I open a bakery that ends lives in Cooking Simulator

Call Me Kevin

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    Cooking Simulator but I open a bakery that ends lives. Sponge cake has never been so literal.
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    About Cooking Simulator Cooking Simulator - Cakes and Cookies:
    Become the ultimate chef! Take control of a highly polished, realistic kitchen equipped with all kinds of utensils and stands. Unlock and master over 80 recipes or use dozens of lifelike ingredients to cook everything you like. A simulator spiced up with a dash of real-life physics!
    Key Features:
    Career and Sandbox modes
    80+ recipes
    140+ lifelike ingredients
    Perks and skills to unlock
    Advanced cooking mechanics
    Realistic physics
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    1. Shaan P

      7:53 its like reverse ptsd

    2. charzz

      i laughed SO HARD

    3. xenosapien1

      finally somebody solved the food crisis

    4. Author Incognito

      At least we can have virtual baking bad

    5. blimp

      the baking bad intro gave me a heart attack

    6. Sara Dickson

      the way even leaving the fake water running in the game simulator is still stressing me out sdjfdksfjsdk

    7. Lynagus

      When you wanna make dough, you gotta make dough. :wheeeze: I cant even. >V

    8. OneTruth

      I had a dream just the other week that my friends mom prepared a 'butter cheese cake'. The cake consisted of about 30 blocks of butter melted into a cake shape with parmesan cheese on top..

    9. Xehanort10

      Anna probably watched this and thought "Alright. Not letting him cook."

    10. disappointed mess

      Kevin: "keep trying the same thing over and over again and expect things to change" "Have I ever told you the definition of insanity"

    11. Bridget Brennan

      “Cocaine is my main ingredient. The second is love.”

    12. Matthias lemming

      Is that a hook hand...or is it the hash slinging slasher

    13. ClumsyWerido 101

      Kevin: oh no the firecracker is going off! Also Kevin: *throws it towards gas tank*

    14. Banana BrickTec Lego Guns

      Tell me what Feck means, Even though I’m Irish I don’t know what feck means

    15. Anna Murr

      I'm gonna go watch the baking bad videos now

    16. Wintergreen_Medley

      its actually extremely funny to me that Kevin forgot how Here Comes the Bride goes so he started singing Ride of the Valkyries instead considering both were written by Wagner

    17. Dynamoterror

      5:07 If you pretend it's a giant cookie or even one of those cookie-cakes, it doesn't look as bad! 🍪

    18. FantasticaB

      Professional Nutter, checks out

    19. Scribble-Chips

      With Kevin's car track record, you'd think he'd hate the sound of them coming towards him

    20. Cara Furry

      Kevin should make something with potatoes

    21. Yes

      I'm gonna go bake a feck cake now

    22. Dillon Parrack

      It's funny how the cake has every season in it.

    23. Shelby DN

      Kevin: I need some butter. Is that butter? *grabs sponge* Kevin: close enough

    24. Eva Núñez

      I was at my job at lunch while watching this and trying not to laught too loud XDDD

    25. Erik Draven

      1:08 i see you're mixing cocaine and oil, its also known as 'the american dream'

    26. Nathan Cooper

      love how the camera is IN the pictures that IT takes

    27. SaTuRoChAn

      hahaha love the old intro xD you should try to make the macarons again in baking simulator if possible XDDD that was so much fun XD

    28. Afifliction


    29. Pat Moriarty

      i tink kevin is drunk whenever he reords

    30. Pat Moriarty

      i think hes drunk when he posts on this account, this is his drunk account

    31. TheRedDeath

      "The best part? You can't fail!" Kevin: *observe*

    32. Pat Moriarty

      normally i wouldnt bother watching this video because i dont care for the shit simulator games but im drunk so this is the funniest shit ever

    33. Daly Kmiha

      fun fact:for you guys who didn't get it kevin at first said the definition of insanity but backwards

    34. Stalin

      Kevin: My first ingredient is cocaine.

    35. Bryson Grondin

      Game: "You literally can't fail!" Kevin: *dies*

    36. FringeBoi

      The call me kevin cake: 5% batter 95% butter

    37. Ifrit

      The white flash when Kevin uses the blowtorch looks like he detonated a nuke.

    38. Gamer du Québec

      8:44 *sees blowtorch* *sees gas bottle* *oh no*

    39. soupysketches

      Why did you have to hurt me like that with the intro :”) I miss baking bad so much lol

    40. Bryce FRIHA

      For Feck Cake!

    41. Kayla

      Ahh we love the cult- I mean community baking days

    42. Elynda Fae

      Kevin: If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake. Guest (thinks): Thank god, I didn't tell him I was coming!

    43. Coocoollama64


    44. Bling King

      I can't believe I used to hate you with a passion 😂 your like the most funniest IRflow ever ❤️

      1. Ríain Galligan

        how could you hate this lovable feck-up

    45. Lord Snake

      "cocaine is my main ingredient" Coca-Cola is that you?

    46. Wolkenphoenix

      The more butter the batter... :D (yes I know it's not written like that, that's the joke...)

    47. Collin Summers


    48. Charlie-Louise

      Mmmm cake flour and O I L

    49. Madison Rushing

      How did you break this game?!

    50. Emily H.

      16:29 must've been the wind

    51. Jacob Hanshew

      3:24 cutest Kevin moment

    52. OdD BeepBeep

      A bad bakery? Intriguing.

    53. Taylor Schultz

      That baking bad intro got me so sad rn

    54. MadMusic26

      I actually have a container for powdered sugar in my kitchen with “Cocaine” written on it. Kevin understands true kitchen culture.

    55. TDH

      The hello fresh ad in the middle really made it

    56. The Glowing One

      Butter = botter - Kev 2021

    57. The Glowing One

      Cooking simulator but I open a bakery that ends lives Kevin I'm sure your normal cooking could end lives

    58. caleb walsh

      Me eating a cupcake

    59. tigerialily

      Someone’s taking notes from Josh at Let’s Game It Out

    60. peter crowley

      Ahhhhh Feck he got me with the intro.

    61. Rock4Glory

      Ah yes: S P O N G E C A K E

    62. Giovana B.

      6:30 Me without even having to look at the screen: silently shakes head

    63. Jan Thingsaker

      Please we need more baking bad

    64. Salty The Hunter

      Well its not quite the baking bad we wanted but at least it's something

    65. Shelby G

      Have you all ever had gooey butter cake?

    66. rcutler9

      Sponge cake lol

    67. Jadon Davis

      I’m starting to think everyone in the game is just a ghost it’s a literal ghost town

    68. Jadon Davis

      “Omg is that me am I a pot” “I am such a pot head” yes literally and figuratively

    69. Wardaughter

      This is one of those projects where it started awful, got slightly better and then was horrid...

    70. William Collis

      I really miss baking bad.

    71. Dude With glasses

      My dog just threw up while I was watching this. And then she ate it again. Just wanted to share it with you guys

    72. Derpdude 101

      Baking bad needs to come back! Seriously!

    73. Hpmanen

      Game: “The best part? You can’t fail!” Kevin: "Are you challenging me?!" Spoilers: Kevin won the challenge.

    74. Rex Amill

      He teased me with Baking Bad Kevin please bring it back it Kindles joy. Just like your entire channel.

    75. Tim Drake

      Okay but we all want Baking Bad back.

    76. Connor RK800


    77. Elle vaughn

      Thank you. You're always here for me. Making videos. You don't know me but, man your videos have many times pulled me out of some dark places. I'm in one now and I'm hoping this makes things better.

    78. shana harris


    79. Moon Pie

      I make cakes for a living and can't help but cringe at everything that Kevin is doing. Even the most basic things... are so terribly wrong!

    80. qwaL 11

      Right when Kevin took the burnt cake out of the oven I started smelling burning things

    81. Kydashing

      I seriously loved that FECK cake. Like the part where you dropped it and went FECK was 👌👌

    82. Caleb Davis

      kevin found a way to kill someone in a cooking sim

    83. Danielle Bever

      Hi Kevin, I am getting married in 2 months. I would like one emoji millennial wedding cake please!

      1. soup soup soup soup

        congrats !! :) ❤️

    84. Aleksandr Strizhevskiy

      Oh clippy, I miss him.

    85. Formalhabdab 2

      I miss baking bad

    86. Skymelone

      Watching this while baking, i should not take notes

    87. Kadett 7842

      That intro was cruel, Kevin. Cruel.

    88. PewPewPlasmagun

      Kevin has become the (supermarket) restaurant monster. So rembwr the next time you go to a restaurant Kevin is waiting for you.

    89. Spoonz 152

      would love to see more cooking simulator!

    90. Matticus Madness

      4:42 I hope you are. 9:18 It’s not a Call Me Kevin Video, if something isn’t on fire at some point. 19:12 The Anti-Kevin measure kicked in, huh?

    91. Junaid

      No wonder he can’t feel anything he don’t even have hands or legs for that matter

    92. DeViiaTe

      I want a cake now

    93. SleepyAshu


    94. ExplosiveIronSN

      The secret ingredients all along was the friends we made along the way! Wait..

    95. LAF Network

      I expect #moist and #nut from Waifu Simulator, not Cooking Simulator

    96. Raven Black

      He managed to die in cooking simulator... HE. MANAGED. TO. DIE. IN. COOKING. SIMULATOR.

    97. Richie Chuidian

      Kevin is chaos

    98. leron chan

      that breaking bad intro tho

    99. PhatPotato

      Despite being unable to fail, this genius somehow found a way

    100. Heather _

      Failed a game that you're not supposed to be able to fail. What a legend.