Skyrim but it's destroyed by twitch chat

Call Me Kevin

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    Skyrim Chaos mod but twitch chat is in control which means there is no control at all.
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    1. UnknownError747

      What mod is this or service kind of thing

    2. Adrians

      I'm amazed no one put start all quests command

    3. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    4. 이태양

      13:56 aurora horse-ealis? at this time of year?

    5. No-one Likes you

      I so need to see more of this lol. go to Solstheim and ask the chat to spawn 100 neloths when you go to fight seekers in apocrypha, as well as a mudcrab parade using alteration spells.

    6. possible puzzles

      I'm VERY disappointed.about the lack of references...

    7. Hey Now

      This was golden lol.

    8. Burcu the Badass Dursun

      HEY APPLE 😁

    9. gab bee

      kevin i must say i love the new outro screen

    10. Adil Taibassarov

      King Theoden invades Skyrim

    11. Brandon Malcolm

      The omniscient spain jointly murder because cooking selectively soak next a savory mail. boundless, lazy flock

    12. fishpop

      Kevin worries about keeping his string of horses fed even though he has infinite apples. Fun fact: i looked up what a group of horses is and the word String refers specifically to a group that's all owned by one person. In this case; Kevin.

    13. 『CalypsoMelypso』

      Game: you know, you can drop apples to avoid getting encumbered- Kevin: I don't want to. I gotta eat the apples that have been given to me by my community Me: awwwwww thanks Kevin, that's very sweet ☺

    14. Just a MuffHugger

      “I’m just gonna call him pain” Excellent choice

    15. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 15 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    16. Joyjellyface

      since when does Skyrim not already have the chaos mod installed?

    17. Todd Howard

      *Todd is pleased with your pain*

    18. Bluejay

      gta 4 chaos mod?

    19. Rick Rollz

      I love you, Kevin.

    20. Amy with a Y

      Twisted my knee slipping on ice I was in so much pain I was crying my eyes out on the sofa. Till I put on this video and you made me laugh, thanks Kevin.

    21. driphella

      "You know what they say... Orcs and horses."

    22. k96man

      Kevin does the Steve Jobs diet

    23. FabulouslyDani

      Skyrim has become a very odd horse game!

    24. Chloe

      how does chaos mod work for Twitch? I want to do chaos mode but for other games other than skyrim and gta

    25. D B

      still fewer bugs than original skyrim

    26. NagaGinn

      Blessings of the mad god.

    27. Cole Tucker

      Hungry for apples?

    28. NoForksGiven

      Chat: Can I offer you an apple in these trying times?

    29. Ryan Daniels

      Love you kevin

    30. Caleb Clark

      Some Horses Go to Heaven (But That One is Going to Hell) new feature film coming soon to VHS from CMK Studios!

    31. GAnime88

      You can't just leave this with only one video!

    32. Gracie C

      I'miterally deceased this was hilarious Im so sad I missed this stream

    33. tommyd7666

      What would you like to eat sir? Kevin: *apples*

    34. Memes that no one will find

      Ok look, RDR2 with chaos mod

    35. Crazy’s Cringe Content Bonanza

      Now do it in VR

    36. Will's adventures

      after wathing over their child, the guardian horses could rise to their origional home.

    37. paco taco

      Try to play with doug doug kevin

    38. paco taco

      Reminds me of doug doug

    39. Derrick Taylor

      So happy just got into Skyrim a few months back

    40. Someone Something

      Skyrim sucks, lol.

    41. In Vis

      The power of horses....

    42. In Vis

      4:27 give them APPLES Kevin

    43. In Vis

      A Kevin a day keeps the doctor away..... or does it jk

    44. Charlatan

      Why apples and not soup?

    45. Mr. Freakshow

      Aww those horseies are going to heaven😇🤣🤣🤣

    46. Neceros

      lmao level 2

    47. Neceros

      F5 is quicksave...

    48. Neceros

      Annoying when you zoom in so much. Really would have loved to see what people were doing in the top right corner. Shame.

    49. Christian Marshall

      if chat had spawned 5000+ soups, would Kevin have eaten them?

    50. Nick Lopez

      14:02 It’s like Hogwarts all over again

    51. Katelyn Risner

      I got a tik tok ad about apples in this video.... Hmmm

    52. Oddivia

      Murdering all these horses is DEFINITELY not vegan.

    53. Dimond man Weigel

      Please try to use the chaos mod in red dead redemption 2 ples Kevin ples its my favorite game

    54. Lucius Foyil

      Kevin is the guy in math equations who buys 5293 apples at a time and eats 3012 of them when he gets home.

    55. Awesome Fire Newt Gladiator

      This would be better of it was more like the gta mod. Where it gives 4 to choose from and it's on a timer

    56. RPG Is Life

      I got a new riddle: "How many horses does it take to kill a giant?"

    57. Enemy and Friend

      does anyone know the song name playing at 11:27 ?

    58. budaroddy

      Play Morrowind maybe? Pls

    59. Liran Senderowsky

      Kevin: Eats 300 apples because he’s over encumbered. Chat: Gives him 500 more.

    60. HBGamer10

      honestly skyrim is already glitchy and chaotic and this makes even more chaotic honestly best mod ever

    61. Lance Hardwood

      “The problem of being faster than the speed of light is that you’ll always live in darkness”... Dam Kevin. Sounds like something I’d hear in feckin Batman or something hahaha

    62. Pain

      Someone said pain?

    63. The Sauce

      Hungry for apples!?

    64. AegisRing

      The only thing is that we had to pay to use the chaos mod

    65. TexasToast712

      The people can eat the horses before they starve. Problem solved.

    66. Nightwalker L

      "Mid conversation im just like,,,, guess ill die! 🤷‍♂️" SAME

    67. João Júnior

      the intro gameplay is like HELLgen

    68. Me and Stuff

      Plague inc with chaos mod would be mental

    69. Nightwalker L

      Im begging you to do more of this it was the best thing I've seen on this channel for the years I've been here, 💀 this level of interactiveness with you is what I've been craving

    70. BronzeJourney

      0:33 People who played and ok with this garbage(which is more than 10 years old btw), now calling Cyberpunk buggy. With using which part of my body should i laugh at this right now?

    71. Tevin Wilkerson

      Best chaos mod so far. Absolute horse legion ftw.

    72. ProjectFlashlight612

      Woe betide the toilet that must face a man who has eaten 360 apples in one sitting.

    73. LeoUltima Upgraded

      Kevin the horse god

    74. NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton

      9:23 His laugh omfg

    75. Tabasco Sauce

      Kevin: **literally can't get up** Also Kevin: *"this is fine"*

    76. Bronwen Greenfield

      "Nightmare problem?" Not anymore. Life problem? Also no. 🤣

    77. Alex Newman


    78. Sneften the Tapion

      this was missing one thing.. CHEESE

    79. Jake Miller

      9:39 And thus begins the rise of the Mongol Empire

    80. Ross' Workshop

      14:01 "This would be a good painting!" Challange accepted.

    81. Ruth Jarvis

      The logic in this game is completely flawed. Not because of the multitude of horses spawning but because if you ate all of those apples that were on your person, technically you'd still weigh a similar amount because they'd now be IN your person - minus the apple cores.

    82. cthulumitsu

      "there will be folk lore about this" needs to be on merch.

    83. Carsonlytical

      haha great content as always

    84. EJRI1

      At this rate, Kevin is more likely to die from cyanide poisoning than to be killed by a dragon !

    85. JhongYT

      Kevin, what are you gonna name your character? Kevin: "Pain! That's it."

    86. dj slime time

      kevin: just give me apples! *monkey's paw curls*

    87. Kinky Slinky

      kevin became a math problem with 3467 apples and about 456 horses

    88. Victoria Childs

      Do the dark brotherhood quests with chaos mod, please. It would be massively entertaining if nothing else

    89. Devin Hunter Myers

      teachers would ask for them apples

    90. Dakota Jensen

      The best part is not only does Kevin get apple's, it's a multiple of 5. Apple stonks goin UP!

    91. SkyHigh Fadedguy

      When Kevin realizes the chats become Jim Pickins

    92. The Zest 01

      Me in Math class: When am I ever going to have meet someone with 200 apples?! Me now: oh....

    93. The Zest 01

      Kevin is the guy that our teacher warned us about in the Math problems

    94. Lewis Garner

      Reminds me of doug Doug

    95. Hozic

      Free food and horses for everyone

    96. Hare Krishna Uncommon pastimes

      As if skyrim needed a chaos mod 😄 . Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rāma Hare Rāma Rāma Rāma Hare Hare✔ Anyone who sees,hears,or remembers the name of Krishna is sure to benefit eternally,of that there is no doubt.

    97. Full Narrative

      Kevin could have saved more of his apples if he chose to level up. If he upgraded his stamina he could have increased his inventory space for more apples

    98. joan lamrack

      at this point, I wished a DnD player created a horse wizard character in one of their campaign. it gotta be hilarious XD

    99. mattkidroske


    100. Tyler

      *Kevin uploading like 8 chaos mod videos* "Do you remember GTA chaos mod videos? "