I made terrible decisions and ruined a kingdom

Call Me Kevin

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    I made terrible decisions and ruined a kingdom...this has got to stop happening
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    1. Hattie Cavallaro

      Please play more of this!

    2. Maou-chan

      Something tells me he ingored the part in the beginning where it said that you need to keep the 4 powers balanced.

    3. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    4. SaTuRoChAn

      haha it was the bird not me Ö_Ö but king that must mean you were listening to a bird ö.ö ähm...yeah so what ö.ö ...dead XD

    5. Awesome Fire Newt Gladiator

      What is this game called

    6. p

      wait what happens if you reach the target ?! 👀

    7. master woo

      6:05 that guy was called logan the paul just like logan paul

    8. Michael newin

      The obtainable archaeology ultrasonically save because match alternately report since a outstanding step-mother. purring, nimble expansion

    9. That Dude

      Kevin: *Goes to hell* The devil: Welcome back boss.

    10. Sam Schoenecker

      You gotta play the game of thrones version pls

    11. Kris Rose

      I make bad decisions story of my life

    12. Susanne Sparv

      The doctor must be Jim Pickens. Dashingly handsome and distinguished with his grey hair and glasses and "I want to be your executioner and test new poisons on people."

    13. DutchmanGoesJapan

      Did anyone see the guy called : Logan of the Paul looll

    14. Jakey.

      i thought it said shave and it was talking about how you ruined the kingdom of your beard

    15. Robert Thornton

      I can confirm....my name is an insult

    16. Alexander Dick

      *whispers* There's an actual A Game Of Thrones reskin of this game available.

    17. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 17 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    18. Darcy Moss

      Kev have you noticed as you become more famous you seem to look healthier and more attractive is there some sort of famous people elix you get to drink that we dont know about? suspicious.

    19. Eatinggamer 39

      Good game, i remember playing this

    20. Khalif Dove

      Anyone else wish Kevin's bastard son came back for vengeance

    21. H F

      How long is Kevin going to do the pewdiepie headphone-snap thing? Cuz I feel like until he's an old man.

    22. HarryArm123

      He didn’t out the KEVO in the thumbnail

    23. Splosh

      Is Kevin secretly a furry?

    24. jorm

      4:00 horsy go__


      1st Robert: "Your name becomes an insult." 2nd Robert: "Your name is praised."

    26. ParadiseRacer24

      Hello friends, my name is Kevin, and today we're murdering everyone in the kingdom

    27. Auron Blade

      Why do you never put the name of the game you're playing in the title or description?

    28. IcePandaGuy

      "A furry tavern doesn't sound like a bad idea." -Kevin 2021

    29. Bree welz

      Robert an insult but also a compliment

    30. TheRikusj21

      Hey Kevin, What about the game: Yes your Grace? You can rule people! xD

    31. GL1tcH TV

      Others: "Okay, i gotta balance the church and the peasants" Kevin: "Ok, how to kill the most people as possible?"

    32. Marwin Jucker

      Kevin: makes a decision King: dies anyway from a random reason.

    33. Ondina

      I really hope he plays it again it's so fun!

    34. Robin The God - Fake ASMR Is Being Stupid

      You ARE the worst decision.

    35. Punch

      I’m pretty sure that I have that same Xbox controller

    36. SlovenMalaphor

      I just caught that the pope's name in this game is Logan of the Paul.... dammit Kevin.

    37. jay


    38. calebcarlcrouch

      Kevin is clearly not a member of the Hare Club. The Pope was always meant to be a rabbit!

    39. Noel Black

      19:21 Germany in 1923 be like:

    40. Beth Conkling

      When I clicked on video I though the caption said "shave" "kill" instead of "save" "kill" XD

    41. poilaaliop

      Oh man, Kevo's finally playing a game I've completed! I wonder if he'll ever break the cycle...

      1. poilaaliop

        @Daniel It's called Reigns. It also has a sequel, but the sequel isn't as good imo.

      2. Daniel

        what is the name of the game i wana buy it

    42. Nick

      Pigeon kingdom? *I call that an absolute win*

    43. Josepay123

      Does anyone know what this game is called?

    44. Kathy Powell

      You should try to actually beat this game, Kevin.

    45. Kelly O'Hara

      This is just Kevin playing Medieval Bitlife lol

    46. Guilherme brito

      More of this please

    47. Chxracxtr

      The thumbnail gives me undertale vibes for some reason...

    48. Chxracxtr

      No, I'm not imagining Kevin sing ' you'll be back ' , why do you ask? ... *I lied.*

    49. Holo Universe

      Is this made by the same creators of Nirvana? If yes, try that game out as well, it's amazing XD

    50. Lia Hamilton

      This is like the fifth kingdom you’ve ruined surely now you’ve earned the title Tyrant! What an accomplishment!!

    51. Yes

      Thanks Kevin forgot what it was called got the game now cheers

    52. ShoSleepy

      Kevin: "So to stay alive I must keep everything balanced" Also Kevin: "STONKS!!!! wait... why did I die?"

    53. Andrew Kidd-Cooper

      are you here for the girl? ehhh...no

    54. Daddy Tito

      I do the same thing in crusader kings but not on purpose

    55. Sam

      Ayeee a game I’ve played before Kevin! It’s a miracle

    56. First Name Last Name

      16:16 me in math class

    57. Trey Walker

      I want to go to that furry tavern😏

    58. SparkZero_

      Great video, I really like the Game of Thrones version of this game

    59. _.Nika._

      The editting is too much for this video imo

    60. Kevin G

      Do it again.

    61. Taladin 101

      I wonder if he'll get gta 5 ptsd when he meets Jesus

    62. Ty Galatio

      Do again

    63. Greyson Nicholas

      Irish king creates disaster leading to British conquest of the island, 719 AD

    64. stormy wolf howls

      "joinen views also watch this channel" is this true?


      Honestly I would do both, First, Kill them, then save them from a near death life experience.

    66. Jeff

      Good job Kevin!

    67. Ann Green

      oooh, new outro 👀👀👌

    68. EllieCheepers

      "I keep letting my people starve...idk how this is happening" Kevin you dont even feed YOURSELF when you're playing games...

    69. U-iN

      Pope...rabbit... South Park

    70. Yeet Jones

      There's a game of thrones version of this game as well kev

    71. WTF2point0

      Could I maybe get a background as to why he slaps himself with his headsets. I clicked on one of his videos one day, he did it and has since.

    72. Joshua Diggines

      I called you Kevin... Now give me your soul

    73. Kreb the OK

      Day 179 of asking Kevin to watch the amazing bulk

    74. Anale

      day 416 of inviting kevin to west aus for a pint

    75. Johnalogue

      Kevin really doesn't figure out that managing the bars is the point of the game

    76. Jason Lindengary

      You should try playing an app called “Nirvana”! It is similar to Reigns except that you live a normal more modern life and try to live as long as you can. (Yes, There is funny situations you can get into. My last woman that I played as died from yelling at her nurse lol).

    77. James

      19:42 Fr our history is honestly filled with unlucky events and misfortune

    78. Yoshibro26


    79. poq poq

      Reigns shadow legends

    80. Aino Ruoste

      Can one continue the same kingdom? I'd be happy to see more.

    81. اللهم صلي و سلم على سيدنا محمد

      The doctor looks like zeke

    82. Warhel Blood Elf


    83. RedBaron 71

      What game is this??

    84. Fat carpet Dog 123

      I got 67 years in power

    85. Lu Random

      ruin more kingdoms, please!!!

    86. It's Emma!

      Hilarious! 😆

    87. NeonBunnies

      Kevin, I don't know if you noticed, but the devil visited in the year 666

    88. Ryno Botes

      Day 100 of asking Kevin to try over the hedge for the ps2

    89. Jamie

      Kevin wonders why his people always hate him, but he doesn't think twice to send the executioner to Santa

    90. Devin Petersen

      Ah yes I remember the great king Harry and his game of dice. What do you mean witch one

    91. Senor MollaHater

      Call me kevin???? We,the fans : CALL US KEVIN

    92. dark dragon

      King kev

    93. Ginger guest Gaming

      this is funny

    94. Stella Kuśmierczyk

      Aw where did the cannibal babies go..

    95. Dan the awesome man

      I got the sims 4 today

    96. Elana Carmine

      Heavy is the head that wears the crown

    97. Unemportant

      "You have a future in content creation" the NPC is called Logan of the Paul

      1. Anna H

        It's called reigns

    98. Blue Deke

      Now play seven weeks of cat monarchy

    99. Huliatt

      This is a rip-off of Nirvana, the life simulation app :)