GTA V chaos mod went WAY too far

Call Me Kevin

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    GTA V CHAOS MOD but Twitch Chat went way too far. This poor Irish man never hurt a fly and they are targeting me for no reason!!
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    1. Abigail Knowles

      the use of One Winged Angel at 10:59 (and any time Griefer Jesus appears for that matter) will forever be the funniest parts of these videos. Honestly that bit at 10:57 is my FAVOURITE Griefer Jesus moment ever XDDD

    2. silver_eagl

      10:45 based kevin!?!?!? 😳😳😳

    3. Tessu Draws

      I have no idea why there's a penguin plushie in your background but I appreciate it a lot. What a good fella

    4. Generic James

      2:01 therapist just broke the 4th wall and talked directly to Kevin 7:15 get around round round, I get around

    5. Krystal McIntosh

      has anyone talked about the penguin stuffy? Im pretty sure its been there forever but Idk the story

    6. Jack Rugg

      I like how he says that catholics celebrate Jesus's death, but in reality they celebrate his resurrection. XD

    7. Skull

      Hmmmmm nice bike. 0:20

    8. SoulOfTheMist 800

      Your sarcastic funny moments are the most funny moments from your channel! I watched this video a lot.


      The day Jesus died for our sins is the day that all who believe on Him were Saved. He rose again and held captivity captive. Praise The Lord. He shed His precious Blood so that we may live forever and avoid the second death.

    10. L O O G I

      You know that it's going to be good if extreme griefer Jesus is on the cover

    11. Nate

      you are not laughing, you are hyperventilating

    12. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    13. Yoshikage Kira

      Hmm! Nice bike!

    14. TheAllHolyCheese

      You know it’s gone too far when but isn’t in the title.

    15. Fin T

      luke jesus is approting dead ahead activate your forcefeild and take him out

      1. Fin T


      2. Fin T


      3. Fin T

        approting sorry

    16. grape163electric

      he's so happy still and his content is still funny

    17. Goatzilla La Chèvre

      *spawns in hospital* "MY SON !" *proceeds to punch his head off* Great parenting there Kevin

    18. qwaL 11

      1:28 the fog is kind of like that one Tony hawk game

    19. OmgItsCake

      commenting for the algorithm uwu

    20. What amidoing

      9:30 Mcmissile, Finn Mcmissile

      1. What amidoing

        Wait no sry 5:30

    21. Morgue Original Music

      Seriously it's like an ad every three minutes. Don't make me unsub I love your channel

    22. Morgue Original Music

      Cancerous amount of ads lately

    23. Dylan Wilson

      3:44 Kevin: ERK, MY SON! *Uppercuts Jimmy*

    24. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      Guys Kevin is getting grey hairs please have mercy on the poor lad

    25. JacksonPercussion

      "Horribile things; but great"

    26. Helana Howard

      I haven't laughed that hard in a long time 🤣🤣🤣 12:15

    27. Genard Thomas

      @4:13 sounds like the annoying kid from Polar Express

    28. Shaker LeveledUp

      The whole thing that happened at 7:55 is just the best

    29. Daniel

      “If that isn’t the most depressing thing you saw this day, I’m sorry... suicide” -Kevin

    30. Reverse Flash Plays

      No why are you doing this to brad😂

    31. Jack The Thomas Fan 2021

      February 21st 2021 Ah Memories

    32. Gabester

      5:42. Women

    33. Louis P.

      5:35 This is what star wars will look like if I made it (Plays Star Trek theme) How could you do this! lol

    34. Lurkinnn hornet

      i like how sometimes you play super mario galaxy 2 final galaxy theme :3

    35. sloth_on _speed

      i just randomly skipped into the video and i click on the moment 6:28

    36. cavalier liberty

      Ha, spin some time with your father...

    37. Culture 45


    38. Jaime Lowe

      2:19 Kev I don't think that it's ever a good sign when you have bullet holes.

    39. Sean Bear

      he's a agent of chaos

    40. foxy gods

      3:05 so funny

    41. Jacob Murphy

      9:34 Maybe he's just injured BOOOOOM

    42. 夢『Yuͥmͣeͫ』夢

      11:52 it legit sounds like he glitched maybe he is a robot🤔

    43. Paavali Partington

      This man’s humour is great.

    44. Max R

      New Doug Doug.

    45. Jesus

      N I C E

    46. CactusGuy 43

      Kevin: the only person who can get a dump truck stuck in a tree.

    47. Hellagon Fellosaffe

      3:43 "Ohh MY SON!" *punch* Brilliant

    48. CallMeEitan

      This video: Chat having way too much fun ruining GTA 5 while also getting Kevin addicted

    49. Samantha No

      Totally not being creepy. I've been out of town (stranded due to winter weather in US) but you're the best. I know it seems like I'm something on everything at once, just catching up!!! Keep it up! Can't wait to get to Ireland someday, land of 50/50 my people. 50% Irish, 50% Italian. The most pale Italian EVER!

      1. Samantha No

        Just realized I've already seen this stream! hahahaha. Still a good one though.

    50. Lizzie Jones

      That resub was so perfectly timed i thought that Kevin was actually talking about a real wife

    51. Jubinator

      Yay taxi!

    52. piramaniak

      This never gets boring 😂

    53. Jaimie

      I love these! Thanks Kevin :D

    54. Chronicler Eons

      Your catholic logic was pretty solid, but you forgot to eat the body, that's the way we really seal the deal.

    55. fishpop

      18:04 That poor spazzing cat. It's legit given me the giggles.

    56. Cadence Angstadt

      After watching this whole series there’s a lot of drinking games you could do with it: Each time there’s an awkward silence. Every time he bursts out laughing. (Which is wholesome :3) Every time he kills Jesus or punches him. Every time he says “Jesus Christ” Each time he’s near a mental breakdown after he gets screwed over.

    57. Simon Hansen

      Jesus? That's Keanu Reeves.

    58. Simon Hansen

      Michael is identifying as a ghost so Lester has to pretend he is one XD

    59. Brandon Malcolm

      The obnoxious crowd parallely save because patricia feraly consist round a spooky adapter. few fierce, perfect parade

    60. Bethy

      kevs laugh becoming an exasperated wheeze says a lot about his psychological state during this stream

    61. TheGlassWolf320

      Aka the stream where Kevin just wanted a peaceful taxi ride

    62. Dimentio

      Its all fun and games until SPAWN EXTREME GREIFER JESUS appears in the sky in march

    63. Shrug Emote


    64. Uza King

      I want to see Kevin and Darkviper play a gta private session with chaos mod activated

    65. Splinter Cell Video Game Series

      12:52 That Hitman Blood Money original soundtrack though (Night Time in New Orleans)

    66. barbaro267

      13:21 that scooter dog is freaking hilarious 😂

    67. Kady Tabbert

      There is Dr Pepper all over my screen, and myself, and I'm honestly regretting bothering to try drinking any type of liquid during a CMK vid. Honestly, "Why did it spawn me in a dump truck!? Oh well, it's the only vehicle that would let me drive over this house." And like the fucking timing was such that I couldn't snicker and agh now my throat hurts and I think there's soda in my lungs x.x

    68. Hunk

      We fucking love this series

    69. Hunk

      You’re plainly addicted to chaos Well yeah he is

    70. Hunk

      That thumbnail is a thing of Beauty

    71. Lucas Cyr

      Kevin is a stoner confirmed... (Non-griefer) Jesus Christ, can you imagine a CallMeKevin stream where Kevin is just... blazed... I think I would die

    72. Smudger


    73. Karl Jeffers

      He did it. He did the thing

    74. Blitzing Nova

      Kevin, you “mispronouncing” click lovers is kinda sus dude

    75. Kenan Von Kaiser

      You Are Plainly Addicted To Chaos! I Am Starting To Think The Therapist Is Not For Michael! It Is For Kevin!

    76. Kevoni Thomas

      "I'm going to try to go outside so that when my son comes I can knock him the FUCK out."

    77. Rory Blessington

      I love how Kevin says I like feedback and then he treats my feedback like 'nah... jacksh*t! Where's a fanboy...'

    78. WestminsterAbbey.

      1:17 yes that’s how I approach taxis too.

    79. ignoy 203

      The chaos series succes is mostly thanks to kevin smart comments to all the craziness.

    80. Nigel Nash


    81. The Riff Repeater Jr.

      3:44 footage showing why kevin isn't a dad

    82. Yuna

      Car: *spawns out of nowhere* Friedlander: "Thoughts?"

      1. LoveJesus Psalms91

        Yes that's what happened

    83. Bready Mold

      I see greifer Jesus had now come to torment Kevin since Viper has finished his quest

    84. Michael Dimenco

      8:32 Thalassophobia mode engage

    85. Ryker Strickler

      Dread it run from it extreme griefer Jesus still arrives

    86. Swapan Sharma

      2:00 Yes you are addicted to chaos, but so are all of us 😄😄😄

    87. CRVXMXND


    88. Videohead08

      I like the jojo reference, Kevin

    89. Grace Holbert

      0:30 Honestly it's probably kindest this way

    90. Geetar Gaming

      15:48 I have genuinely never seen Kevin this excited

    91. THE IRA

      "I hope my son comes so I can knock him the fuck out" -Kevin

    92. NerdWithAWord

      Why is know on talking about doggy on a scooter.... "I'll go around" 😂

    93. Nick

      If this works on multiplayer that would be a beautiful nightmare!


      18:27 why are there two Kevin’s!?!

      1. tomaninc


    95. N/A

      I'm not the only person who rewatches the majority of Kevin's content God knows how many times and still giggles and laugh every time?

    96. kel

      no movie will ever be as thrilling as you being teleported a few meters at the exact right time

    97. King Ru

      Wow, Keanu reeves is in the thumbnail, I didn’t know gta had a cyberpunk mod

    98. Jessica Knepper

      Not only are you addicted to chaos, Kevin, but so am I. I die laughing at these every time!

    99. Aki Kimberly

      Why. Are there. So many. Ads.

    100. Rafi Arsa

      gta v chaos mod but keanu reeves started the apocalypse