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  1. Divyansh Sharma


  2. beetlegrove

    I'm chronically ill too, so I understand how tough it is. Take care of yourself, take breaks if you need to. :)

  3. Lord Darcia

    Yes please! As a person that misses Ireland veeeeery much, it would be grand to see more of Irish TV. :D Love your reactions to it

  4. CianW

    He sounds really American when he says Ireland

  5. CianW

    The road from Shannon to Cork just isnt that bad

  6. Kris Shaw

    I really like this and your commentary

  7. Jidgy

    Why do they need to know where they got the money from though like why does that matter 😂

  8. Ferd Gerbeler

    8:446 wow, what do they do to Irish people? you all were soo awesome in the 70s, but now, It's almost like they are afraid of self defense, or afraid of not being nice to a bit of a psychotic degree... Do you all have some sort of mood gestapo that follows you around and beats you up in alleyways if you have any spark of Independence or freedom that shows through?

  9. Randy Shughart

    NO! Kevin. I want the Sims. Screw your foot. Just cut it off.

  10. Lion wolf production

    when I was a child when I played the walking dead I can’t read anything so I just pick random choices

  11. Martina Chan

    Kev, I was here when your uploads weren't daily and will still be here when they will not be daily again. Take care of yourself and don't worry about a thing!

  12. Rpg Penguin

    Was this sponsored by appnanna

  13. The Mighty SusBus

    This video is liked, and yet I dont think I've ever watched it.

  14. There was guy with a name that went across the Youtube page. His stupidly long name was Jordan84792.

    Did anyone else get flooded with memories of MT-Gaming or was it just me?

  15. mumffin man 420

    It’s fine mate if you need ti take any time of to take care of your mental and/or physical well being go ahead don’t want funny potato man dying

  16. Ryan Daniels

    Destroyed 😂

  17. Cursed rock lee

    "you ever just pull a gun on your opponent if you were losing"

  18. HarryDH3

    plot twist, her hat WAS full of drugs...

  19. ThePolkadog

    Please please do more Irish TV! They are always so entertaining

  20. Michael Lang

    organised crime smuggling "herbs"? the oreganised crime strikes again

  21. Doogos

    We all love you Kevin... that's why we're here. <3 Thanks for all the laughs and good times, take a break and get better if needed. We'll be here when you get back.

  22. Blumpet

    I wouldn't want to be a woman in Ireland. Can't even have pepper spray? No thanks.

  23. In Vis

    Good job Kevin hope it all goes well

  24. Oli O’Connor


  25. Laura-

    I'm also 27 and just learning how to human better too >.< I hope you make a speedy recovery Kevin x

  26. Annelise Smith

    Kevin please do more stuff like this! This video made my whole morning it was so fun to watch with you.

  27. Ann-sofie Byskov

    THAT'S GEORGE STAGE - a dansh ship!

  28. Karma Blomqvist

    I think your hair is starting to turn gray

  29. ComradePuggingston

    Take the time you need kevin

  30. Mai

    108 dislikes... I’m loosing hope in humanity

  31. Nate

    We definetly need more of this

  32. bosh

    I freaking wish we didn't have so many weapons and armed cops here.

  33. Riley whittington

    I’m so glad I live in the USA. I’ve been pulled over with a shotgun in the back seat and a handgun in the passenger seat. The officer told me have a good day.

  34. Kurwiszcze

    I’m a simple gal. I hear Kevin mention Poland I feel seen. ✨

  35. Sam Jaramillo

    3:20 the toilet sounds like kurtis Conner


    I appreciate you Kevin! I can have a really shitty day and your videos will always make me laugh. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Mario party stream last night 😂 Thank you!

  37. Julian Not a Name

    New Channel Idea: CallMePostlord

  38. Duko Small

    5:49 kevin: hey you're not keemstar dog: *growls* kevin: oh maybe you are keemstar

  39. _ MJ_liljinx44

    Your videos help me get through my online classes, thank youuuuuu🥲😂

  40. Z

    Me wanty more of this show😁

  41. Elliott Rock

    I never thought I'd write this in one of your videos but you really are inspiring Kevin

  42. Mikayla

    Yes! Please keep us updated on your progress!

  43. Alex SM

    Are you belong to this channel?

  44. melasunstrong

    Kevin pretends he's fit enough to tackle an old person

  45. Arkham Knight 95

    Kevin you can take a little break to get better and I think we can all agree

  46. Sean Murphy

    Oh shocking discovery! I get it! Brilliant!

  47. Trashwagon

    Kevin talking about rugby tackling someone with an illegally imported cane when he can't walk to the kitchen without his cane (lul it's all jokes love ya Kevin hope u get better)

  48. Liddon Burns


  49. Loxi3

    More of this please, irish tv is fecking amazing

  50. Puppy Thoughts

    12:54 I’ll cherish this moment

  51. Saeb Jafri

    Just an FYI... Pakistan has a pretty good Sports equipment and accessories export industry. Pakistan also shares a majority chunk of the world supply of footballs

  52. Bob of the Kerbals

    This show is amazing

  53. xxvalkirae 999

    11:28 that's very elder scrolls oblivion

  54. Oli O’Connor

    Kevin you are the best! Get well soon mate

  55. Wes Carroll

    Please watch more of this it's brilliant 😀😀

  56. IDK

    "I want to know happens at the property that owns that person" - Kevin

  57. Soha Wajid

    Day 12 of asking Kevin to play among us again

  58. Jas

    Please do more!!!

  59. Anxxbelle

    i literally binge watch these customs shows so please make more videos reacting to them cause your commentary is just 👌👌

  60. Tom Hen

    Customs man: terbertabertablasbusnollus Kevin: I agree

  61. Amishi Khare

    6:06 Wait a second this name appears In a story of Phony texts. It is a channel Which has stories Interesting ones While chatting/texting. A girl wanted her father Password For the computer And it was CoolGuy 123. The same one.

  62. Ella Mumby

    i think this is my fav video x

  63. Emily Bouth

    Not Kevin making me cry at 7:19AM

  64. Degenerate Phoenix

    I love this, make this a series please

  65. Gaines880

    Watch no neck Ed with 90 day fiancé lmfao

  66. Emily Bouth

    Of course we care about you as a person Kev, we love you 🥺 take care of that foot, and that brain of yours ❤️

  67. Robin Titan Studios

    Kevin: I'd rugby tackle them Me: HA! With that foot?! Too soon. Too soon XD

  68. thicc Ninja

    "I know what you're thinking" Show me the foot

  69. MichelImpossible

    They did surgery on CallMeKevin

  70. SJE

    15.50 - I saw him in Liffey Valley once, does that count as a celebrity siting?

  71. RED SPARTAN 656

    Judging by how he talks we now have reason to believe Kevin is secretly a drug lord.

  72. Duck with arms


  73. Beth Straubel

    more fishies!!!

  74. Robin Titan Studios

    Amazing Video Kevin Here ya go boy. Reward time🤾🏻

  75. Dilara Aydin

    Kevin always looks like he is having SO much fun in these videos and it's adorable lol

  76. Jon Kermin

    Hey Kevin, Nice video! Hope your Surgery goes/went well!

  77. Indominus Wrex

    What the hell is going on in Irish airports XDDD

  78. Jamie Harker

    Moreee of this!!

    1. justarandomravenclaw


  79. r01t3

    14:14 Just some danish sailors