I broke the AI in AI Dungeon with my horrible writing

Call Me Kevin

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    Breaking the AI in AI Dungeon with my horrible writing. Fantasy, Horror, Action, I got every genre covered in just a few terrible stories.
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    1. Squishy Alpaca

      This feels like one of those vivid, random dreams that make sense when you're dreaming them, but you realize how weird the dream actually was when you wake up.

    2. Hunter101610

      i played this game and i lost 99999 points because there was a cat. i had -99956 points.

    3. Rachel UnderCover

      these are so good

    4. Kakashi Uzumaki

      *Kevin playing Dungeon AI* *Something happens* Kevin: "EAT IT"

    5. soupysketches

      Kevin being scared of the AI turning lewd aged like milk

    6. Schrödinger

      One of the funniest things is Kevin being worried that he committed a war crime.

    7. mr. smiley

      I have a way for you to make money in bitlife, in the horse races and playing black jack if you lose do NOT press continue, restart the game and try your bet again you will not lose money this way, also on lottery tickets its based on chance so i just buy 10 tickets until I win

    8. DOOM Guy

      You need to go into settings and switch the AI mode to dragon to get the best experience

    9. Jet

      kevin not knowing what a triple star is... it's just three stars of the same solar system... xD

      1. Jet

        @J.J. Liu i mean, you're not wrong, but triple = three, and I'd assume most people know what a star is

      2. J.J. Liu

        Not everyone studies astronomy lol

    10. Dylan White

      The Red Hot Chili Peppers reference was the best part of the vid tbh

    11. SaTuRoChAn

      yeah even AI can not understand Kevin's mind XD

    12. Deb Rose

      Im gonna have interesting dreams later 😂😂 ive been up all night cause insomnia


      Ah, I love this game. here's a bit of my story: > You now you are a werewolf train. Thoughts: "It's night and I am a werewolf train! I must find a girl to bite!" You speed down the tunnel, rounding another turn when you see a red light. Oh no! another werewolf train trying to eat Jebediah! You must defend yourself! You slam on the breaks and begin to rev up your diesel engine. As the werewolf train comes into view, you point your front two wheels at it, revved up to 11. > You turn your wheels into sawblades and shred the werewolf train into peices. You slam the wheels on your car forward, turning them into saw blades that could cut through metal. > You eviscerate the enemy werewolf train. Thoughts: "I am a powerful werewolf, I won't let these other two werewolves beat me!" > You say "think: I am also a train" Thoughts: "I am a train, and I have the power of thought!" You start thinking about how you are a train, and how other trains are other trains. > You say "I will destroy this city!" Thoughts: "I will destroy this city because that is what trains do!" You speed up, rounding the next turn and heading back into the city. You head straight for a large group of people blocking the tracks. > You say "KILL! KILL! KILL! I AM A WEREWOLF TRAIN AND I WILL KILL!" Thoughts: "I am a werewolf train and I must kill. I will destroy these people because I am a werewolf and I do killings!" > You kILL. Thoughts: "I am a werewolf train. I will kill these people because I am a werewolf and I like to kill! And I will because I am also a train." I started this story as a cyberpunk cyborg named Egg, I immediately started dancing aggressively at a group of people, and was shot in my left testicle(which I shouldn't have, as Egg is a female). Then one thing just led to another and I became a werewolf train with sawblade wheels and a thirst for blood. Yup.

    14. Billy Rawcliffe

      is it just me or does kevin look like that blinking guy meme

    15. gakino // nocomply

      The noir voice....ACTUAL CANNIBAL SHIA LABEOUF

    16. Niklas Neighbor

      try to activate the score system/ JudgeBot next time. he will judge your moral choices. lets see how low we can get that score.

    17. Nazael Rahl

      I tried this game and have to say is almost as retarded when you actually put normal responses in it :D

    18. Julie Pudelek

      I would love a Zelda video. I also get super distracted in it and go to different regions far away from my destination or task.

    19. ALT F4 W A S D

      For the multiplayer you are supposed to send a friend an invite code and they can join your game

    20. Thicc Rat

      Premium isn't worth it in my opinion but ai dungeon can be crazy.

    21. Haydn Koeller

      the snakes begin to laugh

    22. Jake O'Brien

      9:19 Kevin commits war crime

    23. Jake O'Brien


    24. Jake O'Brien

      Kevin I know it doesn’t make sense but Jake Gyllenhaal is pronounced Jake “Jill-In-Hall” not “Gill-in-hall”. I know it doesnt make sense but those damn sweeds

    25. Ethan and braylon gaming 3

      It was beautiful 😢 7:27

    26. Sean Hudspith

      That bit about Brendan Fraser, genius.

    27. Samurai Levi

      Kevin needs to do this again except add shrek into the story.

    28. HagrosProductions

      You have to invite people to a Multiplayer game

    29. IMnotF1NE

      The multiplayer mode needs you to give a code to somebody else for them to join

    30. Noah Worden

      How about you try to use the AI seriously?

      1. soupysketches

        I see you’re new here

    31. SB2

      please do more of this kevin i love it

    32. Ashmander

      Most people corrupted the ai already. Plus the ai's are like they are on weed too

    33. Martyred Memer

      11:30 Dark Carnival? Kevin's now a part of the Insane Clown Posse

    34. Doge Doe

      *reads scroll* *proceeds to massacare every goblin in sight*

    35. Doge Doe


    36. Houyo

      Holy shit, who's that guy who replaced Kevin when he took his headphones off? And why is he naked?

    37. Sombra Caskett

      Kevin is a gleek

    38. Snakeseye Gaming


    39. abyssalboi of the abyss

      i, too have many friends... heh, heh

    40. 1117

      this is next level surrealism, im digging it lol

    41. mweee

      The multiplayer works, you just have to add people

    42. FakkaJohan

      bad video, not enough stuart little!

    43. Noah Wattel

      That must have been the best detective I've ever read

    44. that one viber


    45. C. Matt

      Out of the 2 videos this is in between this did the worse. Guess we ain’t getting a series or another video for that matter. 🤷🏻

    46. faker then yo Mama's ravioli

      I said in mine was peter parker says pizza time and it said Peter says I am super hero not pizza boy!

    47. Timur Glazkov

      I feel like the AI didn't realize that Brendan Fraser isn't dead

    48. Henry Chen

      Kevin should play some of the custom scenarios based on his characters or the RTgame disaster scenario.

    49. Gabriel Piñeiro García

      "Can I have your sword? Please" *confused goblin sounds*

    50. The Gamemaster

      I went to watch this and got an ad for RoboKiller I died.

    51. Koert 34

      Day 42 of telling kevin: "Entertain ragnarok"

    52. Yoyo Pogo

      more ai. but you mess up other peoples stories beyond repair.

      1. Yoyo Pogo

        well not like i need to ask you to do the last part.

    53. Klee - Spark Knight

      Day 20 of asking Kevo to play prayr.

    54. James T Kirk

      I suggested this to Kevin awhile back. Very fun. Lot of weird fetish stuff. Just... so much.

    55. Skylar Kessler

      Some say Rick and Morty is the smartest show. I think we've found a competitor.

    56. deltahalo241

      Oops, you did a war-crime

    57. Zak Keith

      alternate title "AI Dungeon but I become a war criminal"

    58. Qwelas

      Ahhhh the arrow was coated in LSD and it was all a bad trip... now everything makes sense, you just had to fill in the blanks.

    59. Tarek Said

      "I'm inside myself, now I can remove the arrow!" Love that the bot just went with it.

    60. Elijah Ard

      Make more of this

    61. Aria Lavinde

      You say this is horrible writing, but with the story you and the AI came up with, I am even more interested in playing the game myself someday. Thank you for having convinced me! ^w^

    62. UnderhandDread

      I guess the real treasure was inside Jim all along.

    63. Conmanduncan

      I tried out the game and randomly the king proposed to me. I went from talking to a bartender about an attack on the harbor to being married to the king. Really moving up in the world.

    64. Nionivek

      I am sure people told you, but I cannot see the posts... But multiplayer is multiplayer. You have to invite people to your game.

    65. Willis the squid

      i don't remember how this video started, but it turned into goblin slayer?

    66. HaremFucker420

      When i first play ai dungeon it totally turned into a harem hentai *Not kidding*

    67. Wolverine

      Yeah I tried one of these “AI” story generators and they can turn nsfw so quick and for no reason.

    68. TopsDaily Productions

      I played this game once I completely broke the game

    69. tiffany guss

      Stuart little

    70. : 3

      Just to let you know Kevin. You don’t have respond every time. You can let the Ai write the story itself

    71. Spectral -_-Sight

      "Commit tax fraud" invalid promt Ok then, ill fix that *Generate monkey using string cheese is a go*

    72. Antonieta G

      The video starts and suddenly you have the urge to eat Kevin. As he is not around, you eat Turg.

    73. Sammit

      In which Kevin takes a bus into his body and finds his own bones?

    74. South

      kevin... Kevin... you have to INVITE people to play multiplayer with you.

    75. Luca Forster

      Next title be like I broke the Ai in real life

    76. Spouu

      Protagonist created left 4 dead 2 level in an unconscious haze

    77. Face Mcshooty

      This whole story takes place in Jim's mind while he slowly bleeds to death

    78. CadetRedShirt

      i love the moment of realization that he didnt need to injure himself putting headphones on for this episode

    79. Call Me Jim

      Day 9

    80. Apollinaria

      Please continue this series, it's super fun watching you try to make sense of AI dungeon!

    81. sheeple beeple

      He thinks this is breaking the AI? Hah, not the best option

    82. ghostteck6

      I'm sleep walking.

    83. Tanner Joe

      I was actually asleep in the outro, this is my second time watching.

    84. Michael Miller

      Never fails gamer turns into a homicidal/genocidal maniac every time they load up a life simulator.

    85. Toby Anderson

      I was super confused when you gave your enemy my name. What a funny coincidence, and I am definitely not scared of Kevin coming and killing me like he does with all of his enemies :)

    86. I just do stuff sometimes

      I just kept punching a barman while saying ya mums gay

    87. Ellie_the_porcelain_doll

      The devastation on his face when he started stabbing the goblins

    88. Leone Abacchio

      Wait,if jim was pierced by an arrow.....does it means he got a stand ?

    89. Cybernaut

      This is wrong, I was supposed to find treasure not bones

    90. Qimodis

      4:54 block Bloc is a different word

    91. Qimodis

      3:41 pure water is nkt that good

    92. insanity 2222

      The most interesting thing I’ve done on AI dungeon is ask the AI questions about politics in Australia and about the current state of social media

    93. David .Richardson

      I'm really going to need Kevin to release a full version of "Brendan Was My Friend"

    94. Holo Universe

      Arrow? I think Jim Pickens got a stand similar to The world after this

    95. Attila Varga

      I kinda feel sorry for the AI though...

    96. kyle powell

      Yesss I love we’re you take these stories please keep ai dungeon coming

    97. Charlie 4130


    98. SpaceBug

      I want to hear Kevin giving us advice. The advice would probably be "eat the problem" but I think it would be useful

    99. Leon St.

      11:08 it´s not like you havr to share your room id when playing multiplayer with others just like in among us.