I played a life simulator and created a monster

Call Me Kevin

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    Little Lives but I created a monster, much like in real life... what have I become?
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    1. The V

      1:27 is that a Jojo reference

    2. the doubting

      Holy feck that life is little bit too realistic

    3. Jennifer Torquato

      "I just came out, are some donuts, did a bit of work, then went to sleep" RELATABLE CONTENT

    4. Clara Howard

      how *dare* you g note us and not finish the song

    5. Fluxit Sanguine

      As a “Phantom of the Opera” fan: Very amused at the suggestion that his “normal” name could have been “Erik” 10/10

    6. Cara Furry

      Little lives more like little monsters

    7. MKtheGreat

      This was actually super wholesome. I want more Monster!

    8. Daiker

      We need more of this game! This video was so much fun to watch!

    9. Erik Bellerose


    10. Ashly Y

      america simulator!

    11. imlili

      "but no one, probably, looks him in the eye" ☠

    12. MrSapperb3

      We need more of this 🤣

    13. Soothing Effect Of Violence

      I don't get why people keep watching this dude and similarly inclined, they aren't monster. they aren't evil, they aren't hiding anyone's pain. They're just bored, spoiled gamers. Who hasn't lived a day in their life, they don't have anything to offer anyone but wasting your time if you let them. He isn't funny, he's not entertaining, he's just a scam to waste yourself on. It's just so fucking dumb how. there's no point it's just endlessly agonizing to watch a grown man like this, He just keeps repeating the same joke and over and over for going on 3 years now every day, same joke same "I am so horrible!", "I am evil". No, you're not. You aren't evil you aren't good, you're just a literal waste of space and so is everybody who watches this lobotomy

    14. CL0WN


    15. StoneZ Productions

      I actually live in Littleton, CO and i can tell you its almost exactly like the video

    16. Tim Wellr

      Do more pls

    17. Mr. Cheese

      Kevin, I like your shirt :)

    18. Caitlynn Pollard

      The character models have big Old School Runescape vibes

    19. Alec Wyss

      Loved how Roundabout by yes played for like a second when he was in the Roundabout

    20. Linn Kirksaether

      I NEED to know where the Paul storyline ends!!! :O Cliffhanger of the century man!

    21. Bruissays

      Bro I went out yesterday and ate 6 cinnamon rolls and that’s it, like I’m living like monster

    22. Akram

      We want more monster

    23. CallMeErik

      I always wanted to be called Erik or something.

    24. An Empty Sky

      We really just watched a 15 minute documentary on 1st World Poverty

    25. Jonathon Van Kirk

      ... great

    26. Jessy D

      Kevin has accidentally created cursed Hisoka. ⭐💧

    27. Luc Brink-Morrison

      We need more

    28. BakaBule

      Helpfull tip, if your neighbors are playing their music too loud wait exactly 35 minutes after they turn it off, then turn yours on playing the same songs louder

    29. Rayas Lee

      I would love to see more of this series

    30. Anale

      Day 486 of inviting kevin to west aus for a pint

    31. Bryson Grondin

      Yep, life is crushing... ...unless you have that IRflow money.

    32. MK_the_Maniac

      I think Turg and Monster would get along

    33. Calla Schiefelbein

      Kevin: *goes to hospital* Kevin: 93 dollars!?!?! Me: *Sad American noises*

    34. Adria Watson

      Am I the only one who realized that everytime he went sad in the gray filter he g noted us?

    35. Lord Bread

      can you do another video on this

    36. Ryn !

      Why do I want to see more of this?

    37. tk men

      "Oh wait roundabout" Jojos theme bleeds in

    38. Samurai

      When Monster inevitably becomes a serial killer, all of his closed ones will be like "Who would have known he'd turn out to be such a monster?"

    39. Blacksteam99

      Safemoon to the moooonn 🚀 Its still early !

    40. Demy Beat

      Kevin is always very funny when he plays games like this,I love his humor and jokes. What is the name of the game in the video?

    41. Daisies for Ghosts

      Kevin’s playing American College Student the game

    42. Ecclesiastic Man

      I really want to see more of this!

    43. SoshiPlayZ

      "taking a loan to buy clothes" that seams like my life. I took a small loan to buy some new underwear...

    44. TheRikusj21

      More of Monsters life perhaps?

    45. E

      I heard that G note

    46. WillowFox

      Please do more, this was hilarious😂

    47. Airashi A.I.

      30 seconds in and there's a Tom Fawkes scream

    48. Ida Ree

      Monster literally looks like my best friend’s toxic ex boyfriend 😂😂 (approximately as successful in his life as well 🙃)

    49. L H

      I literally had the 'you're getting a promotion, it's time to wear pants.' talk with an employee. I didn't mind the cat pajamas, but...you know.

    50. Gregory Whatley

      I would love to see more

    51. 🌟

      this will have to tide me over until the next episode of monster factory

    52. ozone20rulez

      The slowly increasing anime references in your videos are a suprise, but a welcome one.

    53. AidenNapalm

      Kevin: Makes character look like a Coraline character Also Kevin: “I know this place like the back of my hand”

    54. T-bone_ 214

      More of this

    55. T-bone_ 214


    56. Erik Nelson

      “You think they’ll call him Eric or something?” “No how about ...Erik”

    57. Danielle

      6:12 nothing like a little mud on the tires at 5am

    58. EeJj

      Monster: Im hungry Kevin: did you say chair??

    59. Aydyn

      do it again

    60. TitanzSteven

      Please play this again

    61. Mohammed Avdol

      He kinda looks like you

    62. Infamous Instance

      $20 for a pizza! That Mattress was $50 lol

    63. x_Gamer_SlothJr_x

      What game is this?

    64. Raven Anne

      Seeing just how expensive things are in that game makes me inspired to create a game where there's a thrift shop that changes stock every day and if you find something cool it might not fit. I can't make games but it's nice to dream

    65. Leea McKay

      ok but why does he look like jeffree star

    66. PerchPerkins96

      If Nigel Thornberry was a city boy.

    67. MadMusic26

      High School: The Sequel

    68. Megan Leigh

      Paul: meet me in the forest Paul: bring a shovel and start digging, theres treasure! Me: yo Paul really did just make this man dig his own grave

    69. Megan Leigh

      "You give me like $1 increase and then expect me to go buy a shirt??" Me, an american with a minimum wage $7.25 an hour job: yeah and then the old people tell you you're lazy

    70. LGe

      Hi Kevin 👋

    71. Jamie Walsingham


    72. LoveRemains x

      I kind of wanna see more of this lol.

    73. armax

      We need more from this!! this is great

    74. Austin Riley

      You talking about the junk food you survived off when you first moved out made me start laughing when I remembered that I survived off soda, barbecue potato chips, and Aldi brand SlimJims (much better than actual SlimJims) when I first moved out😂 Good times man... good time

    75. Lauren LaScala

      anyone else think that looks like jeffery star 😭😭

    76. Macy Spitfire

      It's funny but in bitter sweet way when you're adult

    77. Matt

      I don't know if Kevin's editors read the comments, but I just wanted to say that the Yes - Roundabout joke was fantastic. Thank you.

    78. M Sia

      7:14 federal minimum wage in the US is like 7$ an hour

    79. Matan Hochman

      Honestly Eric would be a fitting name cause the Phantom of the Opera’s name is Eric

    80. mary medd

      Why do I keep getting adds for weed on Kevin’s videos....

    81. Hakundus

      Please more

    82. Skeleton211

      "The system is rigged against us monsters." Now Kevin, I did not come here for a harsh dose of reality.

    83. WOL

      Hello Kevin!

    84. That guy

      Day 213 I love and understand this video

    85. Samun KiikkuTestingKanava 2007



      When Kevin doesnt smack his headphones on I feel like he’s just skipped the intro 🎧

    87. Weebus Christ

      Everyone has IRflow videos that they rewatch constantly. This one is my new favorite.

    88. Ghost De Razgriz

      "I have to take out a loan to buy a shirt" This game got real fast.

    89. Lark

      This happened to my buddy Eric.

    90. SUNNY

      I love the video, but it was on 68 dislikes...

    91. Randoo_Nandoo

      Me graduating highschool in the year 2020 7:55

    92. Hao Tom

      I still can't believe how John Deere got you good with the toy tractor lol

    93. Billie Cooper


    94. Konnor Ballard

      Please play comedy night

    95. NeonBunnies

      6:35 Nice to see Kevin treating his character's sleep well

    96. Marta Bartoszewska

      Day 649 of asking Kevin to play God of War 2005

    97. DARKmasterO1


    98. Nikki Rosen

      Welp, I'm buying this game now. Thanks

    99. Adeli Nastaya

      It's not a monster, it's THE Monster