I tried to become a British Landlord and this happened

Call Me Kevin

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    I tried to become a British Landlord and this happened, I took on too many things at once :(
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    1. Whiterun Guard

      25:27 wait does Kevin watch Paradise PD

    2. Alexander Ritzel

      Imagen the House he would build

    3. Jaxon Griffin

      1:13 *Landlordovania*

    4. Ian Jordan

      Kevin turning the motion blur off, then on again, then complaining about the motion blur gives me life

    5. YouReyKarr

      This game is a little less confusing if you can read. Hot tip :)

    6. Alex Evans

      Wow the devs really did a good job on making Slough

    7. Nuss

      He said "Barred from the bar" as Irish as one possibly can

    8. theone2show

      Every time Kevin runs into a car, he gets 'Nam flashbacks Love ya really, Kevin 💜

    9. Jimmy 42o

      nobody literely nobody British people living off benefits " 11:10 "

      1. Jimmy 42o


    10. Stovacious

      I definitely got sick

    11. Lil Barnacle Fan Channel

      Brits put ham after everything or shire💀

    12. Andy B

      "Limitless earning potential" Yay! You can get a job selling essential oils to karens!

    13. Cory Morris

      We need more of this

    14. Patrick Martin

      I was thinking you were a landlord lost the property then got kicked out of northern Ireland. That would be funny. I hope I'm right.

    15. Darth Stro

      Insurance fraud, runs straight into a 🚘

    16. Sunnie

      This is painfully British.

    17. Matt C

      That font and background bring back so many memories.

    18. Sir Fetched, Pokéchad

      "I'm drunk and i stink" So, like every Irish person, aye?

    19. Ani Forte

      Grapes of Wrath vibes but the opposite country

    20. D.B Cooper

      Crack house turning into a crack home

    21. -DREV-

      Big My Summer Car vibes

    22. Charles Bronson

      Play little nightmares again

    23. Amber

      A pub not opening until midday in Britain - unrealistic.

    24. Amber

      It's Britain - everyone can be found in the pub.

    25. explosu

      Me: Fuck all landlords Kevin: Today and only today I will play a landlord in a game that is not real Me: Commodification of shelter is good and ethical actually :)

    26. Undying Zombie


    27. Guro- Blue-kun

      I heard fridge showers are a real problem in Kevin neighbourhood.

    28. Ashkii

      "Let's turn motion blur off" *turns it on*

    29. NervousKraken

      By the way he made that concrete, I'm almost suprised he didn't pour sugar into it.

    30. Joanne Mayor

      This brings back so many fond memories of my job hunting here in Blighty.

    31. Uncle Berry

      it is very acurate.

    32. Paige Crimp

      The song sounds like madness 😂

    33. nickmoney

      After seeing a lot of your videos, I don't think I want to be friends with Kevin. Probably not best person to know, only bad things happen lol

    34. Charlie Sharp

      As someone who has literally been begging my British landlord to evict me so I can get out of this contract and my hellish living situation, 25 seconds in and this has already hit way too hard

    35. Xavier Bostwick

      This is the weirdest thing that I have ever seen

    36. Wolf Bong

      Lol *"And this happened"* what happened to the tiles like for example *"Landlord but I ruin peoples lives"*

    37. Judy

      not me thinking the song at the beginning said "landlord senpai" and just not questioning it

    38. Frogsreprettycool

      Finish da house Kevin

    39. Mrm1cros

      As an English person has lived in a rented house I can confirm this is 100% accurate

    40. Just Your Average Nerd

      Yeah, sounds about right.

    41. Baking Bad

      It only costs like 50 pounds to become a landlord...

    42. teacup salamander

      NOooo Kevin don't become a class traitor

    43. Gleamiarts

      The minimum wage in 2012 was £5, so £4 p/h in the 80s was a lot

    44. Ziggy

      18:25 Is that a reference to Jim’ll Fix It? The words on the barrow match up but if so that’s definitely sus

    45. watsonjesse93

      His late uncle left him a business that's called m and sons lol he never loved his own kids I guess

    46. Gamerschmitt

      I call BS. Not realistic at all. Not showering does not incur you to the wrath of flies.

    47. Dead memes and broken Dreams

      Wow it’s crazy because you can also evict people in fable. You should complete that game

    48. Yeet Smith

      mao did nothing wrong

    49. Silas Andrews

      23:20 when my dad wakes me up at 7am to help with house projects

    50. The Majastic Creature

      wd40.... oil...

    51. Ajc 7575

      *turns motion blur on* “Why is there motion blur?”

    52. Alex Byrom

      British simulator, the path to success is to just steal everything.

    53. Call Me Jamskii

      Please keep playing this xD

    54. Grea Rhem

      The yawning sounds so much like Kevin that I get so confused everytime I hear it

    55. Freya O'Brien

      Not the guy who’s trying to break in being called ‘Scouse’ Jimmy

    56. Barbara

      I can confirm this is what Britain looks like, weeing on people, mouldy throws, and the smog sky is all normal

    57. Kingy209

      Trust me British People are also really pale

    58. Shnooks

      2:28 is that an epiphone?

    59. The Merciless

      This looks like britist postar without the extreme level of violence.

    60. Big Ol Brainworm

      1:04 Jokes on you! I'm always si- HUUUAGGHHH

    61. Jack Foster

      I need more

    62. Michael Allen

      1:00 almost unsubscribed for my personal health

    63. LanSpectre

      The theme song made me think of a game I used to play like nearly 20 years ago called Rock Manager and it had all these songs sing in that voice

    64. kelroy2121

      Someone side stepping a car I'd be in would be the coolest and scariest thing at the same time

    65. Chase Nagel

      please more lmao

    66. TakeShotAction

      More of this one please Kevin loool :D

    67. Mizz

      The wonky weather is the same in Australia one minute it's sunny next minute it's hailing

    68. Amanda Poirier

      *Me running to go buy a random game Kevin played even though I'll play it once and never again*

    69. Paige Riniker

      I hope you do more of this game, rlly enjoyed!

    70. Chrispy


    71. Franz Pattison

      "I'm just going to sleep because the day is miserable." -me for the entirety of 2020 and probably 2021 too

    72. Franz Pattison

      You should play that game where you're a building manager in Soviet Russia and you have to spy on your tenants

    73. Alastair Reader

      Finish. This. Game.

    74. esox202

      Half the Viewers just got sick he said, as i turn my head trying to not having to vomit.

    75. Karasene 13

      I absolutely loved this, and thenother games by this same Dev. I wish Kevin would play more of this, but I know its not his style. Will be playing it myself, but hope they get some of the bugs fixed 1st. 💖👍

    76. Zoee 329

      2:23 yeah pretty much

    77. Default the bro

      "Why does no one want a moldy cushion?" - Kevin 2020

    78. Clare LG

      i’d love this to be a mini series i wanna see the house get finished so he can be a landlord

    79. The cake

      Something about this game makes me waaaaaayyy too uneasy... and sick. Could not get through further than 2min in :( Its not Kevin - Its just the game itself... t.t

    80. Lucy Fur

      Please do more of this game!

    81. Wackybatman202

      America be like 0:35

    82. Kelroy Lovel

      A landlord being the worst person ever? Sounds about right

    83. the mighty J


    84. Jack Cutter

      "I'm pretty sure there's still motion blur" Yes well you see Kevin, the thing is.. YOU DIDN'T TURN IT OFF 😂

    85. Awesome Fire Newt Gladiator

      I need more

    86. Daniel Cole

      Kevin: "I'm going to become a landlord!" Also Kevin: spends a week wandering around, drinking, getting barred and throwing bricks at things before even accessing his property.

    87. Willis _

      Glad to see the Yogscast guarantee holding out in this game

    88. yeeting courier

      he is a bri"ish landlord

    89. Jacob McElwee24


    90. 3ountyhunter FTW

      25:28 That wouldn't happen to be a reference to Angry Cop's "This Old CrackHouse" series? Likely not since he's US based.

    91. Leo Velli

      This game is actually glorious lmao. Are there any other episodes of this game?

    92. SaTuRoChAn

      this looks like a fun game xD can't wait till it is finished XD I will buy it when it is out of early access :D

    93. Jacob Tooley

      When you disable the motion blur only to immediately turn it back on and then complain about it

    94. Swiss

      6:34 "Is your refridgerator running?" *well its too late now its already down the road*

    95. Madeline K

      20:04 i love the beatles

    96. Nameless _

      Kevin's life tip #4040: WD40 works for anything, especially cooking.

    97. Stefan M.

      11:36 People will buy old junk. They can often be fixed up or salvaged for parts, and either one can be sold for a profit. You are doing it independently, but the people that originally sold the old junk can also be part of a company. I used to work for one where I handled and sold the smaller items, often electronics. The company would take old items the previous owners did not know what to do with and sell them at a profit to people who did (by that, I mean we usually sold them on eBay for dirt cheap). We called ourselves a "reclamation company", but I think that was more of an informal thing.

    98. Andy B

      I have absolutely no idea what the heck is going on in this game but I can confirm this is an uncannily accurate reaction of life in Britain.

    99. ImWhatTheKidsCallLit

      keep playing this til you beat it

    100. Jake Miller

      17:45 Kevin's supposedly 100% Irish, but he sure sounds like a Dane rn