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  1. Aleksandrs Semernikovs

    please more

  2. ThatGuyYouKnow

    Kevin as soon as he enters a new among us lobby : REALITY CAN BE WHATEVER I WANT

  3. Ryan Prudente

    Kevin here predicting airship map for among us

  4. Drowsy the Badger

    1:29 I am glad to see the Ace Attorney music make a return

  5. Skakid789

    Ad that shows up: *African American woman talking about Good Times...* "first time I saw anyone being poor on television... and they were black? Hmm." Me: little house on the Prarie was produced and written well before good times writers were even in the business.... the whole show is about white people literally farming and working over 10 acres of land for absolutely nothing.... but okay.

  6. Joseph Joestar

    This brings back memories from watching MxR years ago...

  7. Emerald Paul

    the art in this game is giving me some pretty big 'how to draw manga' vibes

  8. The roach

    Pfffft comedy night more like bore ragnarok am I right guys?

  9. James Smith

    U should make these videos longer this my favorite game to watch u play

  10. LassHysteria

    make more of these!

  11. heather lewis

    I thought pink was kitsukkami the streamer for a second there.

  12. M P

    Wow! 🥰

  13. Schwalnuts

    “Uplay is weird” You’re right, now press FOOT to view action

  14. M P

    Damn Kevin, you just made us all fall in love with you.

  15. Kuromi UwU

    The old vent trust test IS BACK IN AIRSHIP

  16. Fedver

    The exact same happened to me. I also overlooked the hidden door to the cellar lol.

  17. Davy Pizza

    Kifflom, brother!

  18. Josefina. herclikova

    I got ad on bible for kids in middle of this

  19. Marissa Bones

    Close enough

  20. Ryan Prudente

    This is super seducer level acting

  21. Elisa Hernandez

    I just put a pore strip on my nose and my 15 minutes wasn’t up yet, but when Kevin said “where did they come from? where did they go? it was you wasnt it cotton eye joe!!!” I laughed too hard and now I gotta go do another nose strip. You know for satisfaction.

  22. Liam McCormick

    I've been rolling your videos for 2 days straight to keep my PC awake and set an alarm for work, and here I am. Goodnight Kevin!

  23. Kadyn Brayshaw

    Kevin wasting his esports captain skills on cooking simulator. why?

  24. Trumps nut Hair

    I love and understand this video

  25. Katieisspeaking

    so apparently Irish take me out is even worse than English take me out, which is impressive if you think about it

  26. Brudda

    day 11 of asking kevin to play zero escape trilogy.

  27. Rekks

    Kevin we have the same birthday so we can be friends now????🤙🏻🤙🏻🌴🌴😎😎😃😃😃😃

  28. reptile queen

    6:25 reminds me of trump

  29. ACforlife 123

    So now we know Kevin grew up in the forest with a carpenter wolf for a father. The pieces are coming together.

  30. Marcus Nilsson

    Kevin's not playing Among Us he's playing One of Us

  31. Tactical Incursion

    Kevin at the town cemetery: "Woah, must be my lucky day, look at all of these suspicious mounds of soil!"

  32. Cheryl Nathania

    kevin i need apology video, you made me cry 5 days straight

    1. Cheryl Nathania

      too emotional

  33. Retro X

    1:15 *I'm Dead*

  34. aerFH


  35. troyka pix

    I don't know how this can get so many upvotes and 2m+ subs etc. This guy behave like he is having a mental breakdown and desperately trying too hard to make jokes of almost everything he see or hear. Nothing about these characters is funny or what they say, they are hurt and can't express actual feelings and are awkward with a good damn reason. Try going through your hardest and then have a conversation with someone. Words would barely come out of you and you would ramble random crap. It's not polite laughing at such people. Another reason why I love the early SH games they actually address mental emotional trauma and how realistic the setting and the acting of it is. It sounds weird to someone but realistically try to have a conversation who got raped repeatedly, lost his loved ones etc and see how they will speak. Record yourself in your hard times and listen to it back, you will hear exactly same awkward expressions or maybe even worse. There is nothing funny or comical about it.

  36. TonyEjerJiang

    Normal players: We need game Devs putting in To-Do list or goals in game to keep the game interesting. Kevin: Having more fun before starting to go through the to-do list.

  37. 4everGemma

    Sometimes I wonder if Kevin just likes three comments at random without needing to read them because he knows they´re all wholesome.

  38. NeverDoubtThePowerOfAlliteration Ily

    Oh thank god I needed this

  39. Cheyenne Bielawski

    Only pc or is it on console

  40. Tactical Incursion

    You break literally every game, Kevin. Thank you.

  41. Careless Dreamer

    graphics back then were so bad! lol

  42. boarder989

    Next time you should play as a "reporter"

  43. Asher Winter

    I want to watch more of this and I don't know why

  44. Jaunius Jaunius

    oh god i hates this so much who made this game was it mojang? well it clearly was because if anybody did it then they’re game would probably get taken down

  45. Careless Dreamer

    i think the PC version might actually have been better lol, then again that's the version i played back in the day

  46. Austin Seefeldt

    Looks like if dark souls released in MSdos

  47. LamarDaDon

    2:48 😂😭💀💀💀

  48. Jasper Levien

    No way pacifist isnt already a callmekevin fan

  49. Red_hot_banana _

    Papa i would like sum more

  50. reptile queen


  51. Dhwani Mehra

    Other gamers using 200 iq and here is kevin innocently corrupting other crewmates

  52. Calcium Mother

    People call among us his addiction when the sims series is the real addiction 😳 80+ vids

  53. Bosszy Service

    Agent 47? Nah fam, Agent fourty Kevin.

  54. MissJinx

    Has anyone else ever played a Callmekevin video without actually watching it? His commentary is... interesting.

  55. Gabriel Garza

    The epic song starts here 1:43

  56. Lew Harding

    That beginning though I really thought my speakers wasn’t working. 🤣🤣🤣

  57. SherbetNags

    My sides hurt from laughing at this video. Thank you, Kevin.

  58. Luther Hunter

    Take a shot every time Kevin says Basil

  59. Feels Bad

    hey kevin, its currently 2:41 am sunday night

  60. Gr O

    I fucking love these and play more Kevin

  61. Trevor Gibson

    More amoung us!

  62. Madison Rosenberg

    How can he speak freely I get autogenerated speech

  63. Kai Wall

    "I've broken another lobby" 🤣😂🤣😂

  64. Schwalnuts

    Finally, a game that shows what I dream about!

  65. Aman Anifer

    It's quite seeing that dropkick baby chilling there in the background

  66. Nun0418

    6:58 is that a Persona 5 reference?

  67. Milk_Drinker_745

    It's funny how he was saying "vote yellow" but he was wearing a yellow hoodie

  68. Faiien Wings

    the auto chapters really add something

  69. Caracal and the Bronze Lords


  70. Serena A

    the fact that pacifist is probably a cmk fan and that they were able to play with kevin :')

  71. Potato

    Play this again

  72. Shadyn roy


  73. Sarah Ng

    The moment I see among us notification, i drop everything and tune in. I mean it. Now that I say this on a Kavin video, it’s unclear if I’m sincere. But I am serious!!! More among us!

  74. Laini Hurley

    Great video

  75. meat man

    I forgot this was a thing

  76. Luis rincon

    Orange love :3

  77. Bilge

    10:00 no one uses optical discs anymore

  78. Tim Miller

    Wtf is this garbage

  79. Bilge

    6:43 BASED NEW GUY

  80. Pessimistic Slytherin

    His addiction is back