A game where you need to be silent but I won't shut up

Call Me Kevin

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    A game that requires complete silence, my biggest weak point
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    1. Mary Philips

      i was like wtf

    2. Lew Harding

      That beginning though I really thought my speakers wasn’t working. 🤣🤣🤣

    3. Ben_ marlor35

      Why is the btk killer in this 😂

    4. Mc Steeley

      Damn you got me with that intro 😅

    5. Madtown Animal House

      Fuck i just rewatched this and kevin got me good there

    6. The best looking baboon ever

      i totally didnt put my volume to the max in the intro

    7. Annoyed Tsundere

      0:00 he got me

    8. The crazy Pineapple

      the start actually got me

    9. Owen

      “Why do you have an Irish accent?” “Because I’m Irish funnily enough.”

    10. Chloejane Thomas

      You had us in the first half

    11. Giorno's Dad

      Me: has dodgy, old headphones, and starts to go to check them when the sound isn't playing Kevin: DoN't WoRrY yOuR sPeAkErS aReNt BroKeN :D

    12. Carl Allred

      Good job with the start. You got me. I liked the video seconds after

    13. WhoKilledMarilynn

      i thought my headphones were broken because of the intro oml

    14. Calum Sanderson

      Me opening a bag of smiths: Classic Chip

    15. Jdogge

      Yes high school dxd

    16. Spyro 132

      Hahaha fuck you Kevin haha I stop the video at the start turned my phone up all the way and replayed the start haha you scared the shit out of me hahaha (nice one haha)

    17. Frox

      fucking intro man

    18. ITS_ME_L


    19. Theta Sigma

      I suspected that the intro was purposely mute bc I know Kevin’s Brand yet I still turned up the volume right as he yelled. I’m Booboo the Fool. :(

    20. Jeorgia Ioannou

      Why does this look like p!atd 's don't threaten me with a good time

    21. Rainy

      You got me Kevin I thought my speakers were fucked

    22. Dumb Joe

      It says this game is Slender: The Eight Pages but its not LOL.

    23. John Segway

      Oh god that reused scream thing had me almost rolling around in laughter, Kevin's really in his element with stuff like this 👍

    24. Jam Monaghan

      Ngl I really wanted to see a pinned comment from chip 😂

    25. Spiders Are People Too

      I'd fail at this game.

    26. Small Might

      I turned my volume way up in the intro thinking something was wrong with my speaker and than disturbed my roommates.

    27. King Arthur King of the Britons

      Dammit ever since my phone updated sometimes IRflow videos don’t play with sound and I have to mute and unmute the sound to get it to turn back on... well I don’t think I need to tell you the rest

    28. Benjamin Silvert

      I turned down my speakers 2 seconds in, cause I knew what was coming.

    29. Mortitia Adams

      Best video ever!! Tweenty one Pilots shirt + "Don´t shush me!" XDXDXDXD couldn´t stop laughing XDXDXDXDXD

    30. Albert Lewis

      Playing a game that uses vc like this... with a IRflowr in the lobby... yeah that’s already a gg anytime you wanna survive

    31. Supa Oni Chan

      Never thought I'd get outsmarted by a youtuber with ear masochist tendencies

    32. Chinggis Khan

      4:20 The video just cuts off for a few seconds lol.

    33. Lord Saruman

      Kevin: Me: *turns volume all the way up* Kevin: "DON'T WORRY YOUR SPEAKERS AREN'T BROKEN"

    34. awe some153


    35. EliteTrollingG

      I 100% didn't just pause a FRAME before you told us our speakers weren't broken, and unplugged and plugged my headset back in...

    36. sunnybunny406

      i turned my volume right up, confused, before kevin deafened me lol

    37. Lucas Bevilacqua

      I totally didn't turn my headphones up thinking they were all the way down to just get ear raped seconds later.

    38. Scorpion Sting94

      My speakers aren't broken but now my ears are

    39. PrimeJackup24

      I was raging until I figured out it was a bit

    40. Yazzerz on 60FPSXBOX

      Okay I’m not gunna lie you got me at the start🤣🤣

    41. Lena Van Burgel

      sweet jesus I put my volume on full!!!!!

    42. C

      I started to turn it up then I hit the mute. I know your games to well captain kebin

    43. Trappie Gabbana

      I still heard "my name is Kevin"

    44. jazzy.

      "Hey there friends how's it going my name is Kevin and today we are playing in silence"

    45. Darian Warrick

      Me checking my volume😂😂😂😂

    46. Shine banana

      i was using this vid to test if my headphones were connected

    47. Clara Nadine

      Lolol definitely didn't try figuring out why the heck my headphones weren't working at the beginning of the video 🤡

    48. aisuu

      I had to stood up to see if my speaker is on. Only activity today, thank you Kevin.

    49. Rose43

      "Why do you have such a thick Irish accent" "It's because I'm Irish funnily enough, watch out behind you by the way-"

    50. The gob father

      damnit kevin, i raised the volume... THIS IS YOUR FAULT... luckily i didnt lose hearing so i still love your content

    51. Imp

      Lol the beginning got me

    52. MrWhatdafuBOOM

      4:22 - 4:28 Well, that was awkward.

    53. Captain Tak

      Ah yes, Slender: The Eight Pages

    54. dehan gaybba

      really, i thought something wrong with my speakers... ooohh Kevin!!

    55. Jesse Vancooney

      The video started playing and I went to check my Bluetooth to see if it activated

    56. A Pineapple

      Anyone ever notice the uncanny resemblance between Velma and Kevin?

    57. Polly Lowder

      Damnit he got me my headphones just broke my ears 😂

    58. Asher Is Lame

      This is the second time that intro made me think my earbuds gave out

    59. billy bobly

      Worst part of the intro I had just turned Spotify off and didn't know how my new earphones works

    60. MadGrubble

      Noooo, lol I legit thought my sound was off or something so....obviously I cranked that sh*t up to 100, my ears are bleeding 😆but, ty Kevin at least I know there's nothing wrong with my headphones 😅

    61. dopdoocat

      Why does it say the game is slenderman

    62. Huzle

      Nobody's going to talk about how the screen went black for a good 20 secs. Hahahahaha

    63. ghouls

      typical chip!

    64. Salvatore DiMaria

      What happened at 4:24 lol🤣

    65. Linc

      “No I don’t think Chip died” “Damn..”

    66. Denis Momchilov

      Oh my god for a sec I really thought my speakers are broken 😂😂

    67. I don't give a fuck

      Aaaaaaa the focken intro

    68. PointsofData

      Please tell me he's doing the youtuber commentary as the monster with the in game microphone on

    69. Wolf

      Not gunna lie I knew it was just a Kevin “trademark” skit with the silence. But I got distracted enough that I still went to check if I had lowered the volume.

    70. Rosie D

      Classic Chip.

    71. Biggest pp Gamer

      When the video started I spent about 20 minutes trying to find out why my headphones weren’t working. Damn you Kevin... damn you

    72. djyanno

      "he's found us somehow" lol

    73. Elie Reaidy

      Kevin: In Silence everyone: In Silence IRflow: I SAID WE SLENDERMAN TONIGHT

    74. ranger6762

      Damn. Got me lol.

    75. Joyce The German Shepherd

      you should play more multipayer games like this its really funny

    76. RaeOnNeptune

      Wow else read this title and immediately said "why yes, I would love to hear Kevin talk non stop for 10+ minutes"

    77. Darth Nihilus Lord Of Hunger

      Bruh moment Kevin. Past Kevin is stupid

    78. Pinguin

      Seeing you wear that shirt just made my day

    79. Avery Brown

      This is probably one of my favourite videos on kevins channel hes so funny here and everyone in the game were funny too!

    80. Alex Mac

      Literally had to disconnect my headphones 2 times then gave up

    81. X marks the spot

      Oh okay dude, I was looking at the phone like (Wha!?) because no sound was playing lol!

    82. Michael Crozier

      You got me at the beginning asshole 🤣🤣thank you

    83. Jimmy Little

      The best thing about being a stoner is forgetting I've watched a video and seeing it again as if it's brand new.

    84. Svinja

      2:35 the monster is an Irish Protector

    85. RJ Worrell

      lol damn you

    86. Gothic mystery666

      The introduction generally got me I set me volume louder just to be startled by "𝙳𝙾𝙽'𝚃 𝚆𝙾𝚁𝚁𝚈 𝚈𝙾𝚄𝚁 𝚂𝙿𝙴𝙰𝙺𝙴𝚁𝚂 𝙰𝚁𝙴𝙽'𝚃 𝙱𝚁𝙾𝙺𝙴𝙽! "

    87. ToastedPup

      Tbh I don't think you have a thick irish accent perse, but then again I'm from the Northern US so,,

    88. Samurai Levi

      At first I was confused in the intro, then remembered that he yells into the mic and quickly turned it down seconds before he yelled into the mic.

    89. Milkias Simon

      Bruh I checked if my audio was muted

    90. Ultimate Destroyer

      Oh no, you don't know what highschool dxd. In that case try watching Boku no pico

    91. Creationator

      Why did his “Cry for me...” sound so scary?

    92. MintyMeve

      4:19 the omnious black screen after he says "The Monster likes me" makes me feel like I'm the monster as I stared teary eyed at the reflection showing on the blackscreen

    93. Katonato

      I defiantly didn't spend 20 mins on VoiceMeeter trying to figure out why I couldn't hear anything. Fuck you Kevin XD.

    94. Max Out Of Ten

      Half of me was like "oh haha it's silent because of the name of the game" but the other half legitimately looked at my speakers to see if they were on XD

    95. m e

      he acctualy got me there starting to freak out

    96. s.drxke

      2:08 Kevin omfg why do you make friends so easily I’m sure your gonna fuck it up in a minute but your just 👌

    97. Connor Hughes

      At least 50% of people are now deaf because of that intro

    98. Roos Hengeveld

      I already watched this video when it first came out and still I checked my audio when it started😐

    99. Evan LaMartiniere

      Play with the Irish lads man

    100. Dead Engineer

      me always fiddling between the settings to switch between my stereo and headphones got annoyed bcs i thought i forgot to switch again got me there il leave you that...