I was put in charge of 911 calls and this happened

Call Me Kevin

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    I was put in charge of 911 calls and needless to say, a lot of people got hurt.
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    1. atlas read

      Kevin would answer and 911 call with hello friends my name is Kevin

    2. happy cheese

      16:48 I think the song is called *Operator* by Jim Corce

    3. Lady Tulips

      It's okay

    4. jellielag

      What video is 9:54 from 😭😭😭

    5. Cheese McCheesey

      I wish Kevin would play this again and try to solve the Crossbow Killer

    6. Roger Goza

      “A block of flats is on fire!” “Oh yeah funny you should mention that”

    7. Argus

      112 is like 911 but for czechia my country

    8. Rusty Edwards

      Operator Information Give me Jesus on the line

    9. Essence of Extreme Bruh

      Fender benders? Domestics? Nah son, you're starting with the war on drugs. Good luck!

    10. SuaveDeadPython

      Operator, well, could you help me place this call? See, the number on the matchbook is old and faded She's living in L. A. with my best old ex-friend Ray Guy, she said she knew well and sometimes hated Isn't that the way they say it goes? But let' s forget all that And give me the number if you can find it So I can call just to tell them I' m fine and to show I've overcome the blow, I've learned to take it well I only wish my words could just convince myself That it just wasn't real but that's not the way it feels

    11. Maou-chan

      Kinda wish he'd play games seriously sometimes.

    12. Panda Bear

      What is the video in which he plays with an asian name as if it is an airplane

    13. avery burrone

      The song might be hello operator by the white stripes

    14. Sarah Girl

      The person talking say we'll go and hide I swear that's the voice from black ops 3 campaign person u play as next to hendricks

    15. Ines Quill

      16:13 I can't believe they translated this real Polish 911 call XD They didn't even change the guy's name!

    16. ThornHailsnap

      This seems like a good video to show first-time viewers. Sort of easing them into the wonderful chaos that is Kevin.

    17. mariokartexpert1

      "we don't really have armed police here" *stares in united states*

    18. Jimmy MacPow

      strange how they actually localized the name of it maybe to lessen confusion like: "what is 911?"

    19. Sam Ireland

      I called 112, 911, 999 AND 156 and kevin didnt answer for any of them :( Hmm weird theres a lot of flashing outside brb

    20. S Palmer

      As a brand new EMT, THIS WAS MUCH CONCERNING

    21. Rogan

      I'm gonna take a wild guess and say the song you were looking for is " Space Oddity" by Chris Hadfield

    22. toh ping Tiang

      Police help people trapped... get trapped. Smell gas... eat less beans.

    23. Emerald13 O

      Too much to do right away! Give the gamers a chance before they move on. Luv you Kevin!!! 💗💗💗

    24. WestminsterAbbey.

      Some very strange Irish accents here.

    25. LekkoZawiany

      16:03 And of course, every time something bad happens, there must be a Pole associated with it ...

    26. CourtnetGears

      Operator, operator, don't call me I'll call u l8r 😌

    27. Wolves and Eagles

      Kevin, unless someone already told you (which they probably have) when you’re thinking about that song that operator reminds you of, it’s Operator (That’s just the Way it Goes) by Jim Croce, it’s from the 70s

    28. Jec

      📝if want to unalive, sing to operators for good interaction📝

    29. Probes E Minor


    30. Moto Rukus

      "If they are willing to speed, I probably won't catch them" - LOL

    31. N.A.G Industries

      please him ignoring the kids just made me sad help

    32. mishavicki

      me showing everyone the lightbulb part bc it makes me hysterical

    33. Edwin lee


    34. Jack Gibbard

      I believe the song you were thinking of is Clouds Across The Moon by the RAH Band. Operator...

    35. xxvalkirae 999

      Operator by jim croce lol

    36. TerriblyNiceNot

      The song is Silvia's Mother, I'd guess and you're thinking of Dustin's version

    37. SlovenMalaphor

      The song you were thinking of was "Operator" by Jim Croce.

    38. ArKane EGO

      15:44 the songs operator - Grateful Dead

    39. Ian McMullen

      All you need to know is 13:53

    40. Dani_Gunz_300

      Operator! Operator! Dont call me ill call you later!

    41. Zombie King27

      7:32 is my favorite part

    42. Strap Icon

      I quite liked this

    43. Ian Taylor

      “We don’t really have armed police here” Americans: come again?

    44. Marlejson

      Lol I should legitimately not get triggered by Kevin playing the game like that. I guess I am just too much of a soft baby chicken caring too much about NPCs :‘)

    45. GigglyGays

      Anyone else here reminded of that one episode of the IT crowd when Kevin tried to send an email during a fire?

    46. BronzeJourney

      Wow, i am playing this game currently and loving it and i would have turn off that suicidal guy's call. Talk about unexpected. What a great game.

    47. missyoujenna Florence abba

      Pls do more of this game!!!!

    48. Dustin Marlo

      I cry laughed the whole video

    49. karasmonya

      U short break the barrier is made out of glass

    50. aliciugh

      0:53 fun fact actually really sad fact

    51. Blaze_Inc

      This is great, I want moreee

    52. Snow Sekki


    53. Kahlil

      I wonder how many people Kevin killed.

    54. AcediaEthos

      16:33 i'm DYING

    55. aBigButterStick

      5:57 Futurama reference?

    56. Louis Dundin

      Did we figure out Kevin was thinking of Black Betty (bambalam)?

    57. GSA84 1337

      Me: being swedish and has 112 as the national emergency number Kevin: says 112 more than 911 in the entire video Me: I concider this as kevin noticing us

    58. Fan Pet

      Can he please play this again

    59. Seiferboy Gaming

      I have a few of these on my channel. It's so easy for everything to go downhill in this game! 🤣🤣🤣

    60. Ruby Rose

      0:58 as a HUGE Titanic geek (literally I know practically everything about the ship, I've been studying it religiously since I was in 4th grade, I'm 23 now) thank you for sharing that fact. I think it's cool to see other people knowing interesting facts about the Titanic! I'm pretty sure there's a museum in Cobh too, isn't there? I hope to visit it someday!

    61. Marijuana Is nice

      I prefer 999

    62. OlafttheGreat1998

      We all knew that one guy with all the "uh...um...uh" had something up his arse

    63. OlafttheGreat1998

      I forgot about Drunkn Bar Fight... "Here comes the Asian man, nyeeeeeow!"

      1. oyabun

        One of my favorite videos

    64. Koert 34

      Day 19 of telling kevin: "entertain ragnarok"

    65. LURIFAX

      I've worked at a call center, and it's the worst job I've ever had.

    66. Francesca Greetham

      The old lady followed by the vampire was soo funny!

    67. Le Murpie

      If Kevin answers me 911 call I'll just accept my fate

    68. Congealed Box

      The song you were thinking of is Jim Croce's "Operator", if you're still wondering a week later

    69. Toasty Toast

      Alright hear me out... If we fire all the cops who dont solve all the crime in their area on their first day we wont have any more crime

    70. Heather _


    71. Ethan Donnelly

      Bought this game cause of you hahaa, please play more 🙏 x

    72. Seana Reid

      was the song smooth operator? its all i could think of hahaha

    73. Brook K

      Operator, you can forget about this call, see you’re the only one I wanted to talk toooooooo..... something like that xD Jim Croce was one of my dads favourite singers! I’m glad someone else kinda knows the song lol

    74. Henoik

      The song by Jim Croce? Is that the one?

    75. Alexandria Brooks

      irflow.info/award/2NiSZ9ii3dCszZY/fy-lm-h-y.html OPERATOR - Jim Croce

    76. Phil Mortimer

      Another one

    77. Ronaldo Bush

      I think the song he's referring to is ' Operator ' by Midnight Star.

    78. lennygames123

      the views 😨

    79. FroggyGirl343

      No one gonna talk about the 666k views on this?

      1. Imani Davita Bitema

        IKR I was gonna say that

    80. Diogo Beber

      Just FYI: The song is “Operator” by Jim Croce

    81. Anna Boogman

      The song is Låpsley - Operator, maybe?

    82. Elliott Rock

      6:59 I've seen a lot of atrocities that you've committed over the years, but this one really hurt my heart

    83. Hitoru Matsumoto

      This video is so stressful to watch lmao

    84. Max R

      Don't trust him

    85. Kaia Hada

      i want kevin to play this again lol

    86. Lalita


    87. Cee Gee Fursuits

      the ice of the guy in game sounds so familiar!!!

    88. Eijah krahn

      No one else finds it wierd he put the American emergency number in the name

    89. Megan Daves

      When are you going to play among us???????

    90. Miss Yandere


    91. Khy I.

      Play this againnnn~ for some reason I really liked looking at strange 911 calls yt videos before I didn't realize there was a game

    92. Dapjne Kerem

      what game is this? i wanna playyy

    93. Joe O'Byrne

      Smooth Operator might be the song Kevin was thinking of?

    94. Accelerator

      Kevin: Let me know if you apprecia- Me: YES. MORE.

    95. Eden H.

      Little Black Submarines, Operator please, put me back on the line? if u still couldn't remember the song, here's my guess

    96. Jess

      15:46 the dude who strangled a girl and she was faking it

    97. AlexGoPow

      Oof its a video game

    98. Lemonily

      How do you know Kevin's audience is mostly Americans? Hes from Ireland, the game is 1-1-2 operator, and yet the title is 911 calls

    99. Faith

      him just killing off everybody except saving the guy who was going to kill himself is wholesome asf

    100. Giddy Goose

      Why is this guy so naturally funny