Hitman 3 but I kill everyone on the map

Call Me Kevin

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    Hitman 3 but I kill everyone on the map, I'm coming for the rest of England next time
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    1. Blagert B

      You stole sully's well joke

    2. Sabotaz

      It's also stealth, if there is noone left to tell the story.

    3. Chelsos Avacados

      what a hottie

    4. themeltedchocolate

      But you didn't wait for the detective to get out :(

    5. EgorBor

      I remember in hitman 2 i couldn't find the keycard to the vault in the bank, so i collected... basically every item i could around the map and managed to knock the whole last floor out without anyone noticing. And then i found out that the keycard was in a locker inside the security room at the bottom, and i couldn't find the key to the locker. I ended up restarting and grabbing the lockpick with me.

    6. Willem I am

      Kevin should have filled the well with all the bodies

    7. Mitch's Cheekbones

      Goddamn Kevin’s got some MUSCLES

    8. Jesse Solem

      Can you smell it? I had beans. And I think they were off. Sorry.

    9. SilverWolf 2000

      7:22 should try to fit the whole population in there someday and then fill it

    10. nickmoney

      Xay, what did gardners do to you?

    11. Masake Chan

      “Anyway, I don’t like you” *Slaps*

    12. Jec

      Kevin was the real inspiration for the iconic line "how many times do we have to teach you this lesson, old man"

    13. Subject Delta Δ

      15:25 Kevin did what we would’ve all done.

    14. Creeperjo7

      Finally I found the shortened version of rt games stream, wait...

    15. Olivia C.S

      The beans part almost made me inhale the candy I was eating and choke. 😂💀

    16. supremepanda

      An alternative title: Hitman 3 but I torture a detective.

    17. Samuel C.

      m o r e. h u r t m a n. p l e a s e

    18. flamethrowerX19


    19. David Johnson

      Holmes, we have a case for you but it’s a BIT of a doozy- Holmes: Kevin Inspector Lastrade: s-sorry what? Holmes: it’s Kevin. It’s always Kevin. Someone drowns a victim in a toilet. Kevin. Someone gets poisoned. Kevin. Someone gets slapped in the face with halibut. Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Only joking, it’s still Kevin. Inspector Lastrade: You and your bloody deductive skills.. honestly! It puts us all to shame. Holmes: n-no. It’s the most obvious answer. Assume all murders in the last year were Kevin and you’ll be 100 percent correct. In fact, If it weren’t for how easy it is to KNOW it was Kevin, he’d be the next Jim Moriarty, only far less subtle as an Irishman.

    20. Jack Lang

      More hit man videos I want to see more people get swirlies in their eyeballs

    21. Unknown Person6937

      Plot twist: Xay is a gardener

    22. LGTink

      Brick, fish, machine gun. Top 3 weapons of choice for the shovel killer.

    23. WorldsWorstBoy


    24. Zack

      12:45 what did the PI said? 12:06 WHOAAH

    25. Oliveman

      "We got Bigmooney at home" Bigmooney at home:

    26. Max Aiello

      Haha yes

    27. Swordseye

      least the detective had a peaceful death. unconscious and drowning is one of the best ways to go apparently

    28. Tasso Demo

      Alternate title: “I tried to commit mass homicide but broke the game instead”

    29. -Frosty Fire-


    30. Nick Lopez

      15:29 It wouldn’t be 1971 because you already have a 1 for the first number

    31. Nick Lopez

      Kevin why haven’t you snap the neck’s of everyone that you knocked out?

    32. Nick Lopez

      Kevin why haven’t you snapped the next of everyone that you knocked out

    33. Nick Lopez

      5:30 I didn’t think hitman three had such bad alert enemies

    34. Nick Lopez

      2:53 That part right there was advanced stealth my guy

    35. Nick Lopez

      0:50 As a big fan of stealth I would say you didn’t get caught because even though the first two people that you knocked out Had spotted you the people that were searching for you couldn’t find you so you got away but if everyone gets onto your case then it’s not stealth anymore

    36. Tasso Demo

      2:02 how tf do you knock someone out with a feather duster

    37. BluRayBeyondhd

      I ~evaporated~ when you got to the safe

    38. Tyler Ho

      Kevin broke the game script

    39. toxonmon

      I like his shirt

    40. SLINK

      its the detective's purgatory forever pain

    41. beezelbub

      Ron really went downhill, huh?

    42. MrDzsoszta


    43. SlipThot Official

      Play it in vrrrr

    44. VeiledOwl13

      Kevin gave the detective Amnosia

    45. That guy that skates

      8:28 Caught in 4K

    46. Dark Voice

      Because I play Cyberpunk right now too much, I just cannot unsee the Rogue and I always am like "hmm so Hitman worked for a fixer from Night City?

    47. Ben Mortimer

      I hope this was inspired by Bigmooney06

    48. Istalarì/Mattias G

      16:50, this is giving me serious Ring vibes.

    49. Nazael Rahl

      I'm pretty sure the police report would be super long and end with. "We are pretty sure it was the detective, there were copies of his clothing found all around the place for some twisted reason. We are still investigating why he jumped down the well and drowned but considering weird nature of all the killing we presume he was just insane."

    50. Joshua Gutierrez

      Jesus your playing this like your Michael Myers

    51. Samuel Fowler

      Next time I hear about a mass murder, it's either a serial killer, or Kevin

    52. Sammy Scott

      Yeah who hasn't done this in the new hitman games?

    53. Simbola

      Nice to know Kevin is back to doing what he does best... ending the lives of everyone who happens to be near him

    54. Dane Hinton

      Rip cj

    55. Michael Forster

      The undertaker is retired

    56. Doug Carruthers

      05:51 Did 47 just bitch slap him? lol, I never thought id see 47, Bitch Slap, someone, while wearing a clown suit

    57. Andres Bravo

      Andres: “How can you do this?” Kevin: “it’s Murder.” Yandere Dev: “I see what’s going on...”

    58. zafer meis

      Anatomie lesons with Kevin "if she wakes up. Oh I snaped her nack its not how this things worke!"

    59. Kids Games

      what same clothes

    60. Modern Edits

      Kevin: is that a well? Me: don't do it Kevin: well well well. Me: #@%#@$#@!!!!

    61. Milo peippo

      Is that McGuffin???

    62. blip_blop

      was that beginning music the fibbage 3 menu music? hell yeah.

    63. Santiago Pera

      New games have cool graphics and all but damn, that AI... whats happening with logic in games? If u gonna be realistic with graphics, be realistic with common sense too.

    64. Ryan Smith


    65. Katie Bushong

      Among us?

    66. Sarah Smith

      one must imagine hitman detective happy

    67. Linda

      kevin is so buff

    68. Lucy H. G.

      there should be a game where you are the detective trying to escape kevin

    69. lucca vasconcellos

      5:06 so... can we talk about those

    70. krokodiledesk _

      Ok i like this stuff but i just hope its not stolen from bigmooney

    71. Charles Lambert

      People dying at different times? amateur.

    72. Zboy 115

      Kevin tormenting the detective is the highlight of this video

    73. blue dragon King of the elamental tribe

      Bore Ragornorrak

    74. laur

      "1. fish, 2. brick, 3. machinegun" this is snowball erasure

    75. Harry Davis kohn

      These videos cease to disappoint me when I get too baked and dont know what to watch I fxcking love these videos 😂😂

    76. I'llEatThat

      5:13 we can tell what Kevin’s been doing during lockdown

    77. iremozbay

      i don't think i've laughed this hard at a video in a loooong time ! thank you so much kevin :)

    78. RaeOnNeptune

      Lmao your laugh is so precious and hilarious wtf 😂😂😂😂

    79. GlitchMitch 70


    80. E The Skateboard Fighter

      i made a hitman 3 level called xay

    81. PurifyBane

      He might have ruined the moment but was totally worth it

    82. taybaythegr8

      guys what music is he playing on the piano at 3:57 help please.

    83. Banana Banana

      Kevin, you missed one British boy, *me*

    84. kitten cool

      Y’known kevin should stop clowning around

    85. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 9 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    86. Emil Stoltz

      Whenever that "can you smell that?" comes up I always think of the beginning of "down with the sickness" by disturbed. "Can you hear that? Ah, shit". "Can you smell that? Ah, shit", literally.

    87. Fork B

      That detective must have permanent brain damage after this!

    88. Wight24

      FINALLY youtube recommended me a video of yours again. The fuck does subscribing even do?

    89. Dysfunctional Dildo

      5:06 Holy shit you got buff arms

    90. Gry 0726

      i feel like, you and graystillplays would get along very well XD

    91. Kristine P.

      3:58 followed by Kevin’s visible confusion 😭😭

    92. Debz Baumaus

      That PI was bullied to death 😅 The beans! Which is more awkward? That or the fish?

    93. EoD

      "Hey there friends hows it going I'm MyNameisKevin" Um. I think Kevin is experiencing brain damage from his car accident

    94. pantallic

      As stealthy as a brick to the face

    95. Lennyable


      1. Lennyable

        holy shit kev.... did you.. are you gonna do it..?

    96. That Dude

      Don't bring a gun to a brief fight..

    97. PurpleG Duffy


    98. Lily

      "Sorry for being english" kevin: some crimes can never be forgiven

    99. Dave 4526

      Kill everyone challenge

    100. Snobody Cares

      5:10 Buff Kevin