Plague Inc but I vaccinate the entire planet

Call Me Kevin

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    Plague Inc The Cure let me vaccinate the entire planet, I will do something good for once! Oh please god hurry with the real ones though
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    1. Chey but WHY?

      No way you're gonna cure them

    2. Panda Bear

      Here I am Location Location Location

    3. kevin skytte

      i feel offended

    4. Tumbledor & Trickster

      8:02 That jab at Donald Trump from the developers was amazing 10/10

    5. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    6. JRC99

      *witty topical comment*

    7. thankgodforcornwall

      I feel better watching this video. Makes me hope for the future 🙏

    8. Omni-Straid

      Kevin can come to Australia :D

    9. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      Kevin: Kevin is eradicated! Kevin is gone! Haha Kevins all over the world: *intense nervous sweating*

    10. lemme go

      "we really need to talk about Kevin" - and I remembered that pretty nice darl film with wonderful Tilda and Ezra Miller

    11. Ray Nightshade

      I like to beleave this is just Kevin's Cult spreading and the government is trying to stop it

    12. OmegaDMM

      Would have been way funnier if you picked China.

    13. ThatRose925

      Is Kevin okay?

    14. Ben Cross

      When kevin can vaccinate an entire planet and the UK spend 22 billion on test and trace we should worry

    15. Krissy Chacon

      Plague inc actually helped me cope with Covid.

    16. ChronoXShadow

      11:05 Kevin turned into Donald Trump lol

    17. SaTuRoChAn

      I want spain ö.ö no you get britain Ö_Ö

    18. theskycavedin

      The implications of the game modes are pretty gross. Like "experts mostly listened to" when here in the US our "medical experts" told people not to wear masks and endorsed mass protests in the middle of a pandemic. Or "people love wearing masks" when a majority of people, including in the US have been wearing masks despite some sensationalized cell-phone videos. The grossest thing to come out of all of this is the idea that we can blame our fellow humans for a god damn disease that no one in the world had any control over or ever really got a handle on. How can any society continue with such a mindset?

    19. Thunder Bird

      The Kevin vaccine is just soup in a needle

    20. SamChaucer

      It's oddly realistic, yet so scary that just people's amount of stupidity decides about the difficulty level of this.

    21. Six Th

      2:50 Kevin! You can't say that! People are too fragile to hear that! To hear the truth!

    22. Logan Wolv

      *politicians vaguely competent* I mean that would be a miracle irl.

    23. Danny Saarest

      The amount of people who don't understand why it's called CoViD-19 (and SARS-CoV-2) is baffling!

    24. Glitchy Glitchy

      2:59 This has basically been the American response to Covid19 here.

    25. Vera

      Kevin: we need to talk about Kevin Me: i understood that reference

    26. your animator

      Turns out its hard to get rid of kevin

    27. The Poet Tree

      Kevin is our saviour.

    28. Speczzz

      How do we stop the virus known as Kevin? Have you tried hitting it with a car?

    29. Demaree Wheeler

      Kevin what happened to your mic?

    30. Ashe

      (deletes youtube off my phone) kevin vaccine

    31. PhoenixSan

      Kevin: and I'm about to save the world Kevin, this isn't opposite day...

    32. Noneother80

      I like the new "end credits" format!

    33. Simon Schnedl

      Prague Inc doing more to save mankind than most politicians

    34. Demonata 35

      Ah yes wet lettuce hand shake

    35. ThatGreenDayFreak

      PLEASE play plague inc with Sean

    36. Night Orcid

      3:04 thanks for giving my mom a job (joking, but I find it funny cuz my mom does work in the contact tracing collabrative, or CTC)

    37. Mark Kukowski


    38. First Name Last Name

      It feels like we’re currently living in a reality where kevin is in charge of the pandemic

    39. Murlock

      I like how in this game you lose cuz few peps died but in my country they dont give a fuck and just waste money while doing nothing with to help just lockdown everything

    40. BannedFromTheaters

      "Wear masks everyone, sorry I said that so late" - the Dutch government.

    41. Gepard mic

      Trump will fail this game even in super easy. Plan do nothing is not a option, so why are foe still voting on him. This game are more realistic then real world.

    42. chris hines

      Boring video games are for killing people not for playing doctor

    43. CL0WN

      3:18 Is NOT kevin whenever he plays hitman..

    44. CL0WN

      0:17 is the part where he gets wide... 😐 8:44

    45. Faith Militant

      more like Kevid

    46. Mariane RB

      not the pewdiepie handshake 😭😭😭

    47. Miaulin K

      Awesome video! I always felt too guilty to play plague, but with a cure version, maybe I will play it!

    48. Galaxy warrior 66

      Dude I'm Italian and I swear we do not do that thing with our hands that often lol

    49. John Seder

      KEVID-21 is having a rough start it seems

    50. Laxx10n Nexis

      Wait I thought this was a sarcastic title. That's not Keven 👀

    51. SteveBRAAAHHH Gaming

      The Haunting starring Polterguy (Sega Genesis)

    52. Coyote Anon

      So korea is unified but Ireland isn't separate from the UK? I can't tell if this was laziness or if they were trying to piss people off.

    53. Matthew Allen

      "The world has lost faith in your ability to control the virus" And yet he's still doing a better job than Boris. Kevin for PM!!!

    54. Charlie Patterson

      “How is Canada doing this so well?” I wish Canada was handling rollout of the vaccine better in real life. Sincerely, a Canadian.

    55. Alleosus Squirt

      "We have to stop Kevin god damn it!" Sometimes, your biggest enemy is yourself... Or bigfoot, it could be him.

    56. curtisdrago

      You look mighty adorable in the color yellow, Kevin!! You bring out the sunshine I never see hahaha

    57. Jason France

      Play more rust pls

    58. AngryZombie808

      "People inject disinfectant" I think more people died because of disinfectant rather than the disease itself.

    59. Movemeister

      Kevin 2: Electric Boogaloo, the most lethal strain yet, humanity’s greatest threat...

    60. POOTIS Sandvich

      Now we know if we don't want Kevin to kill us, we can just clap and he'll be so spooked he runs away

    61. Sebastian Baca

      I feel like if Kevin was put in charge in making vaccines we may have more anti vaxxers

    62. Tori Humphreys

      Simps would gladly contract Kevin 🤡

    63. El Waldo

      Kevin: How is Canada doing so well Me a fellow Canadian: Because we ain't stupid

    64. des n

      Eeee viva españa

    65. wakeful

      god i can't believe the world fell to KEVID-19 again

    66. gorilla man

      the anti-vaxxers watchin this video like

    67. SaaliHealer

      “But we really need to talk about Kevin” Yeah I got the ref, I’m just that cool

    68. Reese Jensen

      Too bad the pandemic’s difficulty is Mega Ultra Super Brutal.

    69. Maskenplayer

      Kevin wants to save the world *has a look at the cheats*

    70. BAK Robert Johnston

      What if: multiplayer mode where one guy is the virus other guy is the people trying to stop the virus Yee

    71. Jean-Dominique wahl

      sometimes I think Kevin should really do the tutorial

    72. J11h44


    73. Sara Remi

      The title and thumbnail felt like false advertising. Kevin? Saving the world?

    74. ScaryCute13

      "Hey guys, my name is Kevin and Im about to cure the world" *fuck*

    75. zakosist

      1:02 since we're talking on the map, I've found out that Greece and Denmark is missing from the map. Are there more countries missing? Plague inc is where I learned the vast majority of my geography, so its kinda bad that map is wrong

      1. Smitology

        India and Bangladesh are combined, making it the most populated country, Chile and Argentina are combined, Spain and Portugal are combined, Central asia is combined, so no it's not very accurate

    76. Angelic Hunk

      Lmao he spent the whole video on bacteria. Love ya Kevin

    77. The Matchus

      This migth be the best ad for of a channel i've ever seen

    78. GFish 17

      These Difficulty Levels feel to real these days.

    79. maxsashatesyoutub even more!

      all this peps talking about why is it calld Covid 19, i don't understand.... i always thought it's called SARS-CoV-2? Because it is in fact the second SARS coronavirus? and only the WHO called it Covid 19? i think it's 19 because of the year it began to spread. stay safe don't let the system get you down peace

      1. Smitology

        SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the virus, COVID-19 is the name of the disease, its like how HIV is the name of the virus, AIDS is the name of the disease.

    80. masterpig5 S

      It’s here, at least a review version is here

    81. Ghost 69 Years ago

      Next episode: twitch chat controls plauge Inc

    82. CoolCookie

      I hate how realistic it is, especially because it was so easy when people just COOPERATED but of course people don't actually do that :(

    83. Capital X


    84. GinkaV

      World Health Organisation Simulator

    85. Muhammad Surtee

      The enemy is not the plague its anti vaxxers

    86. galllion

      spain includes portigul rip

    87. Incognito Cat

      Eugenicist Bill Gates be like: 🤤

    88. Jenn W

      "Wear masks, everyone. Sorry I said that so late." Art imitates life

    89. Hayden Roberts

      Wait you said you’ll pick Spain but then you pick UK off screen, sneaky boy! 😂

    90. RagingCakeMan

      Surprisingly innocent title for a call me Kevin video

    91. Karolina Pomian

      This literally sounds like what my country's authorities were doing

    92. Mooksym 31

      I thought he was going to say ''hey there friends how's it going my name is kevin and I'm about to say the N-word''

    93. Koert 34

      Day 43 of telling kevin: "Entertain ragnarok"

    94. Call Me Jim

      Day 11

    95. Mac Moore

      Still handled it better than Trump

    96. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 21 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    97. Brooke Wells

      kevin's like a SCP

    98. melanchronik

      i'm here to leave some appreciation for your thumbnails

    99. zillailluhr

      I ALSO hate a limp handshake, it’s disgusting :(

    100. Ray Sherman Sephiroth5200

      Kevin, seriously. Why in the hell do you snap your headphones?😯🤔😂