I ruined The Sims story mode

Call Me Kevin

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    I ruined The Sims story mode, although you could argue it was ruined to begin with
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    1. Nate Smith

      I finally finished the entire Sims playlist and I now demand more Jim ASAP.


      he is weird

    3. M Feit

      The old Sims UI just hits different

    4. バナナ

      “Stop thinking about me and almost vomiting!”

    5. Keva

      0:16 lolol i just about fell out of my seat

    6. Giggi Widit

      WOW this video mimics my life perfectly... Ill be sitting in my living room, eating burnt toast whilst watching two strangers ' dating ' in my communal back garden ... ( and I wish that I was joking lol )

    7. Bekah Rogers

      There is also a Pets one and a Castaway one.

    8. Bekah Rogers

      I vaguely remember this game, but I thought there was less fires

    9. Lisa W

      Graphics Rules Maker will fix the flashing walls and resolution. 👍

    10. yking1

      "I'm gonna put the carpet by the fire so you can lay by the fire" And that my friends is the reason Kevin is chaotic neutral

    11. Mike Hunt

      Does the Aunt ever come back? If she does, part 2 all the way!

    12. Seven Ellen

      Kevin's health tip: Burn calories, not houses.

    13. Wings of Dawn

      Petition to make Riley a character in the Sims 4 Jims Pickens Series? Sign Below:

    14. DiabolicalPaperClip

      what's the song at 10:55? i vaguely recognise it

    15. Mun Trip

      "I've eaten a pizza in the tub while drunk. Haven't we all" One Thanksgiving day i took a bunch of rolls, locked myself in the bathroom, and ate them all. So uh.... Yep definitely the kinda stuff everybody does at some point. -i also climbed out my very tiny bathroom window and I do not remember why-

    16. Sinki

      Please please please please continue those IT'S VITAL

    17. i lost the will to live

      you should add big chungus too your sims 4 family

    18. Zozo Phonchkey


    19. ChrisElsenbroek

      Oh wow I can't believe I have watched every single one fo these videos... wtf do I do now....

    20. Tonicha Cross

      Definitely want to see more sims videos always!! XD

    21. CallMeMaybe

      It's crazy to see how bad the graphics are in this version of Sims and now looking at the Sims we have now is pretty amazing

    22. Six Th

      0:19 ENA!??

    23. Crackhead Gnome

      How the hell is kevin getting these olden treasures?

    24. Mr Squirrel


    25. Scoootntootn

      For Sims 2 or any kind of Sims 2 spin off use Graphics Rule Maker it will make the game recognize your graphics card and set the smooth edging in game to high

    26. Fugly Nali

      I love how Kevin completely forgets taxis were a thing before we had uber

    27. winona winona

      Kevin please do another sims story mode vid!!!!!

    28. andreashen123

      16:51 I'm just gonna leave this here: irflow.info/award/vrvFqN6Rs7efwqs/fy-lm-h-y.html

    29. deniz turk

      Hey Kevin if you played this story to the end, she goes on a honeymoon in a coconut bra and says I've waited so long to wear it 🤣

    30. Sepia Smith

      6:06 month 11 in quarantine be like 10:05 my poor computer trying to run minecraft when I generate one (1) new chunk

    31. Démété

      “MY GROUND SPAGHETTI IS ON FIRE!” - Kevin 2021 -

    32. s.drxke


    33. Rachel

      4:10 I thought it was gonna say "press T to tickle"

    34. jktdart

      wait im going crazy, the music at 10:54 is from phoenix wright ace attorney right??? I CAN'T TELL FOR SURE AND IM TRYING TO REMEMBER

    35. Lario itsa me

      T H E H E Y G E B U T T O N

    36. Honig Blümchen

      His life story bout sims is MY life story

    37. Marisa Hardt

      This some kind really hurts to look at 😂

    38. Lauren Skinner

      Hey Kevin, how have you got Sims 2 to work on Windows 10? I want to kill my friends and family just like Papa Kev. Big fan of yo’ vids btw ❤️

    39. Jordan T. Morgan

      Do more.

    40. Jeremandre

      More sims 2 please!!

    41. Cheechee Cho

      Yes ruin her life more Kevin

    42. Cannon Iacocca

      Do you ever think that we are just sims, and psychopaths are just people being inhabited by our players

    43. SaTuRoChAn

      hahaha making a fire chain XDD "noo I want the pc Ö_Ö" XDD

    44. Iril Opatia

      Kevin, do more please

    45. Richard Hansen


    46. ZoraXire

      "gets up, washes her hands, gets up and washes her hands, gets up...." sounds like the first 3 months of covid lock down to me....

    47. Koko Shaw

      Hear me out... 100 Baby Challenge: Father Edition. Just indiscriminately sow the seeds of your patriarchy around Sim City 🤣

    48. Marcel Gloddek

      8:40 one of the best scenes KEVIN I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS😂😂🤣🤣 keep ob this good work👍🏿

    49. Lovin’ Sims

      Classic Kevin!

    50. Noah Wattel

      0:09 feckin EA Here's the main game if you are lucky you can get it in a sale for 20~ euro's here's 10 expansions all being the same price or twice as much as the main game. It wasn't as bad yet with sims 2 but now with sims 4 you'll probably end up having to pay like 500+ euro's if you want everything. Some expansion even have things that sims 2 just had in the base game like some items and the ability to make a shops and stuff. like quite a few thing that were base game things in sims 2 were moved to expansion DLC $€£$€£$€£$€£$€£.

    51. Gary The wise

      EA: that's no bug it's a feature

    52. Jamie Henderson

      “What are the odds of having a fire twice?” - Kevin, after two fires have already happened

    53. Patrik Bóka

      Imagine if he resurrected the mother plant and then Turg would have to fight it.

    54. Roisin X

      Kevin we all need another video of this ASAP

    55. Tommy Rally

      Please do more videos with The Sims 2. You are so funny :)

    56. Matticus Madness

      _”Do some cultures eat off the floor?”_ Can I recommend the Australians?

    57. Shelbie Grimsley

      Would love to see more of this lol you’re fantastic

    58. BigBoomer101

      The furniture brings me back. Not to the old son games but it brings me back to how the interior design use to be back then. My house still be like that and so I wish that sims 4 has that furniture to make it more homey and nostalgic looking.

    59. Berna Erüstün

      I usually pee on the neighbor’s house during the party and than clean up the floor and back home as a peezer, brush my teeth in the kitchen and go to bed. So this is why I play Second Life , there aren’t books about unicorns, mostly creepies, furries, mutated animals and succ

    60. Aeris Akamatsu

      "y'know after doing 3 reps i've decided that i don't like working out and i'm going to go home" wow mood

    61. Framany2

      I love, love, love these Videos. Helps a lot in the Lockdown. Though I have A question. What is Kevin's Accent? The pronounciation of the Rs sounds funny sometimes! Not being rude... I'm just curious

    62. wolfiewifie

      Kevin having his sims use the toilet after showering makes me uncomfortable.

    63. Kaylee Keen

      I fell asleep while watching this and an ad played for like a whole hour ur welcome for the money kevin

    64. Kristy Watkins

      I feel like mickey was patronizing you when he was laughing so hard RAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

    65. Peter Downey

      U should play the sims 2 on PSP it has its own unique improved story

    66. In Vis

      20:17 well you see I made it a Someone else’s or the shop....

    67. this cant brie

      this is becoming one of my comfort videos heh

    68. Jacob Hanshew

      "I'm selling your smoke alarm" "uh, the place is on fire"

    69. TheOneBoQuA

      We want among us!

    70. AM N

      How are this friggin hilarious Kevin, I do not laugh out loud. I simply don't. Except at your commentary LLLLOOOOOLLLL at 2 AM.

    71. milkyeon

      Poor Riley lol

    72. aes 3000

      more Sims Story Mode pls

    73. Pbnj

      Dude, it's always been weird playing that story with her having the same last name as me and pretty much looking like me as well.

    74. Zee Bubblez


    75. Yuliia Doll

      Can someone explain how the heck he got this game to work? I've tried so many times, and I'm losing hope

    76. Anti- Social

      I didnt know this existed and thank god i didnt

    77. Hannah Charlesworth

      "He was dry heaving at the thought of me" I almost spat my drink out

    78. Sihle Tladinyane

      i would like to see more, please and thank you. #bigfan

    79. hjfgh


    80. JayHarring


    81. takkun!

      more pleeeeeeeaassseeeee

    82. Aimee Waller

      please do another episode, this is the best thing ever

    83. gracie driggers

      Yes let's please RUIN RILEY'S LIFE SOME MORE :)

    84. Kristoffer Friis Knudsen

      tried getting my old sims2 game up and running. gave up on day 2.

    85. Daniella Lopez

      me when i heard that music - did a Hispanic mom come to the house or what lol>

    86. OARFISH

      Who else switched devices at 10:00 to make sure it wasn’t their bad internet

    87. Xegethra

      I played the Castaway version of this, on PC and PSP.

    88. Sarah Muller

      oh my god, I remember those flashy red walls. i got them too once on windows xp and i could not for the life of me figure out why and i was so annoyed lol in hindsight, the game probably doesn't recognize the computer's graphic card

    89. FreeAim Dog

      kevin literally roasted his sims character to death

    90. Pukapi

      Kevin I’m begging you to play sims 2 castaway on the PC it’s so good

    91. Gianna Clark

      this is my favorite sims game hands down ive played it through like 8 times.

    92. toh ping Tiang

      Like how people go to the gym to take selfies. Death is kind of kinky. Wearing a lace see thru robe

    93. Elizabeth Owens

      this brings me so much nostalgia thank you

    94. Rain spirit

      and now the headcanon of mickey and riley being jim's grandparents are gonna be a thing

    95. LavenderLilac

      I was playing this...it's the only sims game I can find for my old laptop...and then the disc wore out. I was trying to ruin Riley's life, but sadly didn't get to finish. :{ I hope you play more Kevin.

    96. Draconifors

      I reflexively leaned back in my chair at 4:13, that's how much I hate tickling. :D

    97. Yenny Zenny

      “I’m getting serial killer vibes from you” The serial killer watching this: **QUICKLY TURNS OFF IRflow**

    98. Simone

      OMG when Kevin said coochiechoociecoo I felt so ticklish haha Thought he was gonna tickle me right through my phone😂

    99. MagicalGirlGamer

      Hey Kevin try Sims 2 Graphics Rule Maker to get Sims 2 working properly. It'll fix the resolution, make it use more ram and get it to recognise a modern graphics card. That will fix the flashing graphics issue a lot of the time, its apparently something to do with it using more ram than the game allows (I don't know computers so excuse me if I'm wrong).

    100. Apathetic and Aesthetic

      " im off to see gym~ " " theres another guy?? " " *oh the house is on fire* "