This game almost ruined my childhood

Call Me Kevin

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    This game drove me insane as a child, will it drive me just as insane as an adult? Let's find out.
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    1. ApexBovine

      Mine was a wrestlemania game for the old Xbox classic. My smooth brain didn’t know the grapple moves were on the right stick, so imagine trying to beat the undertaker with just light punches and kicks.... yeah not fun. Dark souls levels of “can’t fk up even once.” And I was a quiet kid, too, so for it to make me throw a controller was unheard of lol

    2. Me

      I fucking hate this game

    3. ID:N/A

      I played the heck out of its sequal

    4. Derp Fox

      Played Stuntman game with the volcano level, never made pass the 1st level

    5. Stephen Haliday

      Stuntman and its sequel, Stuntman Ignition were my favorite games as a Kid. That and Driv3r

    6. SirCuhms*cision* *Alot*


    7. Pedro Koury

      This game looks fun as hell! But I see how frustrating it can get

    8. Fluffy

      I'm late, but Kevin said "vin" or "vin diesel" 12 times, and wrote it once - therefore, he mentioned him 13 times. Do I get respecc? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻

    9. Josiah Keaton

      All hail Jim Pickens. He deserves are love

    10. Alex Griffin

      I would've bet a lot on the blurred thumbnail being Metroid... Looks like Samus in her big ass shoulder pads... Turned out to be some dudes glasses.

    11. Dustin Malpass

      0:15 thats crazy my guess of what game it was is Driver! So I wasn't right but sure damn close.

    12. Tearduxlama5

      i played this when i was younger too, i think i got up to the police car chase and i was in no way wanting to go any farther after that 10/10

    13. Wa Kiri Bland

      I cant get notifications for your channel

    14. Lukania

      Sometimes my brain plays the trailer for Toothless in Wapping word for word while the director screams "you're too slow".

    15. aventdrr

      I had a demo disk with this game on it. Super hard as a kid!


      I have one of the sequels from this game, Stuntman Ignition, I had no idea there was previous games

    17. Brandon W.

      Whoa, never knew this game existed but I played a ton of Stuntman: Ignition as a kid, which I just found out was actually the sequel!

    18. Brooklynn B

      "I got soggy with Vin Diesel" was a missed title opportunity.

    19. Nicholas A Hughes

      I remeber this game

    20. Sohaibtaher Gad

      What about total over dose

    21. The Newton Family

      Stuntman ignition was one of my first ps3 titles. Loved it. Didnt know there was an original

    22. Lumine Or Foxy

      Oof, I played stuntman ignition, it gets harder really fast

    23. Ryan Radell

      Just because you asked, you say Vin Diesel 12 times (13 if you count typing out his name at 12:34). Do I win Kevin's respect now?

    24. TotallyProBro

      This game taught me to drive in videogames. I spent a good year of my childhood trying to master this game, eventually got it complete. Now, whenever I'm playing a game like gta, I like to pretend I'm playing stuntman and include little stunts in my car chases

    25. Isaac Carpenter

      I owned this game as a kid and I proudly own it to this day. If you thought toothless and wapping was hard, the final movie has you hitting helicopters and driving under semi trucks

    26. Hellipse

      This game is a mix of PTSD, and memories.

    27. Fryer Gurothad

      I goddamn loved stuntman. Never finished it and it was hard and unforgiving but the sandbox track kept me coming back

    28. Xegethra

      I played this way back too. Never finished it though.

    29. Jeff A.P.G.

      Yep, I played it all the way through when I was younger. Picked it back up about 10 years ago and ended up getting so mad with it, that I took it out and just snapped it in half and threw it in my campfire 😅🤣😂😂

    30. Hahani 177


    31. Octo Nine

      I used to play that game all the time this is awesome.

    32. The Elysion

      "You've never heard of this game" I wanted to forget... I did forget... but you've dragged this from my childhood and my memory.

    33. darthmaul12332

      Me: ah fuck I remember that game Kevin: ya probably never heard of it

    34. Adam Merchant

      I feel your pain I played it too

    35. Ryan Dukes

      I loved this game as a kid but it was mostly me loading a cheats disc and then playing freeplay until it crashes

    36. The God Emperor of Mankind

      This game was CBT in video game form, I don't think I ever went past the 3rd or so level. It's a neat idea though and I would like a revival of this

    37. pandemonicpixie

      Was this an OnlyFans?

    38. Zora Arian

      9:15 "Funny and cruel." If I didn't know better, I'd have thought of that as a review towards Kevin's whole channel 🤷🏻‍♀️

    39. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      Day 728 of asking Kevin to play Firework Mania (a game about explosives :D)

    40. High Me

      I had almost completely forgotten about this game. Now the frustration ptsd is coming back..

    41. Charlie Shorts

      Great game remember it vividly. Fuck the super league

    42. Connor Stiles

      I couldn't even get passed the damn tutorial in that game! Lol the second one was way easier

    43. Honest McAmis

      Has GTA 2 flashbacks... O.o"

    44. sidonie gabrielle

      i love that this comments section basically created validation for every person who played this game as a kid and was infuriated by it (i am not a victim of stuntman, but it seems a lot of you are, and i’m glad you can all release your collective rage in this space)

    45. Samurai

      I had this on a demo disk, always wanted the full game but never got it. I hate my parents, they are the worst.

    46. Neon Black

      LOL where is that rally video from??? anyone?

    47. Neon Black

      lol I remmember seing ads for this as a child and being mad I couldnt have it becaust I was a nintendo/xbox guy

    48. Nick Cormier

      Me and my buddy loved this game

    49. Sana H

      I played one of the stuntman games as a kid.. it was nightmare for me.😫

    50. GermanMilkman58

      I only remember this game series from funhaus playing the demo disk

    51. Aaron Hurst

      This looks awesome, feels like quite a unique concept for a game even by today's standards

    52. supershawnodeseninja

      I think I did play this game, though I don't think I got past the second level. I tended to trade my games in a lot as a kid when cd game exchange was a thing. also for some reason youtube seems to think this was crazy taxi lol. that one was actually good.

    53. Dani Tho

      Kevin Costner, Kevin Spacey, Kevin Hart, Kevin Bacon.....That's...quite the casting....

    54. Lance Jensen

      My friend had this game and I never got to play very much of it. A series would be pretty cool

    55. Nouks24x7

      I remember that i played this game for months Just trying to complete it, i never did

    56. Mr Anderson

      Quick clickbaiting us Kevin it will work everytime

    57. Frank Styles

      Well, they are stunt doubles, not body/face doubles

    58. croTV


    59. Jason H

      I played it because it was one of my dad’s favorite games

    60. Tantalus

      I had about 100x more fun in the custom mode

    61. RedMo46

      Loved this game. Would love if you did a full playthru

    62. Jack D

      I absolutely loved this game!

    63. camzilla_does_music

      I played the ps3 sequel stuntman ignition And holy shit it I nearly broke my controller a million times

    64. Joe Knipp

      I played the he'll out of this game. But second one was better. You should play that one as well.

    65. Razgriz85

      I had this game, but I couldn't finish it because I couldn't get a stunt right.

    66. Ry Show

      I loved this game as a kid

    67. Panda Playz


    68. James Ferguson

      Kevin got hit by a car!? I've never heard him mention it...

    69. Chris Fiedler

      I played this game and number 2

    70. The Quiet Gamer

      I must be hip to cause I used to play this

    71. reece handley

      I played it for about five minutes at my aunts when I was eleven

    72. Joshua Scott

      Really loved the video and your movie. Kevin Said Vin Diesel's name 13 times in the video

    73. Alissa GeeArr

      My brother and I rented this from the video store (yes kids, that was a thing!) and we had so much fun with it. The trailers for the movies blew our minds, like, that was US driving in those cut scenes!! It would be cool if they made a new Stuntman, with the sweet modern day graphics.

    74. Joel Dupuis

      I just wailed on stuntman ignition my good sir

    75. PapaScho

      I own it. My friend owned it. I think it was rather popular.

    76. Truskulls Gaming

      Play Stuntman Ignition next! :D I loved that game when I was a kid!

    77. Alice Liddell

      I also played this game a ton as a kid, I could never beat it though cause it got too hard. I spent most of the time messing around in the arena.

    78. NEETLYFE


    79. Joe Mehl

      Yeah I remember this movie as a kid, it also infuriated me so I spent most of my time making tracks or whatever and fucking about in them lmao

    80. dark_neverland

      You know there's personal progress when Kevin has multiple clips of getting hit by a car. ;)

    81. Repo Brik

      I played this game on my ps2 demo disc, it came along ratchet and clank, tekken 4 and a bunch of others. Ahhh, good ol times~

    82. Paul Wild

      My friend had this game when we were kids. We didn't get very far onto it lol

    83. Goodco limgpu

      got an ad for fast 9 and the daddy himself

    84. WageGaming

      Kevin: if you dont know this game, it's the same creators who made driver Me not knowing the game: -_-

    85. DarkStare TDM

      I enjoyed your game..and surprisingly idk this game.. (dark souls and bloodborne edition.)

    86. Jason Nell

      Honestly the most frustrating game i played as a kid but rewarding when the scene finishes. I hope you do more of this game. You make a frustrating game into a really funny video. Very nostalgic

    87. Santimanya11 Kitmaker


    88. Undying Zombie

      Its kinda cute that you thought you where good at playing games XD

    89. Austin Riddle

      I played this game twice! Lol it gets so hard at the end!!

    90. Seikka

      I used to love playing this with my cousin when I was young! I always wanted to play it when I visited, 'cause I didn't have it myself. It's nice to experience this game again. Thank you.

    91. Evanz111

      I absolutely adored this game! If you like this one then play the playground mode in Dirt 5, it has the same kind of track creation tools and it’s really fun to mess around with!

    92. bailey meah

      I used to love this game as a kid, so its a hard game after all and not just me

    93. Daniel Blackburn

      recognising the cover even when it was pixelated is the thing Im proudest of today

    94. Jugger Naughty

      I wish the would remake this game

    95. Sherry Miyano

      4:20 "Boxless in Wapping" xD What a title. If that's not sure to be a 'box office disaster', I do not know what is.

    96. That Gecko

      I find it way to funny when Kevin talks about being hit by a car.

    97. Mistuide

      Make more

    98. Mephilis 78

      Feckless and Fecking

    99. Mephilis 78

      Stuntman was a really fun game. I miss it.

    100. WALN Zell

      A friend of mine had a game like this. But I think it was for the Playstation 3. The first thing they did at the start of a level was run over the camera crew.