Super Seducer 3 but I pick every bad option

Call Me Kevin

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    Super Seducer 3 but I pick every bad option, it just comes so naturally to me.
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    1. Ashentwi

      Amazing video oh my god I couldn't eat breakfast 😂😂😂 I had to pause to eat

    2. Nellenara

      This is so painful and awkward to watch, I wonder if Walmart Jesus is like that in real life too

    3. Sir Fetched, Pokéchad

      There is first-hand embarrassment. There is second-hand embarrassment. But this is second-hand embarrassment so violently powerful that it breaches the divide and becomes first-hand embarrassment.

    4. Rell 18

      Imagine nicknaming a girl lil homie 😂😂😂😂😂 then tell her the human centipede

    5. Enzoco_Returns Sla

      Bad Seducer

    6. Zeeboid

      This game is how to respond to creepers. Thanks Kevin, notes taken.

    7. hostar2

      I think the penguin is the real master mind. Kevin is just a hostage.

    8. Infamous Chef

      Someone needs to start a petition for Kevin to be in Super Seducer 4

    9. Huigberts Gamed

      Please be in the 4th game xD

    10. DVOYD

      the irony in this guy's name being Richard. you could say he's a bit of a Dick.

    11. DVOYD

      the sad thing is, old white boomers will look at this and generally go "I don't see anything wrong with it"

    12. Julian Murphy

      I literally couldn't watch most of this. I listened to it, my eyes were just permanently averted

    13. Bearded Trump


    14. Quinn Goldfarb

      ✨ Super predator 3 ✨

    15. Xeliicious

      I like how Kevin plays this with a blanket, as if he needed some warm comfort from this awful "game".

    16. AGamingChannel

      "If she has a small worry about her safety then exaggerating it and making it seem preposterous can help" dude what the fuck are you doing to make woman worry about their safety when you talk to them

    17. Edelfotze Ramona

      Can you be the super seducer and just talk to woman in the store and stick you're finger up her nose XD

    18. KelsterLynn

      Kevin is just suffering through this one, the poor guy. Appreciate your content, buddy

    19. Laura Rose

      Dude looks like Aragorn from certain angles And I hate it so much it hurts

    20. im_so_ bored

      this guy is just the tommy wiseau of pick up artists.

    21. Elizabeth

      Good video, lil homie!

    22. big nono

      I wish there was a kevin edition where you try to make friends and you can a) actually befriend people b) OH SO THAT'S THE WAY YOU WANT IT YOU LITTLE SHIT

    23. SrgntBlitz

      Day 1 of telling Kevin that there will be a "Horror Suducer" Game soon

    24. Therockdwarf Mockdwarf

      I think Kevin would like to live in this world because it’d be far easier to trap people in his basement

    25. Picone

      I like how on the security cam footage the date is February 24 2024

    26. gdsergio_

      Say what you will about the game but filming the scenes must've been funny as fuck, I wanna see the outtakes.

    27. xYotsubax

      I wanna smell Kevin's hair :D

    28. Lord Voldemort

      It's "Urp John Meets Oblivion NPCs" simulator!

    29. StarlordSpecial

      Almost every scene makes me physically cringe, it was so hard to get through this even with Kevin's commentary 😭

    30. lpsfankanr1

      Please Kevin! Participate in the next sequel of this game! It would be priceless!

    31. TVD- The Remedy

      “I don’t have a Ferrari.” Hahaha... and then he grabs the cucumber & asks what he should do with it. This shit is awesome lol.

    32. Salvage

      it scares me because I'm pretty sure this is seriously trying to teach people how to hit on people.

      1. Salvage

        @Lisanne least its a great warning sign..?

      2. Lisanne

        Ikr! Kinda scary how there are people out there who genuinely think this is a good way to talk to girls

    33. Belial Blackthorne

      I like how Kevin finally has a shirt that represents how low-key Hufflepuff he is

    34. Micheal DiTullio

      Talking about video games with woman will always garuntee that you'll successfully get a girlfriend LOL

    35. ThatFilmGuy

      This dude is like the crack version of Tommy Wiseasu

    36. Lewis McClean

      That dude has no game, so he just made one

    37. apatheticat

      This is the first kevin video I had to pause in half and just leave. I can't stand the cringe anymore

    38. Doug Carruthers

      I can't be the only one who wished he'd nicknamed her Dickless

    39. Doug Carruthers

      Loved the Video lil homie

    40. Harley Quinn McGrath

      "you dont have kids? b u t y o u r e a w o m a n"

    41. Jersey Man

      Would Kevin had been Mr Super Seducer himself if he accepted the role 🤔

    42. Barnett Brown III

      Damn, this game looks bad!

    43. Glazed Life

      I’ve been feeling pretty down lately and this really cheered me up

    44. Mimi Dragonheart

      24:45 I died laughing xD

    45. Ana Arsovska

      You know what the funny thing is? I'm pretty sure I've met guys like this. At certain moments, listening to this Super Seducer guy talk really is giving me some sense of familiarity and deja vu. 😂😂😂

    46. tiny crimester

      Not this fucking beardo again! ...oh i meant the guy in the game.

    47. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    48. NoneOfYourBiz87

      More!!!! Make it a series!

    49. Stalwart Shinobi

      Love the arnie reference in the gym lol 'harald you son of a..'!!!

    50. Katie Doucet

      After watching this I realize I have been doing social interactions wrong my whole life

    51. Travis Hartley

      I truly hope you keep playing these. They are always great fun. So glad you didn't get involved with this cringe at all.

    52. Tate Apcher

      This game should be called simp simulator

    53. Josum

      I actually worked with the guy who wrote the REALLY awkward responses for these games. He was my boss and JUST as awkward in person. One day he just blurts out “what if instead of a bunch of mini sperm coming out of a guy it was just like one... like one big tadpole.”

    54. Practical Pisces

      Aw, feck! The cringe messiah is back!

    55. Whats-My-Fandom

      3:44 WTF!?!? LMFAO

    56. Treydon Green

      Kevin’s “on air” sign is pissing me off

    57. Call Me Stephen

      Alternative title “Super Seducer 3 but I regret everything”

    58. Jesse Rolon

      I really don't know why I watch these. It hurts my stomach

    59. Glenn Wheeler

      For a split second there (before he started the music) I thought "Royal T. Free" was going to be an Irish rapper Kevin was into.

    60. Jared Porikos

      Kevin you're awesome

    61. Octo Nine

      How are you going to start this when you left us on a cliff hanger on the last one...

    62. Basement guy

      Kevin you need to cameo in this game.

    63. smile

      Was that kandyland!?? Lmaooooo

    64. CJ Rehv

      the seducer is modern tommy wiseau

    65. Adloquium Dubious

      THERE"S A 3RD ONE?!

    66. Ryyi23

      16:37 Captainsparklez would be so proud of Kevin

    67. Ryyi23

      So did the devs just want to get a bunch of IRflowrs and they just had to settle for references like that Pewdiepie line?

    68. WordsFlowMagnetic

      Petition for Kevin to play a goose in Suler Seducer 4

    69. emma thee child

      Kevin I hope you didn't use tips from this game on your girlfriend

    70. emma thee child

      petition for Kevin to make a video where everything but asmr is censored ❤️❤️❤️

    71. Augusto POLI

      How could you refuse acting out one of those scenarios...


      The second he said I'm taking a break an ad played

    73. Bence Pacskó

      CallMeKevin new name is CallmeLilHomie

    74. Nick Lopez

      I find it very cringe that he’s wearing a freaking referee shirt as if he is a coach and he’s trying to be a dating coach in the first part smh

    75. Nick Lopez

      27:30 How is video games always the right answer when he’s in a gym what was the point of coming here if he’s always into video games

    76. Nick Lopez

      I literally never heard of the song called video games

    77. Mike j

      I seriously do know what this is sold as ultimately realistic, even the right options are god awfull and i suck with dating or talking with women.

    78. Nick Lopez

      why aren’t they wearing masks

    79. Nick Lopez

      17:20 Honestly you should’ve worked on the game with him to help him make a better game with your music and your ideas

    80. Nick Lopez

      17:20 That music went with it so perfectly

    81. Nick Lopez

      13:55 That looks like chocolate in the pan not even taco meat

    82. Nick Lopez

      2:55 She left instead of being mad bad acting

    83. Nick Lopez

      2:10 I think because they were naked in the scene and then they didn’t want to be naked so they had to be blurred in that scene

    84. Nick Lopez

      1:30 I think that girl is named Kandyland From the show love or host on IRflow

    85. Nick Lopez

      isn’t the guy from super seducer the same guy who said Russian women are better looking than women in the UK even though he’s from the UK And then on that channel the UK people got offended of what he said

    86. flux

      This “seducer” makes me want to skin myself and revoke my citizenship as a homosapien just to distance myself as far away from any association with him as possible

    87. CrimePaint

      This is why Griefer Jesus hates you. You turned down his offer to be in his game. A sin he can't forgive.

    88. Mark Gross

      This was very difficult to watch Kevin. Make more.

    89. Soham Pavaskar

      This video wasn't created properly. There was too kuch skipping. And you kept changing the camera to your face which kept destroying the continuity. Do what all streamers do and keep your face in a little box on the game screen that way you'll be able to interact without breaking continuity.

    90. Morgue Original Music

      Very funny. Too many ads though

    91. Golem

      5:39 no, youre gonna be Dickless Kevin

    92. McL353

      I’m not going to lie, it would be great if Kevin gets a role in at least one of the levels

    93. Clena

      I was eating Emphasis on *was*

    94. ShadowJosh

      I hope Kevin plays more of this or even games like this it’s just so funny.

    95. FedoraDwarf


    96. Luke Beardmore

      It cut to an ad when she said we fuck like bunnies. Good timing

    97. Alicia Pezzaniti

      If anyone’s wondering why it’s censored like that, Steam rejected the game on the grounds that it was too explicit, so Richard rly said fuck you steam I’ll censor the whole thing

    98. Caleb Stanton

      Griefer Jesus

    99. LividWolfDragon

      27:37 getting a rona test done

    100. Aletir

      You refused a role in the game? Are you for real?