I installed too many mods and ruined GTA V

Call Me Kevin

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    I installed too many mods and ruined GTA V. Don't worry officer Kevin has got things under control.
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    1. JordanWilliamsMusic

      14:07 ghost scooter had a rabbit driving it

    2. Supreme Leader of Autism

      12:54 His accent disappeared.

    3. Beatmydickerson

      Why does he look like a clansman 😂

    4. Darth Vader

      2:46 when you pull over a guy to let him know his tail light is out but you see he’s black

    5. Maxwell Mackie


    6. JulesOnly

      4:59 That cracked me up! xD

    7. JulesOnly

      I never understood (and never will) why some people dislike your videos, you are the most wholesome and sympathetic person I know.

    8. Elladen436

      This entire video is just instant karma

    9. Stripes

      Lmao that was not a ghost scooter that was obviously your average rabbit on a scooter

    10. C H

      That wasn't a ghost scooter, a rabbit was driving it (which might actually make less sense).

    11. Madeline Goldsworthy

      The rabbit riding a scooter 😂

    12. random girl

      “I’ve learned if they ram you it’s your fault” That’s quite literally American police for ya-

      1. Lan zhan giving hints to Wei Ying but hes oblivious

        yes quite literally

    13. Whats-My-Fandom

      2:57-3:09 LMFAO

    14. Grey ?

      15 minutes in and Kevin has already committed police brutality and a attempted hit & run, gotta love the CallMeKevin IRflow channel.

    15. xBlueWolf

      "if you saw this thing pull you over what would you do?" probably either laugh or run away, regardless of consequence.

    16. Alex Giovanelli

      "eeehhhhh, what's this called again....?" "commandeering a vehicle?" "ah! abuse of power :)" jesus christ 😂😂😂

    17. Speed6 -God

      it was a rabbit not a ghost on the scooter

    18. The Man 2.0

      Just imagine what the world would be like if the chaos mod was real and existed in our everyday lives.

      1. C H

        **Spawn Extreme Griefer Jesus**

    19. Cerise_skies _

      14:07 Why is there a rabbit on that scooter?? I can't with this mod lmao

    20. j gaming

      Time to arrest jesus

    21. Jester Wifi

      “The Ghost scooter” tfw actually a rabbit

    22. Tabasco Sauce

      Imagine getting in a car accident, getting the sh*t beaten out of you by a cop who *f l y s a w a y*

    23. Chef_Moquin95

      Let me taze them. Plz for the love god make sure it was actually the tazer

    24. Bob Smith


    25. I Love Bread

      Pronounce the mod like flints food machine from cloudy with a chance of meatballs

    26. Fred Ranzalot

      5:41 "at some point you'd think my guy'd say 'hmm, maybe stopping someone stealing a car isn't worth murdering ten people...'" You must've forgotten, Kevin, this game is set in America.

    27. Cherry669

      3:04 to 3:12 we just...gonna ignore that bad ass stunt...?

    28. UnLogical

      You looked like a kkk member (kevin's kool klub)

    29. Nove Cat

      Very good

    30. Riinkz

      This is too realistic for me...


      14.07 there was a rabbit on scooter🤣🤣🤣

    32. nsk

      nobody commenting on his first outfit? o.o made the most fitting choice

    33. SaTuRoChAn

      Love it xD so funny xD the chaos mod is sometimes so much more fun if it is not twitch chat xD because you really don't know what happens xD

    34. Clare LG

      that combination of headgear makes this cop look like a KKK member. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT

    35. Filip Bień

      M o r e

    36. Filip Bień


    37. Nicholas Betts

      14:07 R A B B I T B I K E

    38. Matthew Jones

      6:16 hmm nice bike.

    39. Bellandora

      I love how 30 seconds after getting an RPG, Kevin just shot it at a group of cars

    40. Nick Lopez

      15:30 i want to see the mods you made

    41. Nick Lopez

      14:05 that wasnt a ghost scooter, it was a bunny on a scooter

    42. Nick Lopez

      11:55 you mean turner and hooch?

    43. Nick Lopez

      7:25 did you not see the car go fly up

    44. John Towe

      "Let me get my tazer"

    45. XeroPulse

      So his character is a cop in the KKK? Sounds like "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" 😂

    46. Dante Galluzzo

      We should fix our police system so if a cop does something wrong we can spawn in griefer Jesus.

    47. ׄ

      That cop mod reminds me of your old modded gta 4 videos. I miss those days.

    48. Immortal Absol

      More please :)

    49. Son of A Dead Meme

      "that one was a ghost scooter and was still getting in my way" The rabbit sitting on the back of the seat: am i a joke to you?

    50. Son of A Dead Meme

      all fun and games till you get pulled over by a low-budget klansman with no arms

    51. Jewelson Noronha

      14:06 That's no ghost scooter. That's a bunny on a moped.

    52. Deez Nughts

      You need a part 2 of exactly this again and see how many you can arrest in like 2 hours

    53. Pokabrows

      Good video, but a little disappointed from the title. I mean you only destroyed GTA5 using 2 mods? I know you can definitely manage to fit way more mods in to destroy the game and you should. I would like a sequel where you try to play with wayyy more mods than this.

    54. Debz Baumaus

      Police brutality: the simulator

    55. Thecrock 1234

      I am not sure if anyone said this yet but he sounds almost like nanojenix saying this 4:31

    56. Jerry

      Definitely looks like a kkk member :/

    57. Storj Washington

      Kevin where do you get your mods

    58. Fonkey Monkey

      6:35 police when they see a non-white person walking the streets

    59. Furn Iture

      Still not a fan of the God jokes. It's purely disrespectful and not appreciated. For a Catholic Kevin really does not seem to care.

    60. Neffectual

      "Hi friends - " My wife: FUCK OFF KEVIN

    61. Serotonin Scavenger

      This is exemplary cop behavior for 2021 lol

    62. Amy Strader

      the fact kevin is able to tell the difference between a taser and 5 guns just shows how he’s actually better than the real police

    63. 3DArts&Crafts

      "Hold on, the parachute is just for show!?" Famous last words

    64. noone nobodyington

      You can insert the harry potter theme earrape at literally any point in the video and it would work

    65. Average Loser

      this mod is so weird it’s like online merged with single player

    66. smooth sharky

      how do u get mods

    67. Daniel Lennart

      "Officer Dunce down!"

    68. А. Хмелевский

      Okay, rabbit on the scooter got me

    69. ToriTori

      14:06 nobody is gonna talk about the "ghost scooter" having a bunny on it 😭😂?

    70. Joel Deakin

      I'm sorry but that landing after the flying cars buff ended was so smooth somehow?!

    71. Aj Hinojosa

      Wait I'm a bit confused. I've been following the GTA V chaos mod in chronological order. What happened? Is this a stream or something he did? Cause I'd like to know who this officer character is and stuff. Lol also funny as always :)

    72. Zane Colon

      that ghost scooter was ran by a rabbit

    73. Coolest _Pinneapple

      Maybe I'm just being paronoid but with everything happening in the US are you sure this video is a good idea. We know your comedy Kevin but Twitter doesn't.

    74. Christopher Busby

      He made his character look like a budget KKK member and asked what we'd think if we were pulled over by that..... Just another day in America I guess (This is a joke) But honestly oh my goodness that outfit sent me

    75. Katrina O'Brien

      Kevin, did you. . . did you really not notice that the 'ghost scooter' had a RABBIT driving?

    76. that one bastion main


    77. Rick Hilton

      Your outfit looks like something a try hard would wear in GTAO

    78. Neutral Boxing Chat

      That was not a ghost scooter at 14:08. It was, however, a bunny.

    79. Icekreamkat


    80. Dopest

      Play GTA Rp!

    81. Alvru Azeredo


    82. Dylan Greer

      You're a good cop, Marney 😉👍

    83. Johan Ugalde

      I’ll to see him to collab with Radal

    84. Bad Wolf

      8:54 this game is way too realistic

    85. Casper Cascade

      why was i expecting u to get a gun after saying "let me grab my taser"

    86. Shelvor

      Can you drop the mod list

    87. KolaBreh

      Can’t believe this hasn’t been marked down yet for having him look like KKK...

    88. Chris Michaels

      “Commandeering a vehicle? No, an abuse of power.” ACAB Kevin 👍

    89. Dakota Andrews

      I like how for Kevin, even just two mods is too much.


      kevin, a man that kills for fun but still knows the difference between a tazer and a gun

    91. madison boyd

      even kevin, who has only been a cop for 4 minutes, can tell the difference in a taser and a gun so why cant the real cops

    92. fatpasty 2101

      3:42 American peaple know

    93. soyburgerman

      0:42 this character looks oddly reminiscent of a certain group of people that may or may not have had questionable historical backgrounds

    94. D. W.

      Kind of wanna see this without the randomizer. . .

    95. Gauge ìkćórwąŃ

      6:38 Kevin is trying to steal Kiki's Job!

    96. Ren

      2:47 Kevin roleplaying as an American cop is really good

    97. Tavin Prosser

      9:04 eren jaeger in a nut shell

    98. Robert Pirlot

      Police Stop Crime? Have you been watching America? Police are the criminals, and even attacked out Capitol. He looks like a normal American Police Officer.

    99. lillost

      Kevin play No Pixel server. You’d run that whole place in no time AND make friends along the way!

    100. TBM552

      "Is this what Mexico looks like" during sunrise I thought chaos had a random nuke event or some crap