What happens when a bouncer has no standards?

Call Me Kevin

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    1. Call Me Kevin

      Support a great cause with Omaze with the chance to win a Tesla Model S + $20,000 cash! www.omaze.com/callmekevin #ad

      1. maganta television

        They are not disponible in Canada -_-

      2. Donavan Lewis

        Normal IRflowrs: It is time for our 50$ amazon voucher giveaway Kevin: Alright you little shits... my tax return came and I bought a spare tesla, who wants it?

      3. Renara Cupcakes

        What do you think Kevin, you willing to take me up on my quadruple cat dog dare to you on replaying Harry Potter and the goblet of fire?

      4. Defire

        The raunault clio 4 with 20 000 $

      5. Defire


    2. Az

      I can't believe he didn't title the video "I got DEPORTED? #Notclickbait"

    3. Mike Murphy

      Kevin your knowledge on American pop culture is crazy for an Irishman lol

    4. Wafel

      Wait does it really matter if your id expired? He had to stop underage people but they cant go to the bar if their id expired even if they are adults?

    5. Poyo

      kevin:is hired to be a bouncer first day at job:Literally the first person to come in just blows up the building he is suposed to protect

    6. CrypticWizard9

      Why would I want to go to 60 in 2 seconds mate, jesus christ it took me longer to write this comment.

    7. AriettaTheWild17

      Ah! It’s the brexit game! It’s what based on heh 😬

    8. AriettaTheWild17

      I can’t afford to win something that expensive, nor even own something that expensive for that matter.

    9. NAP_Ingenious

      This should be a series

    10. ClassyMark

      I've seen this video 3 days ago and today I randomly saw the thumbnail and was like 'wait a minute... Kevin what did you do to those underaged persons???' 😆 Sometimes, my mind really scares me... ha ha ha...

    11. Izawa

      Wait why the fuck they want US new generation to do something whith global change or how its called better they do that shit, most of us are teenagers, we dont work in factorys

    12. A R

      I love this game and it's so much fun to watch Kevin absolutely destroy it

    13. sheeple beeple

      Wait, wasn't this that game where the devs went mental over Brexit or some shit?

    14. Leah Slaughter

      Kevin promoting a car in “miles Per hour “ is very sus

    15. Mc Steeley


    16. Poopy Butt Man

      Every time I have a bad day I watch your videos and it makes me feel better you're really funny keep up the great work

    17. Free Range

      I hope your foot is healing ok, Kevin! ❤️ You

    18. ringerrr 4

      The shirt hes wearing at the beginning i have the exact shirt

    19. CataclysmChimera874

      yeah ok but who wouldn't jump at the chance to leave britain

    20. j

      I miss your old style

    21. Kazaha

      2:04 sums up my life

    22. MFW

      If he had gotten further into the game, he would've gotten to the point where his entire country got banned.

    23. syncopatedglory

      this poverty simulator is strangely relatable 🤔

    24. PundaHandz

      "a cleaner, more sustainable and more hopeful future" Kevin's face does not match these words, especially with the zoom in.

    25. VGames 1

      There is no such thing as "under age".

    26. Westyn B

      Lol "Oh you wanna bribe me? Go on in." had me rolling when i heard that.

    27. Adam Martinez

      " pear phone " So this is part of nickelodeon universe huh

    28. agiar2000

      I loved this game! I got the game, the soundtrack, and the expansion "One Love", and I had a whale of a time. There is so much more to see in this game, and the story is so charming. I hope you get a chance to meet some more of the colourful characters!

    29. Nick Rein

      *16:52* "Hashtag 112" ... That's a number sign, Kevin. *sigh* And you call yourself a boomer...

    30. _anoja31_

      More chaos, how lovely

    31. LmaLuuker9

      Never thought I'd hear "Tesla" and "sustainable" in the same sentence lol

    32. Mayank Sharma

      One of the tags are "funny" that's funny

    33. Battle Land

      China be like

    34. GJ

      this is just like bouncers in Australia. they’ll happily let in blokes on meth and underage girls but if you smell like you may have had a beer in the last 6 months “not tonight champ”.

    35. big disappointment

      The twenty one pilots shirt makes me happy

    36. Bálint Vasvári

      I loved the 'Brexit- dystopia' setting of this game

    37. Pigeon

      The last thing you want to see when youre buying an electric is unplugged

    38. Misshowzat

      I've heard Kevin a number of times but it's nice to see him. Pretty funny stuff, maybe I'll stick around

    39. Niels H

      Teacher: the plagarising check is bugged so it will be off for this essay My essay: 0:04

    40. Michael

      another great video, KEVIN SIR!!!!!!!!

    41. Eve Willis

      My other half and Iwere both shocked when it said Yeovil, Somerset because we are from there and it looks exactly like that! Even down to club neo and poundtastic!

    42. TonyEjerJiang

      I am quite amused by Kevin’s ability to play this game while talking.

    43. Its.all.1968

      Couldn’t they put that 20,000$ into more food for the starving and figuring out how to run a car on water?

    44. SharK Person

      kevin is at 2.69 mil subs... *NOICE INTENSIFIES*

    45. Tdoyr

      For a second I thought he was sponsored by Tesla

    46. Nigel Ip

      Kevin, you have amnosia.

    47. Tyler Vincent

      vid too long bro

    48. Musicallison

      16:10 Professor Layton!! I’d recognize that music anywhere 🎩

    49. Jason Enns

      Climate change doesn't exist. I have actually done my research.

    50. Juraj Hečko

      wohoooo that little Slovakian ID flag at 3:52 made me so happy :D as a Slovak my self

    51. Sarah Peterson

      Was that professor Layton music at 16:10

    52. Brodie Holland

      I'm just gonna have this for audio reasons 1:19

    53. Mystxry

      He accepted the 40bucks but if he didn't let him in the bonus would be 60+

    54. Mythicalbeasty

      Nice shirt! You ready for Scaled and Icy??????

    55. h8r Raider

      oh maize! i see you like corn too Kevin!

    56. Nicholas Heckingbottom

      help what game is this

    57. Asbromovic

      The best thing about Kevin is how he chooses the worst options in games, for me. He does exactly what I would do in every video game. I could watch this all day and have been for years.

    58. Tapshyon

      kevin went from getting hit by a car into being sponsored by tesla

    59. Castiel

      Professor Layton did have to deal with criminals inside a cassino (and he used a gun that could shoot tokens) so his theme fits quite well here lol

    60. Abby Z

      That is a strange sponsorship

    61. Soha

    62. Daniel Cole

      The puzzle was literally put thing with holes over thing with letters... You absolute croissant.

    63. Gaming with Forge

      The bouncer ends up in an unhappy relationship that he can’t bring himself to get out of

    64. Gabz11

      Neo is actually a club in Yeovil I cba 😂

    65. Gabz11

      Can confirm Yeovil does look like that

    66. RedisDed

      2:13 well you are in yeovil...

    67. toxonmon

      I like his shirt

    68. Paul A

      Course I'll be around tomorrow and/or for your next video, your videos always makes me smile!

    69. Zangyfish

      Kevin talking about car stuff in the intro: Me: What does any of that mean? XD

    70. Dehumanized Tormentor

      This game is papers please bouncers edition

    71. Call Me Mark

      Day 9 of thanking Kevin for being the highlight of my day

    72. Edward Wayne

      Dang i didn't know i was in this game

    73. imnotaspy


    74. Battlesny

      Why are you refusing all the people with expired IDs? They don't suddenly become underage when their ID expires!

      1. Battlesny

        @Nina G the only part I'm questioning is how an ID expiring makes the person younger.

      2. Nina G

        you're not supposed to let in ppl with expired IDs either, or those who don't match the photo on the ID. The game is a bit more challenging than just checking if they're 18

    75. Jimmy Gelato


    76. Your Pal Kindred

      POV: It's 2024 and you're British

    77. The Architect

      ah yes, the brexit

    78. Lucien Fortner

      Papers Please: Bar Edition

    79. Salem

      "hashtag 112" come on Kev, you're older than I am, you should know better man 😔 /joking

    80. Patrick Mcgreevy

      Thank you for my free Tesla Kevin

    81. Jacob Oliver

      Kevin is the 22nd pilot

    82. MALAKI

      Papers Please but you're a bouncer instead. Ok I like it

    83. FlamingTP

      Remember this face? Oh hey it's the guy from the pu GET OVER HERE!

    84. Florida man’s Daughter

      Why is no one talking abt him wear a TOP shirt, I SEE YOU KEV

    85. Derek Mills

      Yooo dope shirt

    86. -Elliot-

      Hey Kevinnnnn

    87. Eris

      Was expecting a Twenty one pilots sponsorship

    88. Jude Stott

      Love the vidoe mate but not a tesla man myself

    89. Juan Rivera

      Hey I sherched up Grefer Jesus (from gtaV caos mod sorry for misspelling) and you came up first instead of the intended of the intended darkviperau I wanted

    90. Hello. My Name Is Connor

      Wierdly enough the bouncer is using a cell counter to check how many people entered the bar

    91. Marta Bartoszewska

      Day 661 of asking Kevin to play God of War 2005

    92. Dan Sams

      Kevin managed to do a sponsorship about a car and not make a joke about being hit by one. Pretty sus! Who are you imposter?

    93. erin irl

      I'm convinced that Kevin is more of a menace than a bouncer

    94. lillpon

      Day 13 of asking Kevin to watch The Velocipastor (2017) dir. Brendan Steere

    95. xXx

      I love and understand your video

    96. Leandro Aude

      Never knew Kevin had standards in the first place.

    97. Bumble Tea

      This game really wears its political views on it's sleeve....

    98. Katie Hunt

      This is actually a game based on a post-Brexit England. How accurate

    99. ᳇ Rumba Zumba ᳆ᮿ

      I sure wish I could have that tesla

    100. Caleb Mirai

      Deporting legals and constantly importing illegals? Yep, sounds like Britain.