if we do he will become a successful singer and quit IRflow

    36. Anna Kalniņa

      he has like one of the most BEAUTIFUL voices i've ever heard

    37. Louise Mottram

      Jolene is trying to steal Turg 😂

    38. The Jammy Dodgers

      most people vent there rage with music. But Kevin vents his kindness to make way for more anger in games.

    39. Lite 336

      you could be the asshole at my party with an acoustic guitar any day. but in all seriousness, this sounds incredible. I'm really proud of you!

    40. Chaos Child

      Do a cover of in the pines

    41. nightslove

      💖___ 💖 ooo kevin ooo *swoons*

    42. Vico ViaAg

      Everyone in the comments is just simping for Kevin and I love it

    43. AndAubreyWasHerName

      I think you would do a fantastic job with “Rain” by Breaking Benjamin.

    44. dazaii mallow

      Kevin talks like he's not worthy of praise, like he's nothing. But we all know Kevin sings like an ang- oh what was i saying, sorry i have amnosia

    45. Trixi3num9 no

      I think it's time for Kevin to get a lil mud on his tires. If you know what I mean

    46. ShobhitMaste

      i want thatvoice

    47. Rebecca Childs

      Beautiful cover. Thank you for not changing the lyrics.

    48. meow meow


    49. AnnieDactyl

      A little late listening to this but, I love it. Your covers always make me smile, definitely would love to see more!

    50. UpTwopZ

      RT, RT, RT, RT; I'm Begging of you not take my Fans; RT, RT, RT, RT; Please don't take them just because you can!

    51. Useless Eli

      Will never get tired of hearing you sing 😭

    52. Wendingoes

      you should make a channel dedicated to your covers. I am sure everyone would love it

    53. Clarisa

      Greggory Lee?

    54. Frosty J

      IRflow put this in the "My Mix" music playlist it creates for you. GG IRflow.

    55. askvideos1

      Kevin, I come from the home of country music (Tennessee, the state you couldn't guess in your who wants to be a millionaire video [eedjit]) I genuinely like this more than the original. You are an honorary American

      1. Alex Vercetti


    56. T-Bone Jay

      What a minx! haha but serious Callmekevin, you do have a great singing voice. So, please write and sing your own songs even if nobody else sings and dances along. It's okay but if you do want to do covers it's okay as well. God bless you. Love from Venezuela. And don't ask me how I found you on IRflow. I just love those Jim Pickens antics haha

    57. smiletoda44

      Please sing Stacy's mom!

    58. Saphira X

      Who's this Jolene and why she's trying to steal RTGame?!

      1. whenfunnydancingcockroach

        She's trying to steal PS1 Hagrid, although we all want him

    59. MrAcelobo

      How do I upvote more than once? I need Kevin to know how much I liked this!!!!

    60. ZaferrYT

      kevin belongs on the stage

    61. Mine Turtle

      Ya'll ready for this? MUD ON THE TIRES

    62. Alexandra Porcsin

      After watching your videos about the harry potter games and other stuffs I clicked on this video and was like "yeah another funny something to begin my day with" and then like "woah stop there your voice is amazing" this is pure magic I would say

    63. Jade Fulford

      your voice is sooo angelic

    64. GodShrimpTaco

      So.... when's the CallMeKevin album dropping?

    65. NEONred


      1. whenfunnydancingcockroach

        He did on stream, go to the channel called "Call Me Kevin Sings"

    66. Wacking Cactus


    67. Mandie Cait

      Dat warm vibrato in certain parts

    68. con-man 70

      We need more bro!

    69. Jay L

      good voice, good emotion, work on timing. guitarists so often neglect learning proper rhythmic styles and it grates on my music ear even when it's basically good

    70. Zeph

      this is why we love you

    71. Evitare

      This was great, Kevin! I’m glad it’s on your main channel, I really enjoy it

    72. Big Brother Xellos

      Makes Jolene sound like the Angel of Death or something...

    73. Faith Militant

      the universe is at balance so long as Kevin is trapped between Jim & Jolene

    74. Sarvesh Sivakumar

      Is this a JoJo's reference?

    75. BunNotFound

      He’s funny, he’s charming, he seems to be a tad socially awkward AND HE CAN SING. What’s not to love?

    76. face

      More guitar covers please. And, if it is not much to ask, another ukulele song?

    77. Otávio Werson Yago

      That's what Pucci said just before [REDACTED]

    78. Fresh Corn

      Song suggestion: Yesterday by The Beatles

    79. Ken Sherwood

      Hopefully Jolene doesn't take RT from you. My condolences

    80. DJ Arms

      We need a tool cover, I doubt he’d do it but I feel like he can do amazing things

    81. Vegeku

      Kevin sings it’s time for Mud on The Tires

    82. Dominic Tripaldi

      Every singer ever should be worried right about now.

    83. adam gomez

      I can just sum this up with one word 👐WOW👐

    84. NebulousKiwi

      Kevin should upload his covers to Spotify they're so good!

    85. gooselord barry

      Listening to call me Kevin makes you wish for a nuclear winter

    86. Sir Teshi

      He has a genuinely good voice and he's good at the guitar. I'm shocked Wow keep up the good work (:

    87. jay Daly

      Tbh I didnt think he'd be such a good singer and so good at guitar lol...well done kevin👏👏

    88. a person

      Please do a cover of Run Boy Run by Woodkid. That would be amazing

    89. erin mcdonnell


    90. Corey Jepson

      I love this but I'll fight Jolene if she tries to take your Man

    91. I’d like to Announce

      I love how this is the third result when you look up jolene

    92. NøxEyes

      1:04 the way he sings auburn hair, holy shit it sounds so good

    93. LucasxCates15 1

      kevin is truly the sweetest, after all hes been through hes remained humble and kind. everybody please show max amounts of love

    94. Trinity Church

      Hey kevin, i know this will probably be buried, but i just wanted to say that you make me smile on days i should be falling apart and you make me happy when i'm at my lowest. I really hope you continue making videos (only if they make you happy) and I hope you have an amazing future

    95. Marina Jean

      KEVIN PUT THESE ON APPLE MUSIC your voice is soothing and emotional i want to hear it

    96. Exterminatus enthusiast

      He's all grown up. *sniff*

    97. Matt Farel

      I would like to see more

    98. Shamus Bowron

      Need more now

    99. Emma

      I like!!!