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  1. Firhan H

    i can't believe i get angsty to my father for buying Order of the Phoenix game for me instead of this. i thought this game gonna be more fun free roam and realistic cause it's on PS3. Now that i see the gameplay, im glad he buy the wrong game

  2. Dasilus

    5:43 *Star Platinum: Za Warudo.*

  3. D Pelletier

    I have four roundabouts in just my town alone and I live in northern USA

  4. AwfulMusik

    Boar Ragnarok?

  5. Positive Tbh

    Maybe someday you will play more of the story levels. I really just want to see you react to the characters.

  6. Camron King

    I love and understand this video. -Nikki from Appnanna

  7. Daniel Robson

    The Hospital was robbed for the drugs.

  8. aviendhar idek

    Kevin idk how to tell you this but we have round abouts in america

  9. N Rod

    I really like the editing on this video, it really captures the chaotic energy of Kevin and adding bits of the chat was nice.

  10. void_of_everything

    "Hiya neighborino!" *Famous last words*

  11. Scooby Doo

    I’m only commenting to make the comments 666

  12. Tor2ga


  13. The Great Fish

    I dont know if he genuinely forgot or not, but walking out of the Royal Logistics Tent to see the name is brilliant. This is why Kevin is a successful youtuber. Incredibly funny

  14. Angel Reilly

    Please play more sims 3!!

  15. John-Joe McCorley

    Kevin, why do you hate Cookstown so much?

  16. Kricketune

    I can’t believe Kevin didn’t get the stupid walking book.

  17. katie

    kevin thinks america doesn’t have to roundabouts lol

  18. Collin Squire

    in my first 12 hours in valheim i only ate raspberries and didnt know you can repair weapons, kevins having a much better start

  19. Naoko Nanashi

    Kevin said it, now I'm waiting for it: "a whole video on Circle Ball"

  20. Master GuineaPig

    Finally pure uncut Kevin

  21. Stephen Shakeshaft

    Anyone else extremely disappointed when you looked for this game only to realize it's unreleased?

  22. D.B Cooper

    I'm from Northern Ireland and I agree with burning it thats why we try to do it ourselves

  23. Quillan Gibson

    Can you play more people playground

  24. jody pratama

    Do more please 😂😂

  25. & y a z

    That’s the girl from “Rather be” by Clean bandits

  26. An Empty Sky

    I'm not sure if I am ready for the Bone Age, Kevin.

  27. Trond Sjåfjell

    This song reminds me of a movie called Shedevil

  28. DaGateKeeper

    I am saddened by the fact that you have not played newvegas before. But your reactions make up for it.

  29. Bryce FRIHA

    This game seems simply amazing!!

  30. Lynn Valery

    I bet you can't make the best city ever. There's no way.

  31. Huigberts Gamed

    Please be in the 4th game xD

  32. kokosan09


  33. hostar2

    This is 2020 made into a game.

  34. Kaiserkeller

    "I like how my version of a utopia is just covering people's basic needs," I mean, still a better goal than what most governments can ever hope to accomplish...

  35. Michael Forster

    That mr krabs is not Hank

  36. Aly H

    10:21 Kevin goes full Irish

  37. Ignacio Aguirre

    15:40 God I wish that was me

  38. Calum

    im feening