Bitlife but a random number generator makes every decision

Call Me Kevin

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    Bitlife never goes right for me so lets just leave it to chance
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    1. ManoloGamerSS & Lilithscovenat

      The best part about random yelling "IM GAY" every now and again is that they´re actaully straight but they wont admit it because the magic 8 ball says they´re gay.

    2. Tom Gibson

      After watching this I think Google’s random number generator may not be so random

    3. SomeGuy

      Alternate title: BitLife but I’m chaotic neutral

    4. Jye Steley

      Tuberculosis BOOOAAH

    5. ParkerFriends

      Iran allowes illegal entry

    6. Clara Nadine

      0:39 His older brothers name is JACK LMAOO

    7. AV Action

      How can you be addicted lol, just don't do the thing

    8. Logan 999999999999999

      Government:What do you mean this guy has been just about every in the world and has somehow had two successful gender reassignment surgeries? And your just gonna let him through? Immigration:But this man will spend 100,000K gambling! Government:Move along citizen.

    9. Tonsils the Demon Cat

      What if you only get money by gambling

    10. Samara Kirk

      BLACK LIVES AND FEMALE LIVES MATTER 💜 (i’m spamming this in a bunch of comment sections)

    11. Nahje Masukat


    12. Joy Style

      I got an ad on bitlife 😂😂

    13. Jojoe Kupara

      I just found a great website for gems and coins. its name is GameCrook.

    14. GUY FIGHTING random THINGS

      *I thought my content was the most random of all youtube until I came across this video. It's just a fucking piece of jewelry*

    15. no name

      I think bitlife got inspired by this video and thats maybe why they add a randomize button

    16. Eduarda Oliveira

      Hey there, how it's goin my name is *DONKLEY*

    17. Mr. ReborN

      This was waay funnier then it should be.

    18. Gamen Snootdroop

      "Yeah, I'm an usher!" *playing Yeah - Usher*

    19. Kyle House

      BitLife should have an Australian mode where a couple of sticks that fell together slightly resembling a shelter costs $400,000 USD

    20. Rainon Wilson

      10:16 J.K. Rowling joke LoL

      1. Rainon Wilson

        12:41 LoL J.K. Rowling joke again. Funny how her initials her "J.K." So it's a joke LoL. I always thought J.K. Rowling was a male but LoL call me kevin taught me that is not de whei

    21. Mini crew Mate ඞ

      Surprise me option: bro remember me?

    22. Sean Miller

      Do more random ones lmaooo

    23. Sckhar Vawn

      it's impressive the random run actually went better than most of the ones kevin was in control haha

    24. J A

      2:45 “snip snap snip snap snip snap! I did. You have no idea the physical toll, that 3 vasectomies have on a person!”

    25. Jean-Dominique wahl

      hey Kevin, was the coin flip bit at the end truly random or just a clever bit to end the video?

    26. Lucia wdfg

      sitting around saying “i’m gay” is a mood

    27. Lilly like da flower

      I wish I was stupid and happy

    28. Ryan Mallaghan

      7:45, 13:26 and 13:51 big announcements from Kevin

    29. K1- B0

      At least they added randomize

    30. ThatOneMexicanDude

      What sound effect is this 4:15

    31. SUS a.k.a. Pink Guy

      13:55 did anyone else picture idubbbz jumping down from the counter going "im gay" lmao

    32. Spider Aba

      BitLife gender reassignment surgery must be wild. Do you just, like, go in there, say "I want surgery", and get the opposite sex's organs crammed onto and/or into you?

    33. Shane Cunningham

      It’s a bad sign when even the coast guard won’t accept you

    34. Pato

      When the random generator make better choices than Kevin

    35. Purpledandy

      I do as the 8-ball guides...

    36. Mini crew Mate ඞ

      How are you usind bitlife on a computer

    37. aCrystalBirdie

      After countless rewatches later, I'm just now realizing how wholesome the comment section is. Shoutout to everyone in the comments section for not being homophobic or transphobic, and thanks to Kevin for fostering a kind -cult- fanbase.

    38. TheJakeChannel


    39. TheJakeChannel


    40. anru

      the numbers mason

    41. Alvar Rowland

      hello friends hows it going my name is *dunkley*

    42. omer shaik

      "My gambling addiction is kicking in 😣 but i resisted the urge! 😁 oh no my other gambling addiction is kicking in 😣"

    43. Abdul Haseeb

      Behind the number generator is every single NPC Kevin has angered, deciding the worst possible option.

    44. Olwyn Lamberti

      2:33 I almost missed this. Any more armys in the comment section?

    45. Eryk Erik

      Do more of these, really entertaining

    46. Sebastian

      Little did Kevin know, they added a randomizer option in the game later on

    47. Screaming_lemon

      Cuba that's a nice place:Yes definitely not a communist union

    48. Just a girl simpin

      “He banged my buttocks? O-o-okay 😳”

    49. Arshia Sharifi

      Welcome to iran. My friend.

    50. Oleander Kazzy

      I can imagine them going to the peak of a nearby mountain shouting "I'M GAY" as they arrive in Nepal

    51. Connorgamer96

      Remember when covid was not a thing

    52. Haley Dakota

      Sounds like sims 1 music in the background

    53. David van den Bos

      I was non-stop laughing my ass off

    54. Rsvdark Gaming

      So, ur just playing my life

      1. Rsvdark Gaming

        I randomly disliked my comment

    55. Rjhay

      they added a (pick random) option cuz of Kevin

    56. arie johnson

      call me kevin ha ha "yes" so please be nice Mercenaries

    57. Aiden Hall

      “Oh no, my 𝗢𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗿 gambling addiction is setting in.”

    58. Ajc 7575

      I just wanna say I love how he was calling them they because he didn’t know their pronouns I respect that

    59. Ajc 7575

      These are actually Kevin’s choices but he’s realized they’re so bad he’s blaming a number generator.

    60. Tiff Q

      This was the most successful game for Kevin yet lol

    61. ManoloGamerSS & Lilithscovenat

      u need to d this again

    62. Joy of Music

      I am fighting chronic nausea, and your among us videos really help. Please keep posting

    63. Drontes Makor

      8-ball: You WILL get the vasectomy

    64. noland playzz

      Is it just me who is he kinda like Gabe helmy

    65. wimpigirl pao

      Please do a part two of this!! So funny!!!

    66. Aleida

      My name is Aleida and the "Are you sure you want to file a restraining order on your fling, Aleida?" made me laugh so hard!

    67. Jamal al-Din Clarke

      Funniest vid you've done in a while. Loved it. We need more of the random number generated mishaps.

    68. Libby Rose

      I couldn't stop laughing at the wrinkly sneaks🤣🤣🤣🤣 i love it!!

    69. Matthew Fortin

      make turg

    70. edres hi

      I'm from iran

    71. Green Cat

      Because of this video Bitlife added a random choice option

    72. Joshua Gaming

      my last name is dunkley

    73. Мария Шинкарева

      The game now has an option to leave choices to luck. I guess they got that idea from Kevin 😆

    74. Robert Andrews


    75. Mono4on

      you did better randomly, might try irl

    76. rojansfandoms 2002

      As an iranian person i welcome you here as we have zero imigarates🤣🤣 we all wanna get out

    77. Average Loser

      the like to dislike ratio makes me so moist

    78. John Smith

      This was really a good video, my stomach hurts from laughing. More RNG please, Mr. Dunkley.

    79. BobTheOrange12

      11:30 how do you edit that

    80. Utopss AKA PJ

      1:18 I rolled a 3, I guess i'm choosing the potato 😆🤣

    81. jamiedoesthings

      i really enjoy the way kevin can tack "I'm gonna start a gang war" onto the end of a sentence and have it sound completely natural

    82. cookiedome

      Lol I'm studying information systems and I still have no idea what its about

      1. Dr. Gaz Matic

        It's about you wasting your life and taking on crippling debt

    83. Loki Ro

      This is basically a bitlife run of a bipolar person

    84. Jón Hrólfsson

      4! Final decision.

    85. Robert Panek

      5:14 Kevin: Cuba that's a nice place to be fair Also Cuba: A communist country

    86. Bryce Dumas

      Gets vasectomy, returns to fertility clinic to donate sperm...

    87. GreyCan’tGame

      Lmao Cuba isn’t a nice place it’s under communism I have family there. Castro took it over and ruined my family legacy my relative Carlos Menual de Cespedes free’d Cuba back a few 100 years ago

    88. internet explorer

      I think that the generator is alive because these are pretty specific

    89. kirbyfan1023

      Kevin: hires a hit man on a lady Also Kevin: laugh Also also Kevin: Giving away all my money to charity once I die, that’s nice

    90. Mr. Alpha

      “I don’t wanna... but what do you want magic 8 ball” “GAMBLING”

    91. Jaxsterminator

      You used the "Surprise Me!" button before it existed.

    92. hodaya's channel

      Oh you look horrible here lol 😆

    93. Lee

      Kevin said be gay, do crimes. Multiple times lmao

    94. Johnthan Glover


    95. Hostage Murderer

      It's a bad idea for a trans person to emigrate to iran just sayin and one who became gay

    96. Hostage Murderer

      Wait hold on, why is there an option to get artificial insemination when you got reassignment surgery that's not how biology works

    97. Ed

      Bitlife but a random number generator makes every decision ? MORE LIKE BORE RAGNAROK! Day 77 Of me watching every single video posted by Call Me Kevin.

    98. I LOVE DOGS 3000

      I'm Exactly 61,000 in the likes. Imagine if I actually got that Comment like number😂.

    99. diskookpointed

      uhh please don't attack me but if you like BTS read the first thing under 23 years at 2:55

    100. James Demaine

      Not a very good random number generator