GTA V Chaos mod but Twitch chat is in control of the chaos

Call Me Kevin

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    GTA V Chaos mod but chat is in control, and are just as cruel as I would have been. I am so proud.
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    1. Rainbow Boi

      If there's anyone the dear leader would fear, it'd be Jesus.

    2. Autom4tic

      "A bad day for a drive" Yeah, I also hate when there are explosive zombies when I'm on the road, damn it!

    3. Dylan Dennis

      Me looking for comments about darkviperau

    4. Georg Haas

      since when there is a golf mission ? just askin' for my friend xD

    5. The_One_Titan

      Who is that? OH FUCK ITS JESUS

    6. Blue Ultimate


    7. Chris Brass

      Bring back ragnarok

    8. ツDreamieS


      1. Ryan Lin

        It was prob a poll on the stream

      2. Ryan Lin

        How old are you to think that there is magic in this video

      3. Ryan Lin

        Ruh u stupid this was a livestream

      4. Ruvoxi

        @ツDreamieS you must be clickbaited. If you're looking for effects on any comment like *hello* this by putting * .. *

      5. ツDreamieS

        @Ruvoxi i the effect would happen if i comment a number

    9. Ribps

      Screaming Kevin sounds like 2011 pewdiepie

    10. Cindy McFarland

      Holy s*** I just lost my shift when the cops came out of nowhere and was like break this is illegal yoga and then I'm Amanda there just straight-up dies and the cherry on top is just the Alien come out of nowhere like I don't think I'm supposed to be here

    11. the nugget

      explosive zombies, beyblade, and whale rain is beutiful

    12. wp12345678 Gaming

      You should give credit to darkviperau

    13. Tycoon Titian01

      I see you have learned from darkviperAU

    14. Rayyan Moudood Chaudhary

      "The road is a death trap, the desert is a death trap, and now all the cars are beyblades" - CallMeKevin

      1. the nugget

        That should be on a t-shirt

    15. Unknown Abyss

      16:16 just reminded me of dark viper au Pacifist.

    16. TheOnly Celt

      2:14 I would've spammed 5

    17. The mother lard

      Day 4 of asking Kevin to play Godly Corp

    18. Gidgyz0rs

      As an American with a enough Irish in me to have a orange beard. I love you.

    19. Austin Beattie

      I am afraid of no man, but that thing (jealous jimmy), it scares me.

    20. Headcrab

      You Disingenuous Dense

    21. R5 -D4


    22. Nokachi


    23. Jeremy41982

      Every time you say “For fecks sake” I giggle. 😂

    24. Yeetusthefetus225 No.2

      Darkviperau collab

    25. Michael Higgins

      I have never laughed so hard in my ENTIRE life🤣🤣

    26. Runed0S


    27. Mr. Miss

      So what if chat is in control? You simply skip the missions anyway 🙄

    28. 785zombiechiick

      Can you please do another comedy night please 🙏

    29. Kota Bear

      my favourite thing about Griefer Jesus is that eventually, he will find you

    30. Amber French


    31. Shawn Butler

      He didn't even mention his among us adiction

    32. Vro gabs

      Yo you and my uncle are cousins so yahh would care to give things

    33. nicole perrone

      love this video bc of how much fun you're having lol

    34. Lisa Goldsmith

      1: kill player

    35. Gherbi Abderrahim II

      Thank you kevin ; honestly i haven't laugh like that in years 🤣🤣♥️

    36. BitchOfDarkness

      More Gta chaos mod vids plz!

    37. dasfowler

      Irony is an ad for the Calm App was the pre roll for this video. But instead I decided to watch this to fall asleep. That says a lot about me.

    38. aTacoJeep

      In the intro i can't tell if you're trying not to laugh or if you're just falling into deeper despair.

    39. sad platinum

      You stole this from DarkViperAU

    40. SiREN

      the two in the back fighting out of context in the boat had me dead 3:25

    41. Roblox King

      15:10 the creeper when I build a house

    42. Joseph The master assassin

      Anyone else think Kevin should put extreme griefer Jesus in the sims

    43. Avengel Azrael

      I love that Kevin's in his pjs, looking comfy as he goes (more) insane.

    44. Andreea Elena

      try dead by daylight plsss!!!!

    45. Addict

      15:23 does anyone know the name of the song?

    46. Addict

      10:39 thanks editor i didnt want to sleep tonight anyway

    47. The Typical Dumb Blonde

      Jesus christ, it's Jesus christ EVERYBODY GET DOWN!

    48. Sabastian Quintana-Ritter

      He is now becoming Irish darkviperau

    49. Pedsx_PLayxground

      kevin: what even was that the chat: spawn everything kevin:

    50. Creationator

      Michael: *has glass bottle shattered on the back of his head Kevin: “...Get up Michael! I didn’t hear no bell!” I just realized how stereotypical the names Kevin and Michael are.

    51. Cave in

      12:04 Did anyone else notice Wade just randomly running in the background?

    52. Korin Mair

      ok r.i.p dat chimp

    53. Raphael Warnock


    54. LESS GOO • 6 years ago •

      DarkviperAU in Wish

    55. BlazeMatte

      Super seducer 3 but you are a disgusting perv

    56. whenfunnydancingcockroach

      Kevin was only concerned about Amanda because he knew he would fail the mission

    57. Medium Chain

      So were you playing it on pc? Or console? Cause my lord is gta on pc acting up.

    58. SoulOfTheMist 800

      I really like this video! I watch it a lot. So funny 😂

    59. No Lie


    60. Renegade Yoshi

      what sounds louder? the modern warefare two spetnaz guy saying "ENEMY AC 130 ABOOOOOOVE!!!" OR... 8:37

    61. Lt. Stoner

      Chasing a boat while Jesus is running down the streets with an Ak47 shooting people Just another day for Kevin

    62. Skillfulnewbee

      I miss the how to annoy on black ops...

    63. Justin

      Kevin: You’re gonna pick to teleport me to Mt Chiliad, aren’t you? Chat: Well, no, but if you insist... Later... Kevin: Don’t repair all vehicles! Chat: Okay! *Breaks the doors instead* (Gotta hand it to Kevin, his chat is really good at listening. 🤣)

    64. Aurine Diamondflame

      This was the best thing I've seen all month xD I hope you're doing more

    65. Katie Bushong

      Among us?

    66. N O

      this isn’t the first time a IRflowr had some trouble at a bridge...

    67. hunter drip

      god: my child take this railgun jesus: kills all the people

    68. JMotion

      The total contrast between laughing at the flexing jet fighter, to the blind rage of realising he's been taken back to the bridge again is so hilarious.

    69. Lee Kilby

      If Dark Ages Jesus was around today: *pointing a gun at everyone* "You better be f###ing enlightened!"

    70. Izzy boi

      The 50% of what is happening in the game and the 50% commentary is what is making me shit my pants from laughing so hard XDDDD

    71. Cashew and Luna The comedy cats

      Keven be like what is that Jesus!?

    72. TwiztedØne

      this chaos mod makes it seem like the stupidest movies ever with aliens, jesus and invisible cars

    73. orange potato

      When he promised yoga I thought he meant irl and not in the game xD

    74. Pdiddy

      I’m really glad you’re not ugly

    75. Mr. Egg

      The one man that doesn’t need Jesus

    76. Hyper Ninja

      Kevin in a nutshell: i fear no man,but that thing *jealous Jimmy* it scares me

    77. Oleksii Rybin

      I've laughed so hard :D

    78. morningperson42

      You made me laugh so hard I threw up in my mouth a little. Thanks, Kevin.

    79. isanta ruf

      During yoga, why was Wade running around in the backround?

    80. Dominique Porter


    81. Caleb Caleb

      Bro never in my life did I expect to hear “oh god it’s Jesus on a moped”

    82. Skull face But different

      Plz make a discord

    83. Oskar Grankäll

      DarkviperAU anyone?

    84. Roll For Bears

      There's no way he was going top speed, the vehicle didnt say it was the top speed car sound.

    85. Derrick Bartledoo

      "I'm also addicted to Chris-" why did my brain auto-complete that as "tal-meth"?

    86. CallMeDenis

      Hello my name is kevin this is my name is Denis. I am going to steal the spot light for a short bit to say.......sub to my channel!!! Sub, Sub, Sub watch my videos pls. Have a nice day

    87. MrOblivionoverlord86

      i like to think this is virtual karma from the ghosts of all the sims he's killed lol

    88. dudemanjones11

      I guess you could say that Jesus on a moped is Christ on a bike...

    89. Tarek IMV

      “Jesus take the wheel”

    90. Brighty_ Boi

      7:34 most intense chase in history

    91. Chill Joe


    92. Adam

      the classic bridge scene

    93. Bruh

      I love how it's Jimmy the one driving the truck with the stolen yatch

    94. Jog Chaber

      Drinking game idea - drink a shot every time Kevin says Jesus

    95. m'lady

      12:42 😳

    96. Madelynn Collier

      BWAHAHA too funny I love you Kevin!!

    97. ksawik 1212


    98. Georgia Dixie

      Wow you don't even link the mod in description to support the creator of it and not crediting Darkviperau for being the first one who did this

    99. Pickles TheHobo


    100. Nominis

      I thought this was a Darkviperau video