Episode is a horrible choice based story mobile game and I love it

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    Episode is a horrible choice based story mobile game and I love it
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    1. Lori B

      :D Fewer JFC's this video :D

    2. Irini

      Wish u played before episode made it so expensive! When the app first came out it was entirely free 😭

    3. Atomix

      I hated watching this, thank you it made my day :D

    4. Help me Im Lonely

      Kev's accent is great

    5. DiamondAppendix

      Dying at Kevin's pronunciation of champagne

    6. deez nuts

      10:40 😱😱😱

    7. Avery Brown

      This should be illegal 😂

    8. VBrown Edits

      6:10 why does he actually look so stressed? XD

    9. Kolibrick

      this game could be straight from EA

      1. Paxton pomykal

        Yet they would double the prices

    10. Konniptionz

      Jesus Christ I have never seen a more predatory game.

    11. Rabia Altan

      His speech at the end is perfect!

    12. MrRayndog

      jim pIckens is like that's the grittiest kiss I have ever had! That made me ball out laughing haha

    13. zakosist

      This was actually really funny to watch

    14. The Eggman 456

      Missed opportunity to select "The K*ss List" and say, "When have I ever done something recommended to me?"

    15. It's Goglabi

      This is the Jolene Kevin was singing about.

    16. Jason Lieng

      The battlefield 1 soundtrack got me

    17. Me and the bois

      That Joe Swanson impression is amazing.

    18. Nicky V


    19. Mr. Batteries


    20. Chxracxtr

      ~ Shampogné ~

    21. vanessa kemp

      I played, really regret it😵

    22. Daniela Abadia

      I read the writters guidelines, diamond choices don't change the final outcome. rather than taking away the happy ending, they add flair and lux to it with some extra scenes and a smoother run. But damn do they do a great job of making you feel like you've ruined the story for not buying those stupid diamonds.

    23. Jupiter065

      I lost it at "He's lookin' fer me diamonds"

    24. Scripsi Abeeiete

      My sister got really into this game and so did my friend, and I decided not to play it and now I'm glad I didn't.

    25. Jack Harris

      Kevin does a great job with keeping his cool with this horrible game. He is such... *Pay €2 for the rest of this comment*

    26. plaingamerful

      oh i bet your character gets a "happy ending " at the end of the game

    27. NIGHTTACO10 Blooperton

      10:38 What the feck was that

    28. ApexBrachydios

      God this is so predatory Like this is literally the most manipulative thing I have ever seen

    29. happy cheese

      "He's a golddigger. He's looking for me diamonds!" 😂😂

    30. Itzdogmeat

      I got an ad for episode on this video

    31. Imi D

      i recognise how cringe episode is, but it will always be a bit special to me as it helped me accept my sexuality. i’d always choose the wlw options & live out these lives where it was totally normalised until i was ready to come out.

    32. poopface

      you should do more of these 😳

    33. Steven Clark

      December 14, 2020. One of the top stories on Reddit is yet another child spending about 16,000$ of their parent's money on microtransactions in a mobile game. If that happened to me, I'd be ruined. That's almost 9 months of my pay.

    34. PepeSylvia

      Kevin you have a billion views!

    35. AxentiumZ

      Paywalls and condescension... Classic mobile strat 👌

    36. Luke Birt

      This is just love island, isn't it?

    37. Ed

      Episode is a horrible choice based story mobile game and I love it ? MORE LIKE BOR- turg Day 82 Of me watching every single video posted by Call Me Kevin.

    38. Dahla

      this game feels like satire

    39. Peanut Butter

      Episode: Choose between this glamorous one of a kind jewel encrusted dress that will make all the guys drool over you OR this potato sack we found in the garbage. Oh, you want to choose the potato sack? Just a quick reminder that if you do, everybody will hate you so much they’ll literally drown themselves. Will you pay now? No? All right then, enjoy the story you piece of shit!

    40. BouPreUWere

      1:54 will forever be in my memory 😂

    41. Anna W

      Hahaha this is hilarious 😂

    42. Killer Queen

      Episode are leeches trying to get all your money it’s ridiculous how expensive the diamonds are and how much you have to use🧍

    43. Owen Gamer

      This game is literally just an animated Wattpad fiction.

      1. Charlotte Muncaster

        @Spiders Are People Too there really is but this is rivalling it to the extreme

      2. Spiders Are People Too

        @Charlotte Muncaster idk man there's some pretty bad trash on there..

      3. Charlotte Muncaster

        Not even wattpad is this bad

    44. sandraa_direction

      Omfg i remember playing this story, and i loved Ben a lott :D

    45. lovelyymarie

      the mean girls story on this app is so bad you gotta play it, kev

    46. Nuthi Ringa

      Please play 📌GRANNY and make a video of it😆😂

    47. Erika B

      I know I’m late but one of the guys names is dale and he said “we could be engaged by the end of this.” Why is that exactly what is happening on the bachelorette rn. Also I don’t expect anyone to understand, considering this is a gaming channel lol 😂

    48. Xay

      12:01 The way Kevin passionately says "Oh my god, you bitch" is such a mood

    49. Suyash Srivastava

      This is one of the funniest

    50. yulie sidi

      Play episode againnnn

    51. •Lexie Medina•

      I gag at the ear slurping🤢🤮

    52. Johnnascus 666

      I just played love on fire it's amazing

    53. Jotape donoso

      Nice soft porn

    54. Néâr Dêà

      6:45 Chandler!, this episode of friends cracked me up😅🤦🏻‍♂️

    55. Joe Swanson

      Nice me impression

    56. _-Kiara -_

      The original stories are all trash, you gotta read the community stories dude

    57. Droom

      The dating simulator for real men

    58. william carroll

      Dude wtf my name is Cade.

    59. •Geeky •

      Do kiss list its the cringeist yet more addictive version of this

    60. Curb your killing spree. pdf

      I got bored playing this easily, uninstalled immediately

    61. Enya Skamsar

      you said Grandiosa and i froze... Grandiosa is a pizza from Norway...

    62. Julea San

      I've played for the entirety of Love on Fire with Lucy as my only partner. The moments that I've spent with her were some of the best of my entire life. Every time that I had to disappoint her choosing a free option my heart would break and I would feel like a monster. In the end, we got engaged, her parents loved me and we lived a beautiful happily ever after. Lucy, I will forever love you, my dear :') ♥️

    63. Precious McKinney

      Thank you for playing this so that I don't have to. Lol

    64. Bryce Johnson

      Oh sorry. I'll wait until Warzone is finished. :)

    65. hanyi zhou

      Is it okay to say that I played this when I was 7😳

    66. Famke Kuş

      Johnny cash! Love is a burning thing...

    67. Hareram Ray

      The cham-pag-ne stole the show.

    68. Samuel Lickiss

      Loved the inclusion of the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory music - nostalgia blast there!

    69. jenny wren

      Loved the “rock” in the water you used there

    70. Amy Unsworth

      Fibbage three, Fibbage three ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

    71. Glitchme

      BWAHAHAHA, the way he threw asher out, I kept him tho-

    72. John alock

      14:52 ik it's a game but it actually pissed me off when the guy character said that 😤😤😤😤

    73. Mytisch Crafts

      that story hasss sooo many diamond options. the ones not made by episode don't and are usually alot better. would recommand infamous! best story on the app

    74. Sara here

      I wish Kevin would go back to these episode games lol

    75. Lincoln Crain

      8:03 Anakin!

    76. Pérez Ortega Valentín

      God, I used to love this style of game

    77. Riley Schwartztrauber

      When my little sister played this game she didnt't know you could play stories that didn't cost money. She put $100 of apple credit on my mom's apple account playing this game.

    78. iwannasleep

      I finished that series and Harley only said YOU DO YOU all the timee lmao

    79. Random Aurat

      choices is better kevin

    80. Ashley Bueno

      Episode is nice but I like choices insteaddd

    81. Cade Needham

      This disturbs me

    82. Angel Moore


    83. Riya Gupta

      Make a video with using premium option maybe it would make a good content

    84. Charlotte Banks

      I use to play this like 4 years ago it changed since then.. honestly I thought it was better back then.

    85. Riya Gupta

      One day this episode game will become hot wattpad stories spot

    86. Riya Gupta

      He was so irritated when that guy manipulate him to wear a fabulous bikini girls go through this their whole life

    87. Clarissa Adair

      “He’s looking for me diamonds” absolutely sent me 😂😂

    88. Chiranthie M. K. H.

      @12:46 Sounding as leprechaun as possible

    89. Citric Messages

      I like episode, not the original stories, but the community ones

    90. Syrupp Blasphemy

      There are honestly GREAT community stories. Some people are so creative. Plus the people who do art commissions are so talented.

    91. svnflwcrr

      Episode be like: Your mom is brutally being murdered infront of you choice one: Laugh at her choice two: Save her ($543)

    92. Neha Shahas

      Play choices, i love it!

    93. ImmaPotatoReader

      I'm watching this middle of the night trying to be quiet while ppl are asleep.. 3:12 after he started the voice I couldn't hold it in 😂 😭 .. no strength to pause the vid so i took my earphones off to calm down 😂😂

    94. Out of Box

      “And it makes a fiery ring”

    95. Lacey

      Last year when I was weird and stupid I downloaded episode and chose love on fire, I liked it but hated it

    96. Itz_Phoenix

      I've played the kiss list. It's very interesting.

    97. noone nobodyington

      Mr Jim PIckens looks a bit like Meghan Trainor tbh XD

    98. Cj

      Love is a burning thing....

    99. Bruna Leão

      You know, I finished this story and didn’t buy any diamonds and it dissent really influence on anything

    100. Azeem Anu

      How ia he playing MObile games in pc

      1. Azeem Anu

        @Karolina k thanx

      2. Karolina